The odds Part 1 & I Want You Part 12

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The odds  1 

"Onika wake up ! It's the last time I'm being this nice." Carol warned as she pulled the covers off her sixteen year old daughter's body.

"I'm up Mom." Onika spoke in a sleepy voice causing her mother to chuckle.

Carol left her daughter's room and went back downstairs to tend to her other children and Onika slowly sat up on her bed rubbing her eyes. She then got out of bed with a heavy sigh expressing her annoyance. She then went on to proceed on her morning routine and after that she got dressed in the uniform she had to wear to school and got downstairs and in the kitchen where she found her older brother Jelani, her twin sister Anya and her little brother Micaiah all gathered around the table as her mother was walking around serving breakfast.

"Good morning everyone." Nicki spoke in her British accent making her mother and her little brother laugh whereas Anya and Jelani just rolled their eyes at her.

"Why do you always have to be so odd ?!" Anya asked grabbing her plate that her mother had just placed before her and getting up from her chair.

"Anya do not talk to your sister that way and where do you think you are going ?" Carol firmly spoke to her sixteen year old daughter who deeply sighed just like her sister would and sat back down on her chair.

Onika stuck her tongue out at her sister and happily made her way to the table where she sat next to her twin and dug into her breakfast. After eating she brought her plate to the sink and took her little brother's to the sink as well before helping him clean up his mouth and wash his hands after that she noticed her and her brother were the only ones left in the kitchen.

"Mmh, let's go get our bags Ciah, we're gonna be the late ones again. " Nicki spoke to her brother before they made the trip up the stairs to go get Miciah's small backpack and then hers after that they ran their ways out of the house and Nicki got in the family car and helped her little brother in before sitting at her usual place next to Anya. Once everyone was settled in the car they just waited for their mother. Nicki laughed at her twin who was taking selfie after selfie switching her facial expression every time. Nicki and Anya were identical twins, and you could tell without any doubt just by looking at them but they were completely different from one another. Anya was a girly girl, always spruced up, her hair was always in place and since she had the right to put make up on on she never went out without it. Anya was very out going, a true social butterfly, she made friends wherever she went and always fitted in groups of teens their age, she even always ended up being the ring leader, she was a true queen bee and that shown perfectly at their private school where she was one of the most popular kids.  Onika on the other end was more shy and introverted. She was nothing like all of the certified true copies of her sister at school so she never got along with most of the girls at school and never fitted in the groups her sister would fit in they'd call her odd and put her aside. But that didn't stop her from having friends and from being noticed firstly because everyone knew of her awesome singing and acting skills, she was one of the best in the school but also her breathtaking beauty was part of the reason why every pair of eyes were on her. She and her sister were both gorgeous, only difference was that unlike Anya who was always dolled up and took hours to get ready, Onika was a natural beauty and let it show with no artifice at all, she never wore make up and always let her natural curls fall on her shoulders. She gladly left all of the pampering part to her sister but that never stopped her from having a love for fashion and dressing more than correctly she just didn't see the need in all of the extra stuff.

"Why are you laughing ?" Anya asked Nicki who just turned her head towards the window to keep from bursting out laughing.

"Nothing." She answered as Carol hoped in the car and put her hi on before checking that all of her children had theirs on.

"Ok, we're set to go kids. Who do I drop first Ciah or you girls ?" Carol asked and Onika answered for everyone as Anya was too busy checking her social networks and Miciah had no clue of what was being asked either.

After Carol parked near their school Anya and Onika both got out of the car. Anya shouldered her bag and without a word made her way towards her group of friends who were all waiting for her. Nicki shouldered her bag as well and then she opened the backdoor of the car and kissed her little brother before walking around the car and sliding her head through the window to kiss her mother as well. After that she finally made her way towards her friend Rihanna who was smoking a blunt.

"Rih, it's not even 8 yet and try to be discreet for god's sake, you don't want to be caught again." Nicki said hugging her friend and taking the blunt from her hand. After taking a quick puff Nicki passed it back to Rihanna who laughed at her.

"Girl don't be giving me any lesson when you ain't no better." Rihanna answered with her thick island accent.

"I am better than you. Girl I don't even smoke a blunt in three months. It's just puffs here and there, but you ... It's another story."

"Just shut up." Rihanna answered bringing the blunt to her lips again.

"So freaking rude." Nicki shook her head at her friend as Beyoncé walked towards them and they shared quick hugs.

"Girl look at you. Look like Sasha's out today." Rihanna spoke to Beyoncé as the trio walked in the school and right past Anya and her clique.

"What did I tell you ? These girls are possessed talking about they have alter egos." One of Anya's friends said and they all laughed at that remark.

"Anya you better hold your minions before something bad happens." Onika spoke to her sister and the girl who spoke before smirked.

"Or what ? What are you going to do weirdo ?" The girl asked Onika who didn't have time to even open her mouth that Anya had already did.

