I Want You Pt 10 (2/2)

Drake woke up alone the day after his argument with Nicki , he sighed when he passed his hand over her side of the bed that was empty and cold. Last night before falling asleep he had hope that she'd come sleep with him because of the storm outside, he knew she was scared and couldn't sleep through storms.

Drake got up and went to freshen up and get ready for the day, after that he went to wake the twins up and let them do their morning routines on their own.
After that he went to look for Nicki, he opened the door to guestrooms after guestrooms but she wasn't in any of them so he started worrying and made his way downstairs, he looked for her in the living, in the kitchen, outside in the patio, the pool house, he even tried the gym but she wasn't there. He went back to tend to the twins and as he was helping Zahirah get dressed, he was asking himself if he wasn't making a mistake by letting the twins go to Nebby's, maybe he should listen to Nicki and take what she told him into consideration but on another en, he really couldn't see any reasons not to trust Nebby, well there was plenty if he took the past into consideration but the whole point of doing this was to move on from the past and leave it behind them and based on how things were now he had no reasons to deny Nebby the right to have the twins besides it was just a night what could it hurt ? It would be a good test, that way he could see how it goes and see if she was reliable and trustworthy.

"You know you're going to Nebby's today right ? And you're spending the night there ?" He asked Zahirah who nodded with a huge smile.

"Yess !"

"You're excited ?"

"Yeah! She's so cool ! Yesterday we saw the dolphins and she says she'll do my nails and my hair, that's so cool."  Zahirah started rambling about the thins Nebby promised to do with the twins.

"You're right, that sounds cool."

"Oh hey baby girl have you seen Nicki anywhere ?" Drake asked his daughter and she shook her head no before running away to go get her hair brush.

Drake then walked away and went to tend to Zahir and asked him the same questions only to get the same answers.

Once both Zahir and Zahirah were ready he went to knock on Clarissa's door.

"Hey ! Sorry if I'm waking you up but having you seen Nicki ?" Drake asked her walking in her room after she had told him to.

"Yep, In the bathroom but I'm not sure she wants to talk to you." Clarissa answered and as soon as the words left her mouth, Nicki walked out of the bathroom while looking at her phone and when she looked up and saw Drake standing in the middle of the room she sighed and walked out of the room bumping past him in the process.
Drake looked back at Clarissa who mentioned for him to go after Nicki and so he did.

"Onika ! Onika ! Nika wait!" Drake chased after Nicki as she made her way down the stairs. Nicki completely ignored him as she walked away but Drake soon caught up to her and grabbed her arm.

"Nika wait !" he repeated himself as Nicki turned around to look at him

"What do you want ? "

"I want to talk to you, we need to talk this out."

"Oh so now you want to talk ? Well how about go talk to Nebby ? Or even better go buy yourself a dog and talk to it." Nicki snapped at him.

"Common Nicki don't be like that." Drake tried to argue but Nicki wasn't having it.

"Don't be like what ?" Nicki asked. "Like a human being who got feelings ?" Nicki asked snatching her arm from his grip and walking away. Drake figured she was mad enough and that he should just let her be for a while until she calmed down and talk to her later.

Nicki sat on her chair fuming mad as she read through her magazine. She thought spending the whole night away from him would help her calm down and maybe even realise that she was overreacting but it didn't, first of there was that storm and she just hated storms and couldn't sleep through them unless he was holding her so she spent half of the night scared, tossing and turning until she had enough and ended up in Clarissa's bed bit even that wasn't enough, she spent the other part of the night awake and thinking. She turned the situation in every possible senses and the more she thought about it the more upset she got and all of her pain and sadness had turned into anger so that morning when she woke up she was more than angry and Drake was the very last person she wanted to see.

She wasn't even really reading the magazine but given that the twins were in the playroom and Clarissa was upstairs she was alone in the room with Drake and was trying to avoid talking to him as he was sitting there across from her intently observing her. Nicki was deep in her thoughts when the door bell was heard. She let out a breath knowing he'd finally get up and stop starring at her but she didn't hear him move so she looked up from he magazine and frowned.

"Aren't you going to get the door ? That must be your baby mama, you wouldn't want her to be waiting, would you ?" Nicki said before looking back at her magazine. Drake sighed before brushing his hand over the top of his head. He was about to get up but heard Nebby's voice as she was talking to Clarissa, so he knew Clarissa had gotten the door.

