Deal Part 8

Nicki's P.O.V

"So basically, what you are telling me is that you guys, lied to everyone ? You're not engaged ? You're not getting married to her ? You're not even together ?" India asked looking back and forth between Drake and I.

"We're not engaged, we're not getting married but we are together." Drake answered and India looked at him weird.

For the past few minutes Drake and I had been trying to explain our situation to India. It's been like an hour since she arrived. Aubrey introduced us to one another and we chatted a little bit. I guess I was a bit quick to judge her. She's not that much of a bitch, she even seems nice but still I wouldn't hang out with her or anything even less if it's her, Aubrey and I. I feel so excluded when they have moments like when they decided to go down memory lane for a whole fifteen minutes leaving me on the side. But I guess it's normal if they are as close as he says they are and haven't seen each other in two years. I think I'm just being overly jealous.

"Well then explain to me why you invented a fake relationship if y'all were already in one ?" India asked not really understanding what was going on.

"You're not getting it. That just happened like not long ago, but when it all started we were not together. At first it was just me paying Onika to fake being my fiance." Drake re-explained and I guess this time she understood.

"Ok. Let me sum up. So you invented a fake girlfriend so as to get mom off your back about your way of life and then you lied and said you were engaged to that imaginary girlfriend of yours but then mom wants to meet her and instead of I don't know faking a break up you went and hired a.. an..." India dragged. I guess she didn't want to use the word escort but might as well call a cat a cat.

"An escort, you can say it." I intervened and she gave me a small smile.

"Right, you hired an escort to be your fiance for the night and then you hired her again and again until you two ended up really dating each other. Is that it ?" She asked and I looked at Aubrey waiting for his answer. I think it's a very reductive manner to tell our story but I guess that's how it's seen from the outside.

"You can put it like that yeah." Was Aubrey's answer before the room fell silent as India just observed the two of us from her spot on the armchair that was facing the couch Aubrey and I were sitting on. 

"That's crazy." India exclaimed.

"And your name isn't even Nicole." She realised and gave me that look that I didn't quite know how to read.

"No, it's not. I'm Onika as he mentioned but I go by Nicki." I said feeling uneasy. I was trying to keep my composure but the judgmental look she was giving me was really making me uneasy. And if that's how this girl reacts, I can only imagine how the others are going to react when they find out. Well that's if we ever end up revealing the truth. I felt like she was judging me so hard and the worst has to be that I don't even think Drake's getting any sort of judgment. It's me she's looking up and down when he's the one who set this whole thing up. But I am the escort. I get paid and he pays so of course I'm the one who's looked down on. 

"Well again this is crazy. I really don't know what to say. I mean it's the first time I hear such a thing." India said intently staring at me. I could tell that contrary to what she said she had a whole lot to say but obviously my presence was bothering her. Thus I decided to excuse myself from the room. 

"It was a pleasure meeting you Nico.. I mean Onika sorry." India said with a smirk after shaking my hand. Right now I can't tell if I'm being paranoid or if she really was being contemptuous towards me so I decided to just chill and be nice.

"Don't be. It was a pleasure meeting you too." I answered before kissing Aubrey good night and leaving the room. I made my way up stairs and did my routine before getting in bed. 

As I was trying to fall asleep I couldn't help but cast doubt on everything from the beginning. While anticipating that girl's reaction earlier I started really thinking about the consequences of what we were doing on everyone else's life, about his family's reaction when they'd find out that we played them. And I can't help but ask myself if it's all really worth it.

Drake's P.O.V

After Nicki left the room, I was expecting India to start spazzing but she didn't she just sat there staring at me. 

"Just say what you have to say India quit staring at me like that." I asked with  a chuckle, I know India like the back of my hand, I know she had a lot to say about my situation even though she wasn't saying much right now, the look on her face said it all.

"Aubrey, is this for real ? Do you even know what you are doing ?" She asked just above a whisper jumping from the armchair she was sitting on to the couch where I was sitting, she took the spot Nicki was previously sitting in and got closer to me.

"Yes it is , I already told you, and I might not know where this is going to take us but I know what we are doing India."

"Aubrey do you even know her like that ? Why would you have her here in your house when you know nothing about her ?" India asked and I frowned at that question. I admit, Onika and I don't know that much about each other, but I've always felt like I knew just enough about her, and regardless, she is one of the person I trust the most out of the people I know so I don't get what India was trying to say right then.

"This is my girlfriend you are talking about India, of course I know her and I trust and love her, that's why she's here in my house, our house, India she's in her home here." I answered.

"You trust and you love her ? Aubrey what has she done to you ? She is a prostitute." India spoke and I could feel myself getting angry by the minute, but I tried to stay calm.

"India, I will tell you this once and I won't repeat it, Onika is not a prostitute and you do not have the right to disrespect her like that." I spoke as firmly as I could without sounding angry, I could understand that my sister was just trying to  look out for me and understand the situation at the same time so I guess I could cut her some slack.

