Not So Different pt. 9 (2/2)

"Where's Nicki at ?" Beyoncé asked Future as they were all sitting in the waiting room. Drake was awake that was for sure but they didn't know anything other than that. He was being taken care of, that's what the doctor told them.

"Who knows ? I tried to call her but I got the voicemail." Future explained.

"That girl sticks to her phone 24/7 and right now is when she decides to turn it off ?" Beyoncé shook her head.

"I know right." Future answered with a chuckle.

"You know what Imma go get her myself. She has to be here when we can see him !" Beyoncé spoke excited shooting up from her seat.

She said bye to Dennis and Sandi and then left with Ciara following her.


Beyoncé and Ciara stood behind the door patiently waiting after they had rung the door and it soon flew open revealing Maria who made a face and immediately Beyoncé knew what it meant. Taraji was there and she was in a bad mood.

"Nicki's not here. Please avoid the drama and leave." Maria spoke really fast. Beyoncé didn't get offended, she knew Maria loved her and was just trying to prevent the drama.

"Where do I find her though. I really need to see her. " Beyoncé pleaded.

"I have no idea, baby I'm sorry. I litteraly have no idea and it's complete chaos in here. Please d..." Maria was cut of by her boss's voice behind her.

"Who the hell's at the door Maria ?! Told you I didn't want to see anyone !!" Taraji screamed.

"What's going on ? Beyoncé wondered when she heard Taraji's broken voice.

"He left her." Maria whispered not hiding her amusement.

"Did he now ?" Beyoncé asked before bursting out laughing.

"He did, he came by earlier and pack..."

"Who the hell are you talking to." Taraji spoke bumping past Maria to see who was at the door.

"What do you want demon ?" Taraji asked Beyoncé when she saw her.

"Where's Nicki Satan ?" Beyoncé spat.

"Ok. Bey that's enough let's just go." Ciara intervened and Beyoncé shrugged before  turning around and Ciara followed behind her.

"Great ! Now how do we find Nicki ?" Ciara asked fastening her seatbelt on.

"She's probably just at school." Beyoncé shrugged.

"She's not, I was there and I haven't seen her." Ciara explained.

"I'm so tired of her !" Beyoncé joked. "Let's go back to the hospital 'cause I really have no idea of where she can be.",

"Alright." Ciara shrugged.


"Aren't you gonna go to the hospital"

Boris asked his daughter as she sat on the floor, on the same spot she had been sitting on for hours observing the waves' movement.

"I just don't feel like seeing him laying down on that bed unconscious, I just need a break from that view. I'll pass today." Nicki spoke and Boris could tell she wasn't well actually it was way past that he'd even say depressed.

"Did you find my phone by the way ?" Nicki asked.

"Erm no... no, I didn't really look for it actually." Boris admited.

"What's up ? What did she do to you again ?" Nicki asked her father, the minute he walked in she knew something was up just by looking at his face and she knew her mother had something to do with it.

"Nothing, why would you even say that ?" Boris acted surprised before getting up from the floor.

"I know you that's it." Nicki spoke looking up at her father.

"Well you're mistaken, everything's alright. I'm going to head out now."

"Alright, I'll see you later then." Nicki said without any emotion.

"You call me if you need anything alright ?"

"I will." Nicki said laying down on the floor facing the ocean.

"Bye then." Boris said bafore leaning in to kiss his daughter's forehead. At this point he just didn't know what else he could do, seeing her like that was heart breaking but there wasn't anything he could do. He didn't tell her about leaving Taraji so she wouldn't feel even more bad.

"Bye." Nicki answered.


Taraji was busy devastating her own house while Maria was trying to calm her down, she sat on the floor clutching her bottle of tequilla to her chest.

"He leftt me ! He left me because of that useless child !" Taraji screamed through the house crying, she then calmed down, and looked down at the floor and that's when she noticed the glimmering phone case on the floor, she crawled towards it and picked it up. Luckily for her there was no password so she got access to everything. She saw all the voicemails and listened to each and every one of them.

"So, he's awake." Taraji thought sobbing.

"She ruined my life, time to ruin hers." Taraji thought out loud before drinking what was left in her bottle and throwing the phone on the floor and watching it shatter into pieces.


"What does that mean ?" Beyoncé asked Drake as he was telling her about his injuries.

"Means I won't be able to walk properly for a few weeks." Drake explained.

"And what about your arm ?" Beyoncé asked.