"Look Onika, I am sorry. I should have listened to you and tried to understand what you were saying and were you're coming from. I am sorry for reacting like an ass and I promise I'll pay more attention to your feelings, I'm sorry." Drake apologized to Nicki who finally closed her magazine and looked at him before sighing deeply. She was about to open her mouth when she heard Nebby's annoying voice.

"Well good morning Aubrey !" She beamed walking in the living room and going to hug Drake who got up from the couch to greet her. From the corner of his eyes he could see Nicki rolling his eyes thus he quickly let got of Nebby and just uneasily stood there as Nebby and Nicki engaged in a stare battle which was just their way of greeting each other. 

"Erm... Well, I'm gonna go get the monsters I'll be right back." He spoke hurriedly making his way out of the living. He went to get the twins from the playroom. When they got back to the living room, Nicki wasn't there anymore and Nebby was sitting on the couch waiting. Once the kids saw her they ran to her and went to hug her just as Nicki was making her way back in the room and went to sit back where she was sitting. Sitting there watching Nebby interact with the twins, acting like the perfect mother she absolutely wasn't and kissing Drake's ass was the last thing Nicki wanted to do but again, she knew that if she completely gave up and walked away she'd just  make it easier for Nebby to take her spot.

"Nicki are you sad ?" Nicki heard Zahir's little voice which snapped her out of her thoughts, she hadn't even noticed him snuggling close to her.

"No, little bird, I'm not, why would you ask that ?" Nicki asked wrapping an arm around him.

"You look sad, and you don't talk." Zahir said and Nicki sighed, the twins being affected by this whole situation was the very last thing she wanted to see happen.

"Well I'm not sad, don't worry, just a little bit tired, that's it. What about you ? Why are yo so quiet ?"

"Daddy said Zahirah and I were going to sleep at Zineb's tonight." Zahir explained and Nicki frowned.

"What's wrong with that ? I thought you liked being with her."

"Yes, but I will miss you and if you're here and daddy's here too, who will tuck me in ?" Zahir asked with a pout and Nicki's heart literally broke into pieces.

"Well your mother will. But look if you don't want to go, you just say it ok ? Nobody is obliging you to." Nicki explained looking at Zahir, Both Drake and Zineb where too busy chatting and playing with Zahirah thus they weren't paying Nicki and Zahir any attention.

"I want to go but I'll miss daddy and you." Zahir pouted.

"I know baby, we're going to miss you too, a lot but you know what we're going to do ? We'll just call you before you go to bed, that way it will feel just like we're tucking you in, how does that sound ?" Nicki asked and Zahir gave her a smile for the first time that day.

"That's cool, just promise you won't forget."

"I promise I won't ! I can never forget my baby." Nicki told him holding her pinky out and they pinky swore.

From the other side of the room, Nebby was discreetly observing Nicki and Zahir interact and that view had her blood boiling, she hated seeing them cuddled up like that and couldn't stand the fact that they were this close. It did nothing but aggravate her. If she wanted her plan to work she needed to move way faster.

"Ok, Aubrey, I think we're going to leave now, we're headed to the zoo." Nebby spoke to Drake.

"Oh, before you guys leave, I need to talk to you real quick." Drake said to Nebby and she agreed before getting up.

"Onika ?" Drake called and Nicki looked up at him waiting for him to say whatever he had to say.

"A word please ?" He asked giving her an insisting look and Nicki got up and followed behind Drake and Nebby towards the kitchen.

"What is it ? Did I do something wrong ?" Zineb asked and Drake sighed before answering.

"No, no you didn't but there's this thing I think we all really need to discuss."

"What is it ?"

"Ok, look Neb, you have been doing amazing with the kids, they really love you and honestly I have nothing to reproach you with as far as they are concerned." Drake started and Nebby was smiling from ear to ear meanwhile Nicki who was lazily sitting on the counter top rolled her eyes.

"Aww  thank you ! I try as hard as I can you know I've missed a lot of time with them and I know I can't get it back so I know I have to do my best so we don't lose more." Nebby rambled and again Nicki rolled her eyes, at that point she just wanted to rip the bitch's head off.