"She said it herself , she is an escort." India frowned.

"An escort, not a prostitute, she escorts men to events, she doesn't sleep with them , and she could have explained this to you if you weren't too busy judging her." I explained and India sighed and rubbed her temples.

"Oh Lord !" She let out with a chuckle. "You really do love her huh ?" She asked me with a smirk.

"I do, but she doesn't know that yet." I spoke and India pinched my cheek.

"Look at my Brey bear all in love and stuff." She said laughing. "It's just crazy how you never do anything like everyone else, why do you always have to get yourself in these situations huh ?" She asked laughing some more.

"I really have no idea " I shook my head laughing along with her.

"But what I do know is that right now, I am very happy, and I might not totally be content with the way thing are right now, like I wish it was different but really Onika makes me happy, and I do my best to make her happy right back so I'm good alright, you don't have to worry about me, besides she's an angel I swear, there's nothing you have to worry about alright ?"

"Alright." India nodded with a small smile, " It's all I want you know? For you to be happy." India said getting closer to me and laying her head on my chest. I smiled at her and wrapped an arm around her.

"And I am grateful for that, you know I love you sis."

"I love you too big brother." India answered with a chuckle.

"Anyways, how have you been, because I know you're not too bad either at getting into weird situations."

"What ? Unlike you I've been behaving."  India laughed.

For about two hours after that we just sat there and just caught up on each other's lives, she told me about her new life and basically everything she's been through since she left for Paris and I filled her in with everything that's been going on here. Other than that we just reminisced and joked around like old times, I have to say, I missed her a lot and was very happy to have her back.

"Ok, you know what Brey, it's all fun and stuff but I think I'll head home now, It's late and mom is probably going crazy back home." India said getting up and stretching.

"Come on, don't be stupid, you're not going to drive in the night like that, there's plenty of room here, you can just spend the night." I said getting up and grabbing her hand, leading her upstairs.

"Are you sure Nicki will be ok with that ?" India asked making me laugh , this apprehension they have about each other is funny to me.

"She won't mind, you're family India." I answered leading her to one of the guest rooms.

"Well, in that case." She shrugged walking in the room.

"I'll go get you something to sleep in, I'm sure Nicki can lend you something." I said about to walk out of the room but she called my name.

"One your T-shirts will be just fine." India said giving me a smile.

"Alright, I'll be right back." I answered and quickly jogged to my and Nicki's room to go and grab a shirt for India to wear to bed.
While I made my way towards the closet I stopped to watch Nicki who was sound asleep wrapped up in the sheets wearing nothing but a shirt of mine. I love watching her sleep, there's always that glow that radiates from her and she looks so innocent and angelic, I swear I'm just sprung. I ripped my eyes from her and went back to my task, I got a random T-shirt and went back to the guest room and handed it to India who took it and I kissed her goodnight before hugging her tight and leaving the room. I went back to my room and changed before getting in bed next to Nicki and snuggling close to her before closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.

Nicki's P.O.V

When I woke up, I was in bed alone. That's when I realised we were on monday, which means Aubrey probably left already, and I have to get up and go to school. I closed my eyes back and stayed in bed for a few more minutes before reaching for my phone and checking the time. It was 6:45. 
Which meant Aubrey wasn't gone, I got up from the bed and went to brush my teeth before heading downstairs, just to see him before he left, I found him at the table in the dining room  finishing up his breakfast.

"Good morning handsome." I spoke catching his attention, he looked up at me and gave me one of these cheesy smiles I'm fond of, I couldn't help but smile too as I walked towards him. I wrapped an arm around him and gave him a quick peck.

"Morning gorgeous. How'd you sleep ," He asked me leaning in to kiss my neck.

"Like a baby. I just really wished we didn't have to go out, and we could just spend the whole day in here together." I confessed as he turned around on his chair and sat me across his lap. I really do wish it was possible for us to just stay here like that, whenever I'm not with him I just crave this sensation I have when I'm in his arms, I miss the feeling of comfort and security he gives me, I just miss him.

"Trust me I wish we could do too." Aubrey answered still kissing all over me.  

"But I really got to go. Have a lot of people to cut off today." He joked taking a break from kissing me. 

"Too bad." I said with a pout. 

"But hey, we can still meet up for lunch and I promise to run home as soon as I can and then I can hold you all you want alright ?" He suggested kissing my forehead before I nodded and got up from his lap.

I picked up his empty plate and cutlery and brought it to sink, while he jogged back upstairs, I don't know what for. I loaded the dishwasher with the dishes he used before making my way to the oven where I knew I'd find my own plate. When I opened it I was surprised to see two plates but didn't think much of it and picked my plate before heading to the breakfast bar where I left it as I saw Aubrey walk back down the stairs with his tie and cuff links in his hands.