"Well, my right arm is fine, my left arm doesn't work properly and my wrist is broken. Look what I can do." Drake chuckled twisting his wrist in every direction.

"Oh and also I can dislocate my shoulder. Look.."

"Aubrey just stop, this is disgusting ! Doesn't it hurt ?"

"Not right now, they gave me so much pain killers, I'm just numb right now."

"Anyways, I'm just glad you're alive, you have no idea how worried I was ! How worried we all were. At some point I thought you were dying to be honest."

"I see you have faith in me !" Drake joked faking to be heart.  "My mother said I've been sleep for seven days, some people sleep for years and after seven days, you were already giving up on me ?"

"Now you know I wouldn't. I was just scared. These seven days felt like years believe me."

"Soooooo ! What did I miss ? " Drake asked Beyoncé, he had been awake for a few hours now, he had recieved his parents' visit and they had went back home as they needed to rest. Future had went on to work and most of his friends had came and gone but he still hadn't seen the one person he was looking for. He was wondering where she could possibly be, wondering if she had even came to see him during those seven days, was she still mad at him, And most important he was trying to understand what that vision meant, that vision of her he kept seeing. Did something happen to her ?

"You didn't miss much, you know we all spent most of our time in here with you."

"Really ? Did she came to visit me ?" Drake asked struggling to sit up on the hospital bed and Beyoncé got up and walked to him to help him sit.

"It was more than visits, I think she is the one who spent the most time here, she spent every minute of her free time here with you, she'd sit here and read to you, or she'd just sit and hold your hand, but she spent most of her days in here." Beyoncé explained reassuring Drake.

"Well then where is she ?" Drake inquired.

"She'll be here... Soon. She just has a bit of a problem with her mother , you know how it goes."Beyoncé lied, she figured that way he'd worry less than if she told him that they had absolutely no idea of where she was.

"Is she ok ?" Drake asked getting worried.

"She is, why wouldn't she ?"

"Because, I've been having this vision , I kept seeing her running towards me and whenever she'd come near me she'd fall to her knees and start crying and she'd drown herself into her tears. I'm just scared, I thought it meant something had happened to her."

"I don't know what it meant Aubrey but she's ok and she'll be here alright ?"


"Sir, please come over here, I can't handle this on my own." Maria pleaded over the phone.

"I'll be right over there." Boris said before putting his shoes on and heading out of the hotel room.

"What happened in here ?" Boris asked Maria as he stepped in his trashed living room.

"Your wife . That's what happened." Maria explained and right then a loud thud was heard upstairs.

"Please do something." Maria pleaded and Boris made his way up the stairs.

An hour after Boris got back downstairs, he had managed to put a drunkTaraji to bed.

"She's knocked out." Boris informed Maria who was cleaning up the mess Taraji had made. "You can leave it Maria, you've done enough, I'll call a company for that, you can just go home thank you."

"It doesn't bother me to clean up you know it's my job." Maria answered.

"No, no, leave it. It's ok." Boris smiled at Maria who was taking her arpon off.

"Erm, sir, there is something I need to ask you." Maria spoke.

"Go head."

"Do you know where Nicki is ?"

"Yes, she's in Malibu, you ought to know how her mother treats her and how down she is because of her friend's situation she needed to get away." Boris explained.

"Well her friends came over today, they said they needed to see her, they said it was important and also you asked me to look for her phone, your wife found it before me and destroyed it."  Maria counted the days events.

"Which friends ?" Boris asked.

"Beyoncé and Ciara, they said it was really important." Maria spoke.

"Alright, thank you very much Maria, thank you for everything, just go home and rest, no need to come here tomorrow morning either. I doubt she'll be in a good mood."

"Alright. Take care, of you and of them." Maria spoke before her and Boris shared a quick hug.


Nicki was sitting on her bed with her knees to her chest and her arms  wrapped around the pink teddy bear. She looked down at the bottle of pills that where sitting on the nightsand and reached for it. She grabbed it and opened the lid when she heard her father's voice.

"Nicki ! Nickiiiii!" Boris screamed through the house.

"I'm right here !" Nicki shouted back as she hurriedly hid the bottle under her pillow.
Boris followed the sound of her voice that led him to her bedroom.

"What are you doing here ?" Nicki asked her father as she rose from the bed holding her bear in her arms.

"You need to call Beyoncé, she has something to tell you, she came over earlier, she said it was important.