"Yeah and I can clearly see that but there is something that bothers me. Look if this is going to work, you need to understand that it's not just the kids, you and I in this, Onika right here isn't just the babysitter as you like to say, she is the woman I love, like that's my girl, and she is the closest thing to a mother the twins ever had, I know it can be hurtful to you but let's face it she's taken care of them more than you ever have and at least for that you owe her some respect, you two don't have to be friends at all, but I can't let you disrespect her or vice versa. " Drake affirmed firmly, he promised Nicki he'd talk to her and that's what he was doing, not just because Nicki was mad at him but because he knew he had to do it period and they weren't just words he said because he knew it make Nicki feel happy, he meant each and everyone of these words. Nicki listened really carefully to what he said, she was happy to hear him say those things, it made her feel appreciated for the first time since that Nebby mess,

"I... I know that, I'm sorry if it came out that way, I was just joking around whenever I said those things, I apologize to the both of you, if y'all thought it was disrespectful, I know Nicki is really important to you and to the children, she's all they talk about so I wouldn't disrespect her by any means." Nebby perfectly played the victim's part. Nicki almost felt bad for her, well actually she did not but she knew that had it been a few weeks before, she would've fallen in the trap just like Drake was falling right then.

"Great then, now Nika anything you want to say ?" Drake asked Nicki who answered no and told him that everything was said.

"Ok, so now we're good ?" Drake asked and both Nicki and Zineb agreed on being cordial.

"Common monsters, come say bye to Nicki and I." Drake spoke to the kids and they both dropped their toys and made their way to him and hugged and kissed him before going to say bye to Nicki who was really having a hard time letting them go.

"Ok, you guys be good alright ? I love you."  Nicki spoke and the twins hugged her and told her that they loved her too.

Nicki and Drake walked Nebby and the twins to the door and kissed them one more time before they left with Nebby. 

Once they had left and the door was shut Nicki turned on her heels and walked away. Drake sighed desperate to see that obviously she was still upset with him and didn't want to talk to him. He followed her upstairs and grabbed her arm as she was walking in their bedroom. 

"Can you please stop ?! " He asked in a firm tone and Nicki rolled her eyes at him before answering. 

"Stop what ?" 

"Stop acting like a child Nika. You've been ignoring me for hours now that's enough and it won't solve a damn thing. If you want to solve things we need to talk."

"See the thing is, I don't want to talk to you. Right now I just want to be mad at you, act like a child and ignore you." Nicki screamed at his face.

"Look, I know I hurt your feelings last night and again I apologize for that. I didn't mean to hurt you like that. Now as far as Zineb goes you asked me something, I did it, you were there, you heard me telling her not to disrespect you and if I have to do it again I will. But right now I don't know what more I can do Nic."

"So you gave me a very fake apology, you gave that fake ass speech for the one and only reason that I asked you to. You said every single thing I wanted to hear so now I'm supposed to be happy and jump in your arms. Is that it ?"

"Well yeah, that's how it's supposed to work, you get mad I apologize and then we head to the bedroom and have bomb sex." Drake joked and Nicki rolled her eyes at him and shot him a death glare. 

"And I'm the child here."

"Ok seriously. My apology was the furthest thing from fake , I know I hurt your feeling last night and I am sorry for hurting you, I really am. I never meant to do it. And as far as Neb I mean Zineb goes what I told her wasn't a fake speech it was just the truth and I didn't say it because I thought that's what you wanted to hear. I said it because I meant it. And I'll take my distances if that can make you feel better. I know I should have said something earlier but I couldn't for the simple reason that I didn't know there was a problem, how was I supposed to know ? You didn't tell me." 

Nicki sighed, she knew he was being truthful and was right in a way. She never told him how she felt about anything. That's just what she did, she kept all of her emotions inside and never let him know how she felt no matter what the situation was, so she couldn't expect for him to read her mind and guess stuff like that. But it didn't change the fact that when she told him how she felt for once, he simply dismissed her. She knew he had understood where he messed up and she knew he really was sorry but she was so frustrated and angry that she just didn't feel like letting him know that he was forgiven, she wanted to be mad for once and felt like she had a right to so that's what she was going to do, besides that way next time he feels like acting like an ass he'll think twice.

"Look right now, I just don't want to have no conversation with you, about anything. I just want and need to be alone." Nicki explained and Drake finally let go of her arm.

"Thank you." Nicki let out before walking in the room. 