I walked towards him and got his tie from his hand and reached up to place it on his neck but I was too short and instead of bending over he simply picked me up, effortlessly swiping me off from the ground and I wrapped my legs around him as his hands snuck right under my ass.

I tied his tie for him as we made direct eye contact. Once I was done, my hands rested on his shoulder as I was just getting lost in his hazel orbs.

I gave him a quick peck and one of his hands snuck behind my neck bringing me closer to him in order to deepen the kiss as his other arm wrapped around my waist to bring our chest closer to one another, I was just getting lost in the kiss when I heard a female voice startling me.

"Awww, isn't that cute ?!" I recognized India's voice behind my back. I quickly squirmed out of Aubrey's embrace and he helped me get down on my own two feet. I turned around only to be met with a smiling India dressed in nothing other than one of Drake's shirts and hopefully some underwear.

I was kinda puzzled seeing her here. First of I had no idea she had stayed the night. Like I wasn't even thinking about her anymore and then it might just be me being overly jealous but the fact that she's wearing one of his T-shirts doesn't sit right with me, plus she just walking around half dressed. I think I really am just over reacting. After all I didn't like the girl from the jump like from the moment I heard her voice over the phone I started disliking her and never gave her a chance. Maybe I should just chill. I have to make an effort anyways, looks like I'm gonna have to deal with her a lot. 

"Good morning you two !" She beamed while walking over to us and reaching up to hug Aubrey who hugged her,  a little too tight if you want my opinion. They released each other from the hug and he kissed the side of her face. Just like I wasn't standing right next to them.

"Morning beautiful." Drake answered and I couldn't help but shoot him a look which I don't even think he noticed.

India then turned her head towards me and smiled at me.

"Good morning." I let out putting on a smile.

"How'd you sleep ?" Aubrey asked her and I rolled my eyes before taking the box he still had in his hand and getting the cuff links from it.

"Very well." India said with that smile I hated for some reason.

"That's great. Look I'm on my way out right now, I have to get to work. But Nicki's here for the next hour if you need anything and there's breakfast in the oven." Drake spoke as I yanked on his arm to put his cuff links on.

"Ok, just go make that money. We'll be just fine." India said smiling at me and again I faked a smile.

Drake gave me a confused look when I yanked on his second arm to put the other link on, I guess he just saw the look on my face and got that I wasn't too happy.

"Ok, what is it ?" He asked and I waited for India to be all the way in the kitchen to answer. 

"Nothing, you should have told me she spent the night here that's all." I shrugged letting go of his arm.

"We lost track of time last night and I didn't want her to be driving at night, so I told her to stay , and you were asleep, I didn't want to wake you up. I thought it wouldn't bother you." Aubrey explained wrapping his arms around me. 

"It doesn't bother me. It's nothing." I answered just realising that maybe I was over reacting.

"Great then. Now give me sugar ." Drake said leaning in for a kiss. 

"Mmh mmh. Get away from me !" I curved him and got out of his arms to make my way to the kitchen.

"Where do you think you're going." He called grabbing me by may waist.

"I'm not leaving without my kiss, he said kissing on my neck and I turned around and pecked hid lips multiple times.

"You can leave now." I said walking in the kitchen and making my way towards the plate that I had left on the counter.

He followed me and went to kiss India goodbye.

"I'll call you later alright ?" He said and she nodded with her mouth full.

"Alright, I'm out ladies." Drake said walking over to me and kissing my forehead.

"See you later alright ?!." 

"Alright, bye." I spoke as I watched him leave. Now it was just India and I. 

I took a seat at the breakfast bar, not far from India but not next to her either. The moment was awkward, I was feeling very uncomfortable right then.
I ate real fast. Not only did I want to get away from that girl, but also I really needed to start getting ready. 
When I was done eating I took my plate to the sink, rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher. 

"I'm about to hop in the shower. I'll be right back." I spoke to India.

"Alright, take your time. I'll finish up and go take a shower as well." She answered and I simply nodded before making my way upstairs. I didn't bother adding anything else, all the rooms have their en suites with everything she could need in it plus she's a big girl so she doesn't need me. 

I went to Aubrey and I's room and got all I needed for my shower before getting in. After my shower I grabbed a towel and dried my skin before lotionning up and sliding a robe on. I was about to go and start on my make up when I heard a knock on the bedroom door. I rolled my eyes knowing it could only be India. For some reason, I just don't want her around me. I guess it's because of how judgmental she seemed to be last night. I just don't want to feel judged in my own home.

I made my way to the door and opened it wondering what she could possibly want.

"Hey. " She smiled, she seemed just as uneasy as I was, she wasn't dressed either and was just wearing a robe and her hair was damped, she was obviously just getting out of the shower.

"Hey, do you need anything ."

"I'm sorry to bother you, I was just about to get dressed and I realised I don't have any clothes except from what I was wearing last night and I really don't feel like putting them back on, so I was wondering if you had anything you could let me borrow." She asked, smiling and I nodded with a smile as well.

