Deal Part 4

Nicki's P.O.V

"I'm hoome !" I shouted through the house as I walked in. Not a sound was heard so I figured the girls were still sleeping, I set my keys down and eased my feet out of my boots before making my way upstairs in the most silent way trying not to wake the girls up. I went to my room and set my bag on the floor before going to put Ice down on one of the armchairs. I pulled the envelope out of my duffel bag and took the money out of it then went to put half of it in my ancient Egypt jewelry box which is where I hide my money, it's my nest egg. I put half of the rest in my wallet, and left the last part in the envelope, that will be for next month's rent.

"What did you do for him to give you all that money ?" I heard Ashley's voice and looked up at her as she stood in the doorway.

"I did my job and that's what he paid me for ?" I lied, well it wasn't a lie, I mean he did pay me for doing my job, even though I added extra stuff in.

"Right." Ashley said going to plop on my bed and at that Ice  got down from the armchair he was on and scampered his way towards the bed and climbed on it to go lick Ashley's face.

"Nic, who's dog is that ?" Ashley inquired through her laughter as she was laughing because of Ice who was still licking her face.

"It's my dog." I shrugged and went to get everything I needed to get in the shower.

"Look who decided to come home." I heard Amber's voice and turned around to see her walk towards the bed and she went to lay down next to Ashley.

"It's 6a.m Nicki,when we talked yesterday you said you'd be here by noon. We were worried."

"Right, glad to see it didn't hold you up all night." I joked.

"Bitch you know my beauty sleep is more important than your life." Amber spoke back before noticing the dog Ashley was playing with.

"Who's dog is that Ash ?"

"Oh, that's Nic's dog."

"Since when do you have a dog ?" Amber asked and as soon as the words left her mouth we saw Ariana walking in with her thumb in her mouth and her stuffed lion clutched to her chest. She simply walked in without a word and went to sit on an armchair pulling her knees to her chest.

"Since, right now."

"The dog's not the issue, care to explain why you're just coming home now ?" Ashley asked reverting her attention on me.

"I just, I mean he, we were busy and I lost track of time then I didn't feel like driving at night so I spent the night at his that's it." I spoke knowing they wouldn't buy that, I took a seat on the armchair that was left and Ice came to sit across my lap.

"Busy doing what ?" Amber asked giving me a knowing look.

"She was busy making her dream come true, you know the one where she be screaming his name like 'Oh Drake yes, keep going.' "Ariana mocked me.

"You just go back to sleep, why are you even talking ?" I answered blushing and looking down at my ring.

"Oh my god, she is blushing !" Amber spoke.

"So you were really busy screaming his name all day and all night, like you were busy having sex with him, I can't believe that." Ashley said looking at me with her eyes wide open.

"It's complicated, it's a long story and we all have to get ready for school." I tried to get away from the situation even though I knew they wouldn't let me of the hook like that.

"Wait, hold on, where do you think you're going ? We got time sit down." Amber said and I sighed before sitting back down.

"Well ! Let's start from the beginning." I started before going on to tell them about the my week end.

"And yesterday morning I was talking with his mother and guess what I found out ? He invited her so that he'd have a reason to call me. Isn't that cute ?"

"It's so romantic !" Ariana cooed.

"Creepy ! It's creepy and I'd be scared if I were you." Amber spoke and I rolled my eyes at her.

"There's nothing creepy about it, he was scared I'd say no if he just called and asked to see me."

"Ok. I have a question." Ashley affirmed. "

"Why didn't you come home yesterday morning when his mother left. Don't tell you were busy taking the D. All day and all night ?" Ashley inquired raising a brow.

"Girl ! You have no idea." I sighed sinking in my seat petting Ice.

"Do you plan on seeing him again ?" Ariana asked me, she seemed just as excited as I was , Ashley lazily laid on the bed I'd say she was amused and didn't think much of it all, I mean that girl done seen everything so. I looked at Amber and she seemed to be thinking about what I was saying and didn't seem too happy about it.

"I don't really know, he suggested we agree on this deal, but I said I had to think about it." I explained.