"I'll call her tomorrow morning, it's late." Nicki said opening the fridge.

"Call her right now, she said it was important !"

"Ok, let me call her." Nicki said and went to grab the home phone and dialed Beyoncé's number that she knew by heart.

*-*-* " Hello ?" Beyoncé called.

"Bey, it's Nicki, I heard you needed to talk to me."

"Hold on." Beyoncé said and Nicki heard shifting noises.

"Nicki where the hell where you all day ?"

"I'll tell you later, what did you want ?"

"I just wanted to tell you that your man is awake, just in case you care."

"What ? What did you just say ?" Nicki asked as her eyes shot wide open.

"Aubrey's awake, Nicki get your ass over here and make it quick."

"I'll be right there, Bey put him on the phone please."

"Oh hell no, bitch you'll have to wait till yo get here." Beyoncé said hangiing up. *-*-*

"I'm sorry Aubrey, I have to go, it's pretty late ." Beyoncé spoke as she walked back into the room and Drake nodded.

"Alright, you be safe alright ?" Drake said.

"I will, you'll be good by yourself ?"

"Of course, don't worry."

"Good. See you tomorrow morning."

Beyoncé left the hospital knowing Nicki was on her way, she wanted them to have their little moment and knew she wasn't needed anymore.

Few minutes later Boris's car parked in the parking lot and right when the car stopped Nicki unbuckled her seatbelt and made a bee line towards Drake's room and when she arrived in front of the door she opened it and froze in place when she saw him sitting up and using the remote to flip through the channels. He looked in the direction of the door when he heard it open thinking it was Beyoncé who had forgotten something, he had lost all hope of seeing Nicki that day thus when he saw her he was quite surprised, a huge smile made it's way on his face.

"Are you going to come and hug me or you're just gonna stand there ?" Drake asked with a smirk and Nicki ran to him. She threw her arms around him and he tried to hold her as best as he could. Nicki held tight onto him never wanting to let go. She let the tears flow down her cheeks. They were happy tears.

"I was scared Aubrey. I was so scared I'd lose you." Nicki spoke through her tears as she released him from her tight embrace. 

"Never. You're not getting rid of me so easily." Drake said reaching for Nicki's hand as she stood next to his bed.

"Take a seat." Drake said patting the spot on the bed and Nicki sat not letting go of  his hand.

"Don't you ever leave me alone like that." Nicki spoke allowing the tears to roll down her cheeks.

"I'm here Nic. Come on don't cry." Drake said wrapping his right arm around her.
Nicki wrapped her arms around him pulling his body close to hers while being careful not to hurt him. They remained holding each other like that for a minute, taking in each other's scent as well as the warmth provided by the other 

"You know I hate you right ? I was here everyday and you go and chose the only time I'm not here to wake up ? That's fucked up Brey." Nicki joked wiping her tears.

"That's cause I missed you. See you weren't next to me so I felt like it was time to wake up and get you here." 

"You're a fool." Nicki laughed, it was the first time in a week.

"How are you ?" She asked him in a solemn tone, getting serious again.

"Alive !" Drake joked with a shrug.

"No but seriously how are you ? You don't have any trauma or things like that ?" Nicki asked he had nearly died in that car accident so she was worried he'd have sequelaes.

"No, thankfully I only have physical injuries, like my leg and my arm but I don't have any internal injury nor traumatic brain injury. I should be  like new in a month." Drake explained giving Nicki a bright and reassuring smile.

"What about you, you don't look well. I mean you look breathtakingly beautiful as always, but you look like you could use some rest and a good meal Nic, when was the last time you slept or ate ?" Drake asked getting worried as he took a better look at her.

"I sleep and eat enough. Don't worry. I'm just fine." Nicki lied. She had eaten and slept pretty well last night but haden't slept nor eaten a thing during the six days before that. Besides all the crying she was doing caused her eyes to be red and puffy. She looked like she was at the end of the roll and anyone could have seen it.

"Don't lie to me. I can see it Nicki you look like a zombi. What's going on ?"

"I thought you were dying Aubrey, so yeah I cried a lot and I guess I didn't have the most peaceful sleep for a few days now but that's it." Nicki tried to reassure Drake but just thinking about how not even a hour ago she was desperate and didn't even know if he was going to live or not, made her break down and tears started streaming down her cheeks again.
Drake reached for Nicki's cheek and placed a hand on it. He stroke her cheek with his thumb wiping her tears and then he gently raised her head as she was looking down.