"Yes, sure. Come in." I said stepping aside to let her walk in.

"Don't pay attention to the mess." I said as she followed me to the closet.

"Oh don't worry that's nothing compared to the mess I am capable of creating." She laughed.

We got to the closet and I showed her to my side of it.

"Here, just choose whatever."

"Thank you." She gave me a small smile and went on to look through my clothes.

"You know I wouldn't be bothering you, but I really can't put those clothes back on, they're the clothes I wore in the plane. I've been wanting to get out of them since I landed." She joked.

"You're not bothering me at all, I totally understand." I answered.

"Mind if I take that ?" She asked referring to one of my pairs of high waisted jeans.

"Not at all." I answered. "As I said, you can take whatever. I have to go get ready though. I'll be in the bathroom if you need anything." I said.

"Alright. Thanks again." She answered and I nodded and went back to the bathroom to do my makeup and then my hair, I just did a natural make up and for my hair I was planning on straightening it but I got lazy so I just dried it and let my natural curls fall on my shoulders. Once I was satisfied with my hair and make up I went to chose an outfit. I quickly got dressed after that and then I started gathering my books to put them in my bag. I was doing that when I heard barking. I knew it meant Ice had just woken up. 

"Oh hi baby !" I cheesed squatting down to pick him up.

"Oow, you're getting big little boy !" I said while grabbing my bag. I walked out of the room with my bag and Ice in hands, he kept licking all over my face making me laugh. 
When I got downstairs I went to the kitchen and got food for Ice. I put his food in his bowl and took it with me in the living room. I set the bowl down on the floor and put Ice down too so that he could eat. 

"What a beautiful dog !" I heard India exclaim from her seat on the couch where she was sitting and doing something on Aubrey's laptop.

"I know right ? That's my baby." I spoke making my way to the armchair next to the couch India was sitting on.

"How'd you figure out his password. I've been trying for forever." I asked her.

"Easy it's our parents birth dates plus ours. " She shrugged.

"Oh. Yea well I sure couldn't find it then. I never heard of you before yesterday so." I really had no idea why I was being bitter right then but I just couldn't stand her and the fact that his password was partially her birth date and had nothing to do with me. It kinda hurt me and I was just being jealous and wanted to put her back in her place.

"Oh really ? That's just like Aubrey not to mention his little sister. I can't believe him. Fun thing is I didn't know anything about you either. But then again knowing how you guys aren't even really a thing that's understandable." She answered with a smile.

"Well you guys haven't spoken in years so I guess that would explain why he didn't say anything." I answered trying to seem just as calm and poised as she seemed to be even though I was fuming mad. 

"You're right." She said still smiling and it might be petty but I was happy, I was feeling kinda victorious right then. 

"Anyways, what do you spend your days doing ? I understood you usually work at night." She asked. I don't know if it was a genuine question or if she was trying to shame me about my job but what I do know is that if that's what she was trying to do then she wouldn't get anywhere. I am definitely not about to feel ashamed for what I do, I am very proud of myself for taking care of myself on my own and doing such a good job at it so if she wanted to go there then we could go there for sure. 

"Well, I go to school, I'm in last year of medical school, and you're right I work at night mostly , but I do get work during the day sometimes I mean some people do business lunch as you may know." 

"Medical school huh ?! That's great. You're trying to be a doctor or something like that ? Isn't it funny how this has nothing to do with your current job ?" She chuckled. 

"Actually I want to be a doctor yeah, I intend on becoming a surgeon. And yep this has nothing to do with escorting you're right but escorting pays for my school and for my clothes and my food and my rent and everything else I need so." I shrugged showing her that I wasn't ashamed of anything I do.

"Right, you mean it did, up until Aubrey took you in." She answered and right then I felt like I was about to lose it. Was this girl really trying to say that I was taking advantage of Aubrey ? I can't believe she's sitting here in my face and trying to say that I am a gold digger. I was pissed of course but mostly it hurt me that she would even think something like that. I've never taken seriously any remarks about my job and even more from shady people like her but that one really hurt me.

"Look, I have to go right now, I got to get to school. The maid should be here any minute so you won't have to lock the door or anything when you're ready to leave. It was nice meeting you." I said quickly getting up and making my way to go get my bag from the kitchen.

"It was nice meeting you too." She called behind my back causing me to roll my eyes. Once I got my bag, I put some shoes on and slid my jacket on before getting out of the house. I kinda felt stupid as I got in my car knowing that I was way too early. Given that I was too lazy to do my hair, I had time on my hands. Not much but still and I hate getting to school early.

I decided to go anyways and just spend that time at the library and study. 

Drake's P.O.V

Today was a busy day, I had quite a few surgeries lined up through out the day. I hadn't been here for a whole three hours and I was about to start on my second surgery. Before starting getting ready for proceeding on that surgery I decide to check on the girls real quick. I sent both of them a text. After a few minutes Nicki still hadn't answered my text and India was calling me.