Drake let out a breath, he wanted to kick into something, at that point he just didn't know what to do. He felt like this argument shouldn't even had occurred in the first place and then once he understood where Nicki was coming from, he tried to make it up to her and the fact that it didn't change anything frustrated him. He didn't understand how she needed more time alone when she already had a whole night alone but if that was really what she needed then he was going to respect that.
He made his way back down the stairs, and just plopped on the couch once he had reached the sitting. Worst thing about this was probably the fact that a week ago he had actually made sure to clear his whole schedule so he could get to spend that day with her and give her his undivided attention given that the twins weren't there. Now he didn't even know what to do with himself.

"Hey you !" He heard Clarissa speak as she walked in and took a seat right next to him.

"Oh hey. What's up ?" Drake asked turning to face her.

"You what's up ? Why are you sitting here all depressed and stuff ? Well actually I know. Do you want to talk about it ?" Clarissa asked.

"I don't really know what's going on here to be honest with you. I mean we never fight, we don't even argue so I'm kinda lost here. I mean the only time it happened which by the way was because of Nebby too, she was just mad for a few hours, we sat down and talked it out and it was over with. This time it's as if it was never going to end."

"I think I actually got a solution." Clarissa said.

"And that would be ?"

"Well for starters, you get Nebbish over here and then... You choke her to death. If you really can't do it, you can always ask Nicki, I promise she'll love you after that. Then for the body it's easy. I volunteer to cut it into pieces and feed it to the sharks." Clarissa exposed her plan with a shrug and a smile causing Drake to burst out laughing.

"I always knew something was wrong with you, you are a psychopath. "

"What ? That would make everyone happy and you'd get your wife back. But you can still go the more rational way and just let her cool off."

"And that's it ?"

"No, but for now, that's the best thing you can do. She's been keeping it all inside fore a month whereas you only caught wind of it last night. So you dealt with it in hours you talked to your baby mama and straightened it all out which was a good step and now you're ready to move on but she is not, she has a whole month of frustration, anger and pain to let out and to top it all of you had to say what you said last night. She needed to be mad at someone and you volunteered to be that someone. Just give her some space and time she saw what you did, heard what you said and trust me it made its way in her head. She just want to be mad for once, let her, she'll come around."

"I've never seen it that way. Maybe you're right." 

"I am right. But as I said, it's for right now sorry to tell you that but the issue is deeper than that. I mean have you ever thought of why you guys never fought ? And you never found it weird ?"

"No, actually no, I've never thought about it, I just think we get along well and we are on the same page and that's why we don't fight. There's nothing weird with that." Drake shrugged.

"Wrong ! Wrong, wrong. You all never argue because she just keeps everything in. Whenever you do something wrong or something that bothers her, she doesn't say anything and just keeps it in until it goes away and whenever you come at her with something, she listens and she understands and she does whatever it is you are asking her to, so you're happy and everything is over. But during that time she has all of these emotions inside and you're not aware of it and she thinks they're gone. I've been trying to tell her to stop doing it but she wouldn't listen to me." Clarissa explained and Drake shook his head. 

"Man, how comes I've never even thought of any of that ? Am I that selfish ?" 

"You're not selfish. It's not just your fault, you're not supposed to read through her mind. But what you can do is speak to her and let her know that she can come to you and tell you how she feels anytime. Because now she might not believe that given that the first time she told you how she felt y'all got into it and the second time you advised her to do yoga and get a dog." Clarissa explained with a shrug. 

"Yeah I know that was probably the most stupid thing I ever said but I didn't meant it like that. " Drake explained, what he wanted to say was that Nicki's days had consisted on taking care of the twins and of him whenever he was around, back in New York, it was ok because she had school on the other end and had her friends and family. But now it was a whole different story, first she didn't have anyone and he was out all day between studio time, the meetings, the performances and all that. And even worse Nebby had the twins most of the time so she was all alone all day secluded in the house. She'd tell him that she was alright and that it didn't bother her but he was sure that it was starting to take a toll on her and when she talked to him the night before he felt like the way she was feeling was tenfold because she spent her days alone and over thinking everything.

"I know that. I know what you meant." 

"Ok, Imma head to the studio now, just need to take my head off all that." Drake said getting up, he needed to get his head off his argument with Nicki but also off the twins because he was now regretting his decision, maybe Nicki was right and it was too soon.

"Ok big head, see you around then." Clarissa got up too and hugged him before reassuring him, telling him that everything will be alright. They parted ways, Drake made his way towards the home studio and Clarissa made her way up the stairs to go find Nicki. 

"Hey you !" Clarissa said walking in and towards the bed where Nicki laid with her laptop.