"What's that deal ?" Ashley asked.

So I went on to tell them about the conversation Drake and I had yesterday.


"What new deal ? What do you have in mind ?" I asked Drake as I laid down in his arms.

"Look , what I'm about to ask is crazy but I really can't let you just disappear like that, I feel like we have a lot more to discover about each other and I want to give us a chance to at least do that." He spoke as I snuggled closer to him and laid my head on his chest.

"It would be nice, but what's that deal you're suggesting ?"  I asked curious.

"Well , I thought you could just stay with me , I thought we could just stay like that, like right now and ...."

"Wait , what do you mean stay with you ? You mean I move in here with you ? And we just live together like, like we did all week end ?" I cut him off shocked.

"Yeah, I know it sounds crazy." He said.

"It is a crazy idea." I said sitting up to face him.

"I know, but see it as a job, you stay here with me so that nobody gets suspicious about us two. We go to family gatherings and social events and all except it's a full time job well not really since whenever it's just us we can just be us.I mean just like this week end but for a month and after that we see where we stand." He explained and I couldn't hold my laughter in.

"No, this is completely different ."

"Different how ?"

"It's different because ... Because..." I tried to find good arguments but he was right, it was the same thing except..

"What do I get from this situation ? I leave everything and move in with you and you get to have me here with you all day every day but what do I get ?"

"You... get to be here with me all day every day, what do you mean what do you get ?" He said pulling me on top of him.

"Boy that won't be enough." 

"OK but how about you get paid and also you know I can do something for your residency." 

"Wait hold on, let me sum up, you want me to move in here with your crazy ass and just keep you company and in exchange for that you pay me and get me a residency program at the Houston Methodist Hospital ?" I asked straddling him.

"That's the plan, and also you'll have to play your role when needed but that's another story." He said grabbing my hands.

"I knew you were crazy. Look that sounds nice and all but I don't know if it is a good idea." 

"Just promise me you'll think about it. And when you see the light, you know where to find me."

"What if after that we just can't stand each other ? I mean it could go wrong."

"Well, we break up. You can leave whenever you want to.

"You'll just tell everyone that we broke up and that's it. No strings attached nothing ?"


"Ok, I'll give it some thought." I answered.

"You know you better agree on this because if you don't I'm screwed. I don't know how I'll explain you disappearing like that right now, plus you got me addicted."

"Don't try to guilt trip me right now, you brought this on yourself." I said trying to get up from him but he held me back.

"Where do you think you're going ?" He spoke in his deep sexy voice pulling my body closer to his.

"I'm going home Drake. " I said trying my best to get out of his grip even though we both knew it was the last thing I wanted. He flipped us over so that his body was towering over mine.

"You can forget about that. You ain't going anywhere." He said before pressing his lips against mine. Right then he had me and going home was the very last thing on my mind.


"Baby girl you gotta be out your damn mind." Amber started scolding me. 

"What ? I didn't even say yes yet, I told him I had to think about it."

"You shouldn't even be thinking about nothing  , you should have said no, packed your shit up and left." Amber carried on.

"Amb what are you saying ? He is offering to take care of her, got her her residency in one of the best hospitals down here and all she has to do is twiddle her thumbs and accept to be taken care of." Ashley brushed Amber off.

"Girl, he is basically offering to hold her hostage." Amber argued.

"Hostage my ass, she will get paid and he is offering her a residency, I want to get kidnapped too, if that's how hostages are treated in your world Amb." Ariana spoke before sticking her thumb back in her mouth.

"Of course, and have you thought about the fact that she's supposed to have sex with him too ? Basically he wants her to be his personal prostitute, like he already paid her to have sex with him. That man is disgusting. Flaunting his money in her face and using it as a bargain to get the goods. " Amber defended her point of view and I threw a pillow at her face.

"Don't call me a prostitute Amber ! Having sex was never part of it all, it was never part of the deal , it just happened and I didn't get paid for that. I wouldn't Amb you know me." I explained not that I was offended, I knew exactly what she meant and I knew she wasn't trying to insult me, besides if any one of them had came back home with such a story I would have reacted the same way and also she was making valid points.