"Hey sis ! What's up ?!" 

"Hey, you're going to be pissed if I tell you what's up." India answered. 

"Why ? What did you do again ?" I laughed thinking she was just joking.

"I think I might have pissed your girlfriend off a bit." She said and that's when I got serious. I know how Onika was feeling about India therefore I hope they didn't get into it.

"How ?! What happened ?!"

"Well I was trying to make conversation and you know just get to know her but you know me, you know my mouth, I just messed everything up being slick at the mouth, I was trying to know more about that whole escort thing but you know how I can be super duper clumsy, I guess she felt insulted, she stayed calm and everything but I think I really hurt her feelings, and just by the way she left I can tell I blew everything off, she hates me for sure." India explained and from the sound of her voice I could tell she was pouting.

"I swear that mouth is going to be the end of you some day India. Why do you always have to be like that ?!" I wasn't really mad at her, I know how she is, it's just like her to say just the wrong thing. She never thinks before talking plus she has so much attitude, I'm used to it and I can handle it without getting upset but for people who don't know her, I can understand they'd get upset or think she's being disrespectful. It's even more true in Nicki's situation.

"I know Aubrey, I know. Don't be talking to me like I'm your child. Just tell me what to do. I really wanted us to get along you know, if that's your girl and that's who you love I can't have her hating me." India said and it really touched my heart to see that she was ready to make efforts to get along with Onika just for me. That's part of why I love India so much she's tough on the outside but I know I can count on her and she has the biggest heart.

"Look I'll talk to her and keep you posted. Then you can just go see her and apologize, she'll understand you know she's the nicest person ever. It'll be alright ok ?" I tried to reassure her.

"Ok great, let me know how that goes, I'm driving right now, so I'll catch you later alright ?! Love you Brey !" She spoke before hanging up on me. 

That's the prime example of what I was saying. She can be so rude at times.

I wanted to call Nicki after that and check on her but I had to go set everything and clean up for the surgery so I didn't have time plus we were on for lunch later on so I figured I'd talk to her then.

The surgery went well, lasted almost three hours too. Now I was just ready to take a break. Once I got in my office, I grabbed my phone and saw that Nicki had answered my text while I was in the operating room. 

Hey you ! I'm great. How are you ? Sorry I was busy you know paying attention to my teacher . You know some of us don't just fake being busy.

I'm fine tired but fine. What do you mean fake being busy ? I am actually working, I did two surgeries today while you sat on a chair all morning.

Shut up Drake, what do you want anyways ?

Why so hostile ? Are you mad at me ? I just wanted to know if we were still on for lunch.

I'm not mad at you, and yes we're still on, where do you want to meet up ?

It's that India thing right ? Let's go to that pizza place next to your school, I don't want you to be running around the city.

I take it you spoke to her. Aww, how sweet of you. When can you be here ? I'm on lunch break in ten.

I did and I think we need to talk too. I'm hoping in the car right now, I'll let you know when I'm close by, let's say in 20 mins ?

Alright, you know I'll miss an hour of class just for you right ?

I do not care at all, see you baby 

See you asshole.

After that I put my phone down and took my gown off, I grabbed my jacket and was putting it on when the door swung open.

"Hey man!" Michael walked in.

"Hey. What's up."

"Not much, I was just dropping by to see you." He said about to take a seat.

"Let's walk man, I'm heading out." I answered opening the door and letting it open for him to walk.

"Where are you going ? You're lucky, I can't even catch a break." Micheal spoke taking a sip from his coffee.

"I know man, I'm going to meet up with Onika, just a quick lunch, I'm busy too but I really need to talk to her." I explained as we walked through the corridors.

"What do you need to talk to her about ?"Don't tell me something crazy happened again." Michael asked shaking his head at me, I feel like I'll never manage to make him understand that my relationship with Nicki is serious.

"Nothing crazy, India's back and you know how she is , they had a conversation and she hurt Nika's feelings , you know nothing major just girl stuff but I don't want them to dislike each other or anything." I explained the situation to Michael just realising how petty this whole story was.

"India's back ?! How comes I didn't know that ? I need to see her ASAP, I can't believe she never told me, we talk like everyday." I totally forgot India and Michael were this close, they've been thick as thieves sinwenttoomet Michael in college.

"Yeah, well it was a surprise for me too." I shrugged as we neared the exit.

"Oh, well I'll call her when my shift is over. See you later bro." He said and I nodded before making my way out of the building, I got in the parking lot and retrieved my car and got in.

When I arrived at the restaurant Nicki was already there, I had texted her asking her to go there and order for us.

"Hey gorgeous." I smiled walking towards her, she put her phone down and looked up at me with a warm smile as I leaned in to kiss her.

"So how's your day so far ?!" I asked her snatching her phone from her hands.