"Babygirl, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I'm here now and you don't have to worry anymore. I don't want to see you like that. I don't want you crying over me Nicki." 

"I know, I know but Aubrey I was scared, I thought I was going to lose you and then I realised the last thing I would've told you would be that I hated you and that I didn't want you to ever come near me again and it is not true, it's not. I love you, I love you more than anything, and I don't even want to think about not having you near me, I deeply regret ever saying that to you. I know it might sound selfish but I couldn't stop thinking that if you were to leave me I would never get a chance to tell you that I didn't mean all that and that I love you." Nicki declared as the tears still rolled down her cheeks. Though he was glad to hear her say that she loved him and didn't really mean what she said to him, Drake was hurt to see her like that, He used his right arm to pull her to him and she laid her head on his chest being careful not to touch his injured shoulder and broken arm.

"Baby girl, it's all over now, I'm here and I know you didn't mean any of wat you said and I knew it before. Besides you had the right to say those things, you were upset and I admit I messed up, I deserved it and I hope you'll forgive me for what I did Nic, you were right, you never did me wrong I didn't even trust us enough to be honest with you, I should've known you would have stood by me even if I told you. I'm sorry. " Drake said rubbing her back as she slowly calmed down.

"You're forgiven already Aubrey. Let's just forget about all this, it's not even relevant anymore, let's just forget about it all, I just don't care, it's not that big of a deal." Nicki said pulling away from him.

"Look I want you to forgive me Nic and i mean really forgive me. Not just because you were scared or because you pity me right now. What I did was wrong and I don't it to be some unsolved issue between us." Drake explained looking at Nicki in the eyes.

"Brey, I told you I have forgiven you already and this is something we need to move on from like it is the last thing I want us to be talking about right now. I just don't care." Nicki reassured and Drake cracked a smile.
"Really ?" Drake asked and Nicki nodded.

"Means you aren't scared of me anymore ?"

"I never was Aubrey, I never was scared of you don't be silly. "

"Good !" Drake exclaimed and then the room fell silent, they both stared at each other taking in the other's feature, she was just glad to see him awae; to talk to him, hear his voice, feel his touch, and he felt just as content.

"I missed you so much." Nicki spoke  softly and reached for his hand.

"Come here baby girl." Drake said and Nicki scooted closer to him.

"Come closer you know I can't really move." Drake said and Nicki chuckled before getting off the bed and walking around to the other side of the bed and got on it, she laid her head on his chest and he wrapped his arm around her, and due to the size of the bed she had to entangle her legs with his, she had purposely moved to this side of the bed because she knew his other leg and arm were injured, it was the side were the other car had hit his.

"Am I close enough now ?"

"Yep." Drake said and Nicki looked up at him before speaking.

"Aubrey ?! Remeber when you told me... When you told me you loved me ?" Nicki wondered looking up in his eyes.

"I do." Drake affirmed looking down in her eyes.

"Do you still feel that way ? Are you still in love with me ?"

"Ti be honest, no I don't feel that way anymore." Drake sad and watched Nicki's face drop. "I feel even more strongly." Drake said and Nicki's heard perked up and her eyes got wide as a huge happy smile got on her face.

"You do ?"

"Of course I do, "

"Well, I've been wanting to tell you that, that I love you tto, like I'm in love with you too." Nicki admitted and saw Drake's face lit up. He slowly leaned and Nicki leaned up bringing her hand up to his face. Soon their lips connected and they both felt that rush go through their body. Their lips staid connected to one another's for a few seconds, it was a soft and gentle kiss that held a lot of love in it. When hey neeeded to breathe, their lips disconnected and their eyes opened. Nicki looked up at Drake and smiled small, she  had just had her first kiss from the man she loved and she couldn't be hapier about it.

"I love you." Drake said.

I love you too." Nicki said in a whisper, laying her head back on Drakes's chest. Enjoying the closeness between them, she was just happy to have him this close and just the fact that he was alive and able to hold her was enough for her to be content. She was content and enjoyed the moment she was having in his arms, protected from any harm totally unaware of what was to come.

Finally, I finished this ! To be honest I don't even know what to think about this I'm not satisfied with it at all , I just wanted to erase everything and start over (again) but if I keep doing that y'all would never get to read anything so yeah, here it is. I didn't even re read it I'm sure it sucks and it's short I know :(((((.

 Anyways Please comment and let me know what you guys honestly think about it 

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