"I know but still this is weird Nika, you really want to do this ?" Amber asked and I felt my friends' three pair of eyes set on me.

"I don't know, I'll have to think about it all. As of right now, we need to get our asses ready for school." I said getting up and setting Ice down on the armchair before grabbing my stuff and heading for the shower.

Drake's P.O.V

"Are you being serious right now ?" Michael asked me as we sat in my office.

"I'm being very serious, " I confirmed and he laughed at me.

"And you really think she is going to agree on that ?" 

"I don't know, she said she needed to think about it but I'm pretty confident."

"Damn, you're the only guy I know who can pull something like that." He kept laughing.

"Haha, I know "

"Man you are a champ ! How did you manage to get her she's so ... I mean... She's just perfection." Michael said, he is the one who recommended me to call Nicki the first time so he knew her. Not like I knew her but he did.

"Pure perfection man."

"I know but just don't get too caught up in this." Michael warned me.

"What do you mean ?" I asked raising a brow.

"I mean, you sitting here grinning and I hear you talking about her , makes me believe you are falling for the girl but what about her ?"

"What about her ?" 

"From what you're telling me , the girls is in it just for the money, that's what your whole relationship with her is based on. Money. That's her job, that's what she does, she plays out to be perfection and charms people and all that in order to get what ? Your money. If I were you I'd be careful."

"Nah man, I know how that whole thing sounds but she's not like that, She's a good person." I brushed him off but still he wasn't giving up.

"You don't know her man and good people don't do what she does, be careful, she's an actress."

"I know , I know all that, but she's not just that, there is more behind that, and that's that person that I want to get to know and eventually build something with." I explained trying to get him to understand me.

"Who's telling you that it isn't an act too ? I mean the girl came to your house and let you have her right away, knowing you were paying her to be there. How does that sound to you." Michael insisted.

"It's not even like that, we weren't even thinking, it all just happened and I didn't pay for that man she is not a prostitute." I defended. 

"Right, she is not. It's not I'm saying, what I'm saying is, using her charms is how she makes her money so you should be careful." Michael said raising from his seat.

"I am careful don't worry but I'm telling you, there's nothing to be worried about."

"Ok, man , I'll catch you later." He said and walked out of my office and right when he opened the door there was a nurse who was walking in saying that I was needed.

A few days had gone by and I still hadn't heard a word from Nicki but I can understand that she needs more time to take a decision, we talk to each other via text messages all day which I guess is a good sign. Michael keeps teasing me about it saying we're acting like teenagers with this whole relationship via text messages, but honestly I don't care, as long as we're in contact I'm good .

I was at my house, all alone, I had the evening off, and had nothing to do, usually I'd spend this free evening with some random girl but ever since I met Nicki, I can't bring my self to do that, every time I even look at a girl I just feel bad about it and it, so instead I was just gonna stay home and watch the game. I sat on the couch and opened my beer bottle when I received a text message.

**Nika : Hey you ;)**

I smiled before answering.

**Hey beautiful ;)**

**How are you today ?**

**Great now that I'm talking to you, how are you ?**

** Stop trying to have me blushing over here, I'm fine, you at work right now ?**

**Not trying, I know you are blushing. No, I'm home, alone. What about you ?**

**Home, studying, I got to find leads to solve this impossible patient case**

**Why don't you come over, I could help out.**

**Boy you ain't slick, I know what you're trying to do...**

**What am I trying to do ? I'm just offering my help."**

**You just want me to come over, so you can get me in your bed...  That won't happen, I gotta get this done.**

**Come on, I just want to help you with your assignment... But there's a few thing we could do after since you're suggesting.**

**Boy, you play too much. But I'm on my way, I'm screwed anyways.**

**I'll be waiting. Oh and pack a bag you're spending the night.**


I put my phone down before getting up and going upstairs to take a shower and after that I put on some sweat pants and got back downstairs to the kitchen to cook us something quick to eat.