"Great, yours ?" She answered giving me a half smile.

"Awsome, a commisurotomy and an annuloplasty. Nothing very exciting." 

"Right. Can I have my phone back now ?" 

"Nope. What did you order ?" 

"The usual, pepperoni and mushroom." She answered with a pout.

"Cool." I answered and after that it fell silent and it was just awkward and I didn't like it one bit, looking at Onika's face I could tell something was on her mind, she wanted to say something but for some reason she didn't, she just stared at her hands.
The tension was too much for me so I decided I'd start talking because on top of it bothering me, I wasn't getting it. Why would she be this nervous and tensed. I was just hoping it wasn' t that India thing that was bothering her that much because it really wasn't no big deal from where I saw it.

I was about to speak when the waiter brought our pizza. After thanking him I waited for him to walk away before speaking.

"What's on your mind baby girl ?" I asked Nicki and she looked up at me again.

"What's on your mind ?! You said we had to talk." Nicki returned the question.

Nicki's P.O.V

At that point I was just ready for him to start blaming me for what happened with India this morning. He told me he talked to her earlier and I'm sure she played the victim, now he's probably thinking I'm in the wrong and I'm just ready to hear him say it.

"I just wanted to talk to you about the India situation Nika. That's it." He shrugged as if it was nothing.

"Well what about it ?! What did she tell you ?"

"I just wanted to hear from you. India called me earlier and said that in the mist of a conversation where she was trying to get to know you she must have said something very hurtful to you and that you left the house upset and might hate her. I don't want any drama between my sister and my girlfriend that's why I am a little bit concerned and wanted to talk to you and see what the issue was. I'm not trying to take anyone's side or whatnot, I come in peace." 

"I know, I'm sorry. I don't know why I'm taking it all out on you.
Well it's like you said, we were talking ⎌ to be honest we were both shading each other, we were being very petty but at some point she just said that one thing and I felt like she went too far, it really hurt my feelings so I left and that's it." I explained with a shrug. Unlike her I wasn't gonna try and play the victim. I had time to think and I have to admit I did say some petty stuff  to her.

"What was said exactly ?" Drake asked before biting into his slice of pizza.

"Aubrey are you serious right now ? I feel like I'm being scolded by my teacher for fighting in the playground  Stop with the questions, it's not that big of a deal."

"It is to me Nika, I just want to know if it's just some petty argument y'all can forget about or if it's deeper and needs to be addressed. India was freaking out over the phone. " I could tell he was starting to loose his temper so I decided to chill and be the calm one this time around, I don't want this to turn into an argument  between him and I.

"Well if it's that important to you, I'll tell you. I found her using your laptop. We were both sitting there in silence so I tried to make conversation I said something like 'how'd figure out his password ?'  and she told me it was your parent's birthdays plus yours and then hers and I admit I acted like a child I said something like 'oh  I couldn't find it. I had never heard about you.' and from there we went back forth she was like oh I never heard of you either, that's because you guys aren't even a thing. Then she started talking about my job, I was like what about it, my job is how I take care of myself. And she was like right, up until Aubrey took you in and that was it."  I explained the whole story without even trying to deflect the blame from me, at the end of the day no matter how shady and petty I was being it was no excuse for her to insinuate that I was a gold digging whore.

"And that's it ?! I mean none of these things seem to be that bad." Aubrey shrugged upsetting me a little bit.

"Her calling me a gold digger is nor that bad ?" I asked angrily and he just looked a me with a confused face.

"Wow, I think I missed that part. When did she say that ?!" He asked and I just rolled my eyes at him.

"When she made that comment. What else do you think she meant by 'up until Aubrey took you in' ?

"Nika, I really do think that this is a huge misunderstanding. I mean it's just the truth in a way, I took you in and I promised you I'd take care of you, I don't think she was trying to say anything more." 

"Well, I felt insulted, I'm telling you she was trying to say that I was taking advantage of you." 

"She wasn't, Nika calm down please. Look she seems upset about this , I promise she didn't mean to hurt your feelings. India is a very clumsy person but she means well. Maybe y'all should just talk and hash it out." Drake suggested unsure. 

"Look, it's super nice of you to try and mediate this, it shows just how much you care but I really don't think there's anything to discuss here. Since last night I could feel it. That girl has made up her mind about me and it's ok with me as long as she stays on her side and I stay on mine." 

"See I just can't have it. it's ridiculous, I mean if you guys both genuinely tried and it would have went downhill then , I'd be more than fine with it but in this situation I really feel like it's a petty argument with a huge misunderstanding." He exposed his point of vue and I hate to say it but all in all he was right even though it doesn't change anything.

"Maybe you're right Aubrey but still that doesn't change anything."

"Onika please, you can be the bigger person in all this. Let her at least apologize to you and then you all can go from there ?"