"Hey." Nicki said giving a small smile. 

"Are you still mad at him ? Clarissa asked and Nicki sighed. 

"Now what did he sent you to say ?" Nicki asked shutting her laptop. 

"Nothing. But we talked and he really feels bad Nic, I feel for him. He didn't even know what he was trying to fix, maybe you should go talk to him." 

"I will, just not right now. I know it's weird but it actually feels nice to be angry at him."

"You just trying to take your frustration out on him." 

"I know , but it's not like he doesn't deserve it. And he let them go with that witch, I hate him."

"Right. Oh by the way. What were y'all talking about ?"

"He told her how she needed to understand that I was way more than just a nanny and that I was his girlfriend and had a place in the twins' lives and that she had to respect me." Nicki explained and Clarissa cooed.

"Aaaww. Girl you need to go get your man, like he's trying here Nic make an effort. " Clarissa said playfully slapping Nicki's arm.

"I told you I will." Nicki said.

"Ok. So while you're not speaking to him, how about you and I go do parasailing ?" Clarissa suggested and Nicki shook her head no. 

"I'll pass, I don't like those things." Nicki declined.

"Bitch you're coming ! Go get dressed and let's go have fun, you need it." Clarissa ordered and Nicki smiled at her.

"Ok. I really don't know what I'd do without you." 

"Not a damn thing." Clarissa joked.

"Ok, just shut up and give me a piggy back." Nicki joked but Clarissa did just what she was asked even though she knew Nicki was joking. Clarissa took Nicki to the closet and let her get changed.

"Aubrey ?!" She called over the loud music that was playing throughout the studio. At the sound of her voice Drake turned around surprised to hear her. He cut the music and waited for her to speak.

"I just wanted to let you know that Clarissa and I are going out." Nicki said walking towards him.

"Oh. Ok, will you be back for lunch ?" Drake asked.

"I don't think so, we were planning on having lunch after parasailing. " Nicki explained standing before Drake who was still sitting on his swivel chair.

"Parasailing ?! Aren't you afraid of this kinda stuff ?" Drake asked and Nicki smiled small before answering.

"I am, but saying no to Clarissa scares me even more." She said causing Drake to let out a laugh and then the room fell silent as the tension grew thicker.

"Nika, again I..." Drake started but Nicki cut him off.

"Don't. Look, I'm sorry, I was being petty earlier,  I know you're sorry for saying what you said and you're forgiven for that and I wanted to thank you for what you told her." Nicki spoke making her way towards Drake and taking a seat across his lap.

"You don't have to thank me for that, you know I just did what  was supposed to and I would've done it earlier if I knew you felt that way." Drake said.

"I know you would have, I just didn't feel like it was necessary to bring this up."

"Onika, I on't want you to ever feel like there is something you can't tell me or that your feelings are not important enough to be expressed, now I know it's my fault if you feel that way, I know I'm not as understanding as you are but I promise to make a huge effort and work on it but you have to promise me that from now on, you'll come to me if anything makes you feel any type of way, no matter how petty and trivial you think it is." Drake asked and Nicki shifted to face him and smiled as she could see how much he cared.

"I promise I will." Nicki agreed.

"Good, now give daddy sme sugar, I've missed you." Drake said puckering his lips and Nicki laughed before grabbing the sides of his face and pressing her lips against his. Their lips disconnected after a while and they sat staring at each other for a split second before their lips connected again and this time they shared a passionate kiss before Nicki pulled away.

"I better get going before you start something you can't finish." Nicki said getting up and walking away from Drake.

"What are you even saying woman come back here and Ill show you. With your fat ass" Drake called after her as he watched her walk way overly swaying her hips.

"Whatever." Nicki mumbled not even bothering to look back at him."

"Right, keep on talking we'll see when you come back." Drake called and Nicki turned around.

"We'll see." She said in a sultry tone before walking out the door and Drake just shook his head grinning.

The Next Day :

"Zahir ! Stop. It is bed time and you need to get to bed, you know that." Nicki scolded the little boy but he wouldn't listen.

"Noooo ! I don't want to go to bed."

"What's wrong with you today ?" Nicki asked him her arms crossed over her chest, he had been acting out all day, since the minute Zineb had brought them back from hers.

"Nothing." Zahir answered kicking his toy and running away pouting. Nicki sighed and ran her hand through her hair, out of frustration, she didn't know what to do. After his bath she not without difficulty had managed to get him to put his pyjamas on but when she tried to put him in his bed Zahir started running away from her and he would scream every time she mentioned going to bed.