Nicki's P.O.V

I was laying on Ashley's bed while I was reflecting on possible leads to solve this stupid patient case and I was completely stuck with it and it was getting on my nerves so I decided on taking a break thus I got my phone and texted Drake. 

"Are you texting him ?" Ashley asked me looking over my shoulder.

"Yeah, how'd you know ?" 

"You're smiling, blushing and biting your lip Nic." Ashley rolled her eyes, snatching my phone out of my hand. 

I got up from her bed and got my books and my notebook before walking to my room that was just across from hers
 and started to pack a bag.

"Girl , you're really going over there ?"  I heard Ashley shout from her room.

"I am, yeah." 

"Seriously ?!" She asked barging in my room.

"Yes seriously, I need help for my assignment." I shrugged.

"Cut the crap, you know damn well y'all ain't gon work on no assignment." 

"Yeah well anyways, I also need to get rid of all that frustration so." I shrugged before putting my toiletries in my bag.

"And she's packing a bag." Ashley shook her head at me laughing. 

"What are you laughing for Ash." I asked as I went to the dressing room I share with Amber and I found her seating there on the floor with Ariana.

"What are y'all doing on the floor ?" Ashley asked them as I started rummaging through my clothes.

"Playing rock paper scissors to see who gets to wear those tonight." Ari answered pointing at a pair of Louboutins that were on the floor next to her.

"What are you looking for ?" Amber asked me.

"I don't even know." I answered .

"You told him you were studying, and it's over 8, so you can't dress up or he'll think you're trying too hard." Ashley spoke.

"Right." I agreed with her.

"Where are you going ?" Ari asked me.

"Drake's." I answered and she squealed in excitement and got up from the floor running towards me.

"So you agreed ?" Amber asked me from her spot on the floor.

"I haven't decided yet, He just offered to help me with my assignment." I explained.

"And that's what you packed a bag for." Ashley laughed.

"You read the texts, I gotta be prepared if things happen." I answered.

"You two are mad cute." Ari cooed.

"What about this ?" I asked holding a sweat dress up. "Then I can just keep my hair in my bun and  just do light make up."

"You can put the dress on with these and keep your hair like that, no need for any make up." Ashley said getting my black shiny UGG boots. "That way you'll look like you just hoped in your car but still you'll look extremely cute.

"OK, that's fine." I agreed with her and changed from my tank and boy shorts.

"Sorry to be the party pooper, but Nicki are you serious right now ?"

"What ?" I asked looking at Amber.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea, I mean do you really want to get attached to this pathological liar ?" She asked me causing me to laugh, I got to admit that during those past few days while thinking about this whole deal thing, he has to be a pathological liar, I mean we met because of this huge lie of his and then we were reunited because of another lie so I guess I couldn't blame her for thinking like that.

"Amb, Imma need you to stop worrying for me like that. I know how this whole thing sounds, I myself find it crazy but I just want to live for the moment, he makes me feel great and I just want to feel great for the night then we'll see what happens." I explained looking at Amber and her expression softened. I'm glad she's always here to look after me but I don't like the way she sees my relationship with Drake if you can call it a relationship. It's not like I needed her approval but I want her to understand that we aren't just two twisted people. I admit the terms of our relationship are weird but other than that we're just two people attracted to each other and I don't see why seeing each other and making it fun would be wrong. It's not like I am taking any real engagements right ?

"Girl, he got you sprung," Amber chuckled shaking her head at me. "Really, I'm good as long as you are. It's just that I'll always worry for your ass and no one can change that." She said smiling.

"Aww . Thank you Amb."

"Ok, y'all cute and all but you better go get your man now Nic." Ash spoke making us all laugh. 

I put my biker leather jacket on and grabbed my bag and headed outside.

"I love y'all crazy bitches !! And y'all better take care of my baby." I shouted to the girls referring to Ice before walking out the door.

As I drove to Drake's, I started getting nervous, I really didn't have any reason to but I don't know I just felt nervous and my stomach tied into knots well not exactly, I don't even really know how to describe that kind of nervousness. Wait ? Is that what they mean when they talk about having butterflies in the stomach ?. 