"Uggh! Fine. But I'm not promising anything, I'll just apologize for being shady, accept her apology and that'll be it." I spoke rolling my eyes. That man is lucky I love him, he's the only reason I'm agreeing to this. I'm willing to talk to her just because it is obviously important for him and I'm trying to put myself in his shoes, I'd hate it if he didn't get along with one of the girls, I can't imagine how that would make me feel.

"Good girl. How about diner tonight plus we can invite Michael too, it's about time you two meet and he's been in love with India since forever it'd be like a double date, she will behave with him there I promise." Saying that Aubrey was smiling from ear to ear, I could tell he was happy to see that I was making an effort for him, but now he was just pushing it with that diner and Michael ?! Hell no.

"First of all do not talk to me like I'm a little girl, then secondly, are you crazy ? I'm not having diner with them two. It's like you actually want drama in our lives Aubrey. They both hate me. I mean granted for India we don't know for sure. But that Michael guy, that's a big no-no you heard it from his mouth he thinks I am a hoe and a gold digger and he's so freaking judgmental. I know that's your friend but I don't even want to meet him. And even if I wanted to I couldn't I got work tonight."

"Alright, I'll hold it off for Michael, he's something else, but don't think it means you won't have to talk to India either. And how comes you're working tonight ?"

"Well, I got a call from Billy said he had something for me, I need the money so I said yes, you know how that goes."

"Yeah, but what do you need the money for ?"

"School, I still have two payments to make and then well just money for other stuff, phone bills, gas, I mean you know, just stuff."

"Nika, I gave you a card, you know you can use it to pay for whatever and I could just write you a check for your school, you don't have to work."

"You're sweet Aubrey but no thank you, I am fine. We've had that conversation already."  

"I know but it was a whole different situation. I think it's safe to say that this whole deal thing is over with, you're my girlfriend now and I want to take care of you unconditionally."

"I know and again it's sweet of you but I can pay for my school and stuff. You're already having me stay at yours, feeding clothing me and showering me with gifts, the least I can do is pay for school." 

"Ok fine. I can understand."

"Aww, stop pouting."

"I'm not pouting. Anyways who is that guy you're supposed to go out with tonight ?"

"John Mayers, my best client ever. He always gives me the best presents like my car." I said before looking up at Drake and by the look on his face I understood I had hurt his feelings.

"I meant my best client after you of course." I said after realising what I said but I think it just made it worst.

"Even though you can't compare the two things at all." I added in an apologetic way.

"It's ok, I know what you meant to say." Drake answered acting detached but I could tell something was off.

"Don't be upset Aubrey please, none of these men are people you need to worry about. I'll just go there, play my part, get my money and then come back to you. I know how that can make you feel but I swear you have nothing to worry about." I said trying my best to reassure him even though there was nothing he needed to worry about.
"I know that, you don't have to say anything I trust you. I just wished I was the only one who had the honor of striding around with you on my arm." 

"Ok, now you're trying to guilt trip me."

"I am. You've seen right through my scheme." 

"Right. Now are we good ? Because it's not that I didn't enjoy spending or only time together discussing all of our issues but I'd like to move onto brighter things." 

"We're good. Come here." He said leaning over the table for a kiss and I met him half way.

To be honest at that point I knew we hadn't even sorted out half of our issues but it was enough for right now, I was tired talking about negative stuff. I just wanted to make the best of the time we had right then, because I knew tonight when I'd get home he'd probably be asleep already or he'd still be at the hospital and it would be me who'd be asleep and we'll miss each other tomorrow morning and so on until the end of the week so I just didn't feel like bringing up any more bad things. We just enjoyed the rest of the time we had together before we both had to go about our own business.


"We're here madam." The driver's voice snatched me out of my thoughts. I was so tired I almost fell asleep during the drive back home.

I grabbed my purse, the bouquet of roses and the gift box before thanking the driver and getting out of the car. 
As I was getting out I noticed a car that was pulling out of the driveway. Which I found weird given how late it was, I looked closer and noticed the pink rims. Just like on Amber's car. Yes that's Amber's car. But I couldn't see in the car as she drove past me. I just shrugged it off and walked towards the front door. I used my key to get in and shut the door behind me. I freed my feet from my shoes and took my coat off. As I walked further in the house I noticed that the lights were on in the living room so I went there and found Aubrey sitting there.

"Hey !" I spoke walking towards him and he got up to greet me. 

"Hey gorgeous." He answered before kissing me. 

"Was that Amber's car I just saw ? What was she doing here ?" I asked and he scratched the top of his head before answering. At that I knew he was nervous.

"Erm, yeah, yeah that was her car. She dropped by to see you but you weren't there so." He said hesitantly.

"Really ? I should call her, it must be pretty important if she came here this late." I started getting worried.

"No, no need to call her. She said it wasn't important, she got here like hours ago, we just talked you know I offered her drink and we talked, I didn't want her to have came her for no reason." 