Nicki ran to the master bedroom where she knew Zahir had went, he kept running between there and his own room. She went in there and after searching the room, she went to the closet and saw a tuft of wild curls behind her dresses, she walked over to them and went to sit in front of the six year old, he tried to get up and run away but Nicki grabbed his arm and gently forced him to sit back down.

"Are you mad at me ?" Nicki asked Zahir, she knew his way of showing anger be it towards her, his father or any other adult was disobeying.

"No." Zahir said shaking his head no, his curls bouncing with the movements of his head, he hair was starting to grow back.

"Then why don't you listen to me ?" Nicki said holding his face making him look up to her.

"I don't want to go to bed." Zahir answered.

"Well, you have to but, other than that , what is going on ? You've been bad today." Nicki spoke.

"Do you love me ?" Zahir asked Nicki and she frowned, she was at a loss and didn't understand why he would ask her such a question.

"Of course I do , I love you, I love you very much baby , don't you ever doubt that ok ?" Zahir nodded and Nicki smiled at him.

"I won't but Zine... I mean my mother said you didn't, she said you were daddy's girlfriend and loved only him, not me nor Zahirah." Zahir explained, looking down. When he saw the frown on Nicki's face and that her smile was gone he felt like he was doing something wrong.

"She said that ?" Nicki asked fuming mad but calmed down when she saw Zahir's face he looked like he was about to cry and she didn't want him to feel as if she was mad at him directly when it wasn't the case at all.

"Look baby, your father and I love each other very much, but it doesn't stop neither of us to love you and your sister even more, I have room in my heart for all of you guys, besides you know I loved you first right." Nicki explained joking on the last part to get him to crack a smile which he did.

"I know. I love you too Nicki. Zahir said and went to wrap his arm around Nicki's neck, he kissed her cheek before he snuggled into her and placed his head in the crook of her neck.

"Now, are you ready to go to bed ?" Nicki asked and she felt Zahir nod.

Nicki picked Zahir up and walked him to his room, she laid him in his bed and tucked him in, she kissed him before walking away, leaving the door open and the night light on.

"I love you." Nicki said and waited for an answer but got none, the only thing she heard was soft sniffling. She turned the lights on and walked to Zahir's bed before crouching down in front of it.

"What's wrong ?" Nicki asked worried and Zahir sat up.

"I'm scared," Zahir finally admitted. Nicki wiped his tears.

"What are you scared of ?" Nicki asked and Zahir hesitated before answering.

"The monster, the monster from the movie I watched last night ?"

"What movie ? Who did you watch it with ?" Nicki inquired.

"I watched it with Zineb , I mean with my mother."

"Ok, here's what we're going to do, you come sleep with me for tonight and we'll talk about this tomorrow morning alright ?"

"You won't tell dad ?" Zahir pleaded.

"I won't." Nicki pinky swore before picking Zahir up and taking him to her and Drake's room. Drake was out of town that night, he was there to greet the twins when Nebby had dropped them but shortly after her had to to go and catch his flight for Houston where he was performing.
Nicki laid Zahir on the bed before laying down next to him and holding him close to her soothing him. Moments later he drifted off to sleep but Nicki simply couldn't sleep after everything she had hurt, how could that woman be this wicked, she was playing mind with two six year old not to mention that these her own children and that scary movie thing also was pissing Nicki off she felt like she had reached her breaking point, She could take everything Nebby threw her way but when it came to the children, that's where the line was drawn, they might not be hers as everyone seemed to enjoy reminding her but she loved and cared for them just like they were hers and she couldn't stand seeing them get hurt.

Meanwhile :

"Hey girl !" Riley beamed as she walked in the living room where Nebby was.

"Hey you, how was Miami ?" Nebby asked her friend, Riley went to Miami for a few dispatch was why Nebby got the twins overnight.

"Miami was great, I had so much fun,I'm soo sad I missed the munchkins though, how did it go ?"

"Well I guess." Nebby shrugged.

"What happened ?" Riley asked seeing that her friend's whole demeanor had changed.

"That bitch, what else could it be ?"