I tried to to posh this feeling aside as best as I could and another thought ran through my mind, the exact same thought that's been clouding my ind for the past few day, what do I tell him if he asks about the deal ? I don't even know what to tell him, I have been thinking about it and I really am lost like let's be honest, it would be nice to live with him, we get along very well and I'd like to get to know him and what better way to do that than living with him ? Also the man is offering to pay me and offering a residency program at the best hospital of the city. Looking at it that way there's only pros right. But what if it goes bad and I end up hating him or he ends up hating me ? He's just going to throw me out stop paying me and I can forget about my residency. Now other scenario, it could go very well and I could fall for him, I already feel like I am falling and this is not good at all. It seems like he just wants to have fun with me, he doesn't seem that serious about me even though he says he is, and even if he is, what happens if we fall for each other and our relationship becomes serious ? Do we tell everyone the truth or do I stay Nicole forever ?

All these thoughts have been running through my mind for a few days now and I still don't have any answer, I just don't know what I'm suppose to tell him if he rings it up. I need way more time to think about this and take a decision I won't regret.
Without even noticing I found myself in front of his gate and punched the code in. I took a deep breath after I had parked my car in the driveway and checked my reflection in the rear view mirror one last time, regretting not having put on any make up. I look like I'm about to pass out. I pulled my hair its messy bun and let my natural waves fall over my shoulder. I reflexively applied a fresh coat of lip balm on my lips before hoping out of my car and locking it after I had grabbed my bags. I grabbed my phone from my bag and checked my text messages and I had received one from Drake.

**It's open , just let yourself in.**

I made my way towards the front door and did just that, I let myself in and made my way towards the living but he wasn't there, I could smell food cooking, I couldn't point what it was but it smelled so good. So I set my stuff and followed the scent and got in the kitchen where I finally saw him, his back was facing me as he was busy stirring whatever was in the stove.

"Why you gotta be half naked to cook ?" I called startling him and he turned around to look at me and sly smirk appeared on his face.

"We both know you like what you see." He said making his way towards me with his arms opened. I walked to him and gladly accepted the hug he was offering.Once my arms wrapped around his neck his wrapped around my waist and he effortlessly lifted me from the ground my legs wrapping around his back.

 "I do and so what ?" I said before his lips crashed onto mine we shared a passionate kiss before he set me back on my two feet.

"What are you cooking ?" I asked him as I took my jacket off and he went back to the stove.

"Just shrimp, leek and spinach pasta." He shrugged.

"Really, just that huh ?" I spoke taking my jacket off and placing it on a chair. I'm flattered he made the effort to cook for me.

"Yeah just that. I got some red wine out for you on the counter, just help yourself." He said and I went to pour some in a wine glass and I poured some scotch in a glass for him.

He walked towards me and wrapped his arms around me and started kissing on my neck.

"Aubrey stop. I'm not here for that." I spoke through my moans.

"Right, that assignment. Go get your stuff and we can get it over with while we eat, then I can get you all to myself." He said letting go of me and I turned around to face him.

"Be right back."

I went to get my books, my notebook and my macbook from my bag and went back to the kitchen and sat at the bar with my glass of wine.

"Just go head and read it to me baby girl." Drake spoke and I went onto reading the case presentation.

"Objective data ?" He asked once I was done reading and I went on telling him what I got as he was walking towards me with a plate and a fork. He sat next to me and set the plate before him and started feeding him and myself while we were going through the case.

An hour or so passed and we were done eating and I had more than enough leads to work on for tomorrow. No wonder how he got where he is, he knows his trade well.

I shut my laptop and finished what was left in my glass.

"Is  that all you had to do ?" Drake asked me and I nodded with a smile.

"Good, now let's get down to business." He said picking me up and carrying upstairs.

I think I could get used to that .

So sorry for not posting when I was supposed to  and not not updating Not So Different but I really can't manage to get it done and be satisfied with it so, I updated Deal, I know y'all like that one so I hope you don't mind. Please comment and let me know what you think about it. 
Theo !! Nicki got the dog !! Did that especially for you muah ;)

Mucho Love


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