"Oh. Ok, I'll just call her tomorrow then." 

This whole thing seemed weird to me but I decided not to think much of it. I tend to be paranoid sometimes.

"Right do that. Right now, let's go to bed. I missed you." He said kissing on my neck picking me up from the ground.

"Don't even think about it. Me is sleeping tonight, I am exhausted."

"It's all good. As long as I get to hold you."

"Aw, why are you so cute ?" I spoke pecking his cheek as he carried me up the stairs.

Drake's P.O.V

It was close. Nicki almost found out about Amber and I's little plan. She can't find out, I really want this to be a surprise.

I carried Nicki upstairs and laid her in our bed before going to the closet and getting something to sleep in for the both of her. I got back in our room and helped Nicki out of her dress before she went for shower. While she was in the shower I changed in my pyjamas and got in bed. A few minutes later she joined me and we just held each other until we fell asleep.


The week went by pretty quickly, Nicki and I didn't see each other that much. It's been pretty hectic at the hospital all week so just catching a break wasn't easy and Nicki was busy herself, school was taking up most of her time.

I was just getting out of the operating room and headed to my office when I noticed India walking down the corridor.

"Hey ! India !" I called after her.

"Oh hey !" She answered turning around as I walked towards her.

"What are you doing here ?" I asked her and at that she just seemed weird like she had something to hide.

"Oh erm, I just came by to say hi to Michael, I haven't seen him since I back and I was around so I said why not." She explained with a shrug. 

"What is going on between you two ?! Anything I need to know about ?" I could she was hiding something, and given how close they are, that wouldn't even be a surprise.

"No, nothing. Anyways did mom tell you about the trip ?" India asked and just by the way she changed the subject I knew there was something.

"Yes she did. I can't wait." I answered referring to our annual Thanksgiving family trip. Every year my mother chooses a destination and we all go on a vacation there we spend part of the holidays and Thanksgiving together which is very needed because in the family everyone is always busy and we get to spend much time together.

"I can't believe we're going to the Bahamas again. Remember what happened the last time we were there." India laughed.

"Yeah, I don't even want to think about it." I laughed.

"You're bringing Nicki right ?!' India asked I could tell she was ill at ease asking me that, things were tensed between Nicki and India they had seen each other a few times in the past couple of days lie when India would come see me but they didn't talk at all.

"Definitely, you know mom called her, she invited her and told her to bring me along. She doesn't care if I'm there as long as Nicki comes, that's how you know she loves her more than she loves me." 

"Yea, well just make sure , she loves Onika and not Nicole. I know we talked about it but I really don't want to see mom get hurt plus I wouldn't want something to be broken between you two. She's gonna have a hard time forgiving you,  you know she hates lies." India said and by looking at her face, I could tell she was really concerned and I could understand why these were things I though about every day, but I didn't want her to worry about none of this, this was my mess, not hers and I knew I had to deal with the consequences of my actions sooner or later.

"You don't have to worry about any of that India, this is my issues and I'll deal with it, I got it under control don't worry." I lied, I wish I could mean what I just said but if I'm being honest, I don't have it under control , I need to tell the truth for the reasons India just mentioned but also because it's taking a toll on my relationship, Onika and I's relationship is getting serious and it cannot stay a lie for long, besides she's been pressuring me about telling the truth, since she met India, she feels like as soon as everyone else will know the truth they'll reject and judge her. I wish I could tell her that everything is going to be alright but truth is at that point I just don't know.

"Alright, as long as you know what you are doing Aubrey. I mean just make sure she's really worth it." India said and I frowned at that, what does she mean ? Of course Onika's worth it.

"She is more than worth it, I told you, I love her and she loves me and it is worth all the drama."

"Ok. Anyways look, I really have to go right now so I'll catch you later alright ?!"

"Ok, see you around." I said and we shared a quick hug before she left.

I watched her leave, I stood there thinking about everything she just said. I was thinking when I felt a dap on my shoulder. I turned around and was met with Michael.

"Hey, what are you doing just standing here like that." He asked me as we started walking towards our offices.

"Nothing, I was just talking with India, she told me she came here to see you."

"Oh yea, yea, she wanted to invite to that Thanksgiving trip you guys are going on." He said surprising me, I don't get why she wouldn't tell me she invited Micheal.

"She didn't mention that but anyways what did you say ?" I asked hoping he said no. Onika is already very wary about this trip, she doesn't feel like going and now it's gonna be even worse she know how Michael feels about us so she won't to come if he's there. Plus I intend on telling the truth on that trip and that would just add to the tension. I know just how he feels about us so he's definitely not going to help.

"I said yes, how could I say no ?" He answered disappointing me but at the same time I was happy we will all be together on this trip, it's gonna feel like back in college having everyone there.

"Cool, that's great. I gotta go see a patient. I'll catch around later." I answered as we separated ways.

That is going to be an interesting trip.

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