"Now what happened again ?" Riley said sitting down next to her friend and rolling her eyes knowing exactly where this was going, she had been hearing the same things iver and over, whenever she asked about the twins, Nebby would just give her brief answer and then go on a rant about Nicki. Riley loved Nebby with all her heart and was willing to do anything in her power to help her get her together so she could finally get the twins back and be happy, she had seen her best friend go through terrible things and felt like she deserved to finally be happy but lately she was seeing a side of Nebby that she didn't like at all and she couldn't understand nor endorse the behavior she had towards Nicki, now she didn't know Nicki and could care less about her but she thought Nebby was being childish on that one and couldn't see how it was of any help to her situation to act like that towards Nicki. Besides she felt like the hate Nebby was harboring towards Nikci was totally sidetracking her from what should be her one and only focus at the time : building a relationship with her children, and from what she heard Nicki wasn't coming between that in anyway, so she didn't see where the beef was.

"You know how I have to go there to get the kids right ? Well I arrived there and as usual that hoe was sitting there like she ran shit and then Aubrey asked to talk to me in private, I thought we were having a conversation regarding our children but then he asks her to com with us which pissed me off already and then he has the nerve to tell me that he wants me to understand that she is his girl and that he loves her and blablabla, that nigga had the nerve to ask me to show the bitch some respect like what the fuck is wrong with him?"

"I'm sorry Neb but I don't really see where the problem is, I mean you had it coming, did you think that you could over to that woman's home everyday and disrespect her and she wouldn't do nor say anything ? What you've been doing is disrespectful and if I were him I would have reacted long ago and I ain't even telling you what I would've done if I were her." Riley stated before speaking again.

"Look, if you want things to go well, you have to make an effort here; you don't necessarily have to pay her any attention, just focus on what's important, your children, you said they're going back to New York soon so use the little time you have with them wisely, don't let it go to waste."

"I'm already focused on that, I'm great with them I know it , I just need her out of the damn picture and everything will be good."

"Ok, can I be honest with you Neb ?" Riley asked feeling like right now was the moment to express her opinion, she needed to speak before things went to far, she knew her friend and knew that if she started going crazy and set her mind onto something she'd get there one way or another. Nebby nodded so Riley started to talk.

"I've seen you interact with your children and granted you take good care of them and you sure do make them happy but let's be honest it's all smoke and mirrors, You're trying to impress them so that you can make that poor woman jealous and it works these kids are fond of you and everything but have you ever stopped to talk to them and get to know them ? You are more focused on hurting her than you are on them, they are innocent in all that, I'm pretty sure they don't even understand what's going on they just go along with the flow and if you keep rolling down that road they will end up hurt, not her, not you, them and you'll never ever get what you want that way."Riley explained and Nebby let out a dark chuckle.

"You're funny Riley, how am I supposed to talk to them or get to know them when the only thing they talk about is her, they're always talking about her, everything I do something they suggest I do it like Nicki does it. You don't understand Riley, she stole my man already and now she be trying to steal my kids. She is stealing my family away from me. This is my family Riley, mine. She won't take it away; it can't happen, These kids are mine, they are supposed to prefer me, love me, talk about me and as for that bastard I'm supposed to be the one laying in bed with him at night, he is supposed to love me, write songs about me, I am supposed to be in magazines and on T.V, I am supposed to be treated like a queen, I am supposed to be rich and do nothing and I am supposed to be living up in that mansion. Not her me. But instead what did I get ? I was pimped out, treated like a dog, and during that time they couldn't even keep my spot when I did that for them ? They went and replaced me. Well wait and see what's coming their way." Nebby shouted throughout the room like a rabid beast scaring Riley.

"Do you hear yourself ? You are sick Neb. I thought you wanted full custody over the children because you had changed, you played this little act only so you could get your little revenge ? You are twisted." Riley spoke still in shock.

"Yeah and so, what are you going to do now ?" Nebby asked Riley who stood in place frozen as Nebby walked towards her, whit every step she took forward Riley took one back until she felt her back hit a wall, Nebby got closer to Riley and placed both of her hands on Riley's neck.

"That's what I thought, try and open your mouth or get in my way and see what happens, you know what I'm capable of." Nebby whispered, her breath tickling Riley's cheek before letting go her neck and walking away. She went to get her purse and phone before putting shoes on and heading to the door.

"Farewell." She spoke to a shook Riley who was now sitting on the floor trying to get a steady breathing.

"Unless you try anything stupid , then we'd have to see each other again and I'll make sure that'll be the last." Nebby said before giving Riley a huge smile and walking out the door slamming it behind her.


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