"Kim watch how you talk to my sister." Anya spoke and that was enough to shush Kimberly who just scoffed and glanced at Nicki who smiled at her. Anya and Onika had their differences but they would never let anyone or anything hurt the other. Anya did think her sister tended to act weird at times and yes she called her odd and weirdo but she wasn't gonna let anyone else do it.

"Let's go girls." Anya said walking past her sister without even acknowledging her and all the girls followed behind her making Nicki, Rihanna and Beyoncé laugh.

"They're pathetic, I can't believe Anya and I are both from the same egg, that's not possible." Nicki joked making her way to her locker with her friends.

"I can't believe it either." Beyoncé shook her head.

"MUUVAA!" Rihanna shouted as she spotted Amber standing at her locker.

"We got the last musketeer now the day can start." Nicki spoke as she greeted Amber with a kiss on the cheek.

"Bitch the musketeers were three, it's the three musketeers."

"We already did that Amber they were four. Don't go there." Nicki argued.

"Oh my lord, here they go again." Rihanna sighed before locking arms with Beyoncé as they made their way to class trailing behind Nicki and Amber who were arguing about whether the musketeers were three or four.


After last period, Nicki, Amber, Rihanna and Beyoncé quickly made their way out of the school and didn't waste a second to undo their tight ponytails and loosen their ties. They attended a private school that was frequented only by white collared rich people's children just like those four were but they weren't as stuck up as the other kids, that's why they never fit in.

"Wayne !" Nicki called as she was her best friend walk out of the boy's building. Yes at their school boys and girls were separated during classes, the school was trying to be seen as modern so they allowed all the kids to be together during lunch and breaks but never during classes.

"Hey Barbie." Wayne walked over to Nicki with Shawn and Kanye his two best friends that were also friends to Nicki and the girls.

The small group chatted for a while before being interrupted by Anya's voice.

"Nika, how long do you think we're gonna wait for you ?" Anya asked with her arms crossed over her chest.

"I'm coming Nya chill." Nicki answered and Anya kissed her teeth before walking away.

"Who pissed in princess Anya's prune juice this morning ?" Wayne asked as Nicki was hugging all of them goodbye.

"Quit making fun of my sister Wayne, I'm the only one who can." ? Nicki answered hitting Wayne's chest. After making sure she had said bye to each and everyone of her friends Nicki ran towards the black SUV that was awaiting, she got in and buckled her seatbelt as she was greeting the chauffeur. Carol could drop her children off at school in the morning but with work she couldn't go get them and Anya and Nicki were still both taking driving lessons and didn't have their license yet.

"What do you think daddy's surprise is ?" Anya asked Nicki excited. Their father Robert was a busy business man and he was often out of town and that day he was coming back Home from a business trip to Toronto.

"I don't know." Onika shrugged. She never got too excited for her father's present. He and Anya had a fusional relationship, Anya was his little princess and he knew her like his pocket so every time he'd have to chose a present for them it'd be one that Anya would like and given that he had zero clue of what Onika would like he just brought her the same thing. It didn't mean he didn't love her, he loved both his daughters the same way and they knew it. Anya was just more of a daddy's girl.

"I hope he got me the shoes I asked for." Anya squealed sure of her assumption and Nicki laughed at her.

"Yeah whatever, he said he was bringing someone too. Why don't you try and Look presentable Nika ?" Anya asked sarcastically to get back at Onika for laughing.

"Shut up Nya." Nicki rolled her eyes at her.


Drake and Robert both got they suitcases from the trunk and after Robert paid the cab driver he led Drake towards the front door of his house and used his key to get in.

"Come on in son." He spoke to Drake who followed him inside the house rolling his suitcase behind him.

Drake and Robert had just made it in the living room that they heard the front door being slammed shut.

"Anya you better stop talking."

"Why, what are you going to do ? Slap me like you did Kylie last week ? You are a savage Onika."

"And you're stuck up Anya."

"I'm not stuck up I'm just..." Anya started when she noticed her father standing in the living room.

"Daady !!" Anya squealed running in her father's arms. Anya always became a little girl all over again when she was in her father's presence.

"Hey baby girl. I missed you." Robert said wrapping his arms around his daughter.

Nicki watched the scene from afar with her arms crossed waiting for her father to acknowledge her presence. At some point she felt like she was being observed, she felt an intense glare on her and turned her head in the direction it was coming from and that's when she noticed him a tall light skinned guy, he looked like he was around her age, he was tall and muscular, at least more than the guys she saw at school, he had plump pink lips that Nicki couldn't help staring at for a while until her eyes started going over the rest of his features, he had a stubble beard and very short curly hair. Their eyes then locked and Nicki could swear she got lost in his hazel orbs.

"Hey Nika !" Robert called and Nicki quickly whipped her head in her father direction snatching out of her small trans.

"Hi dad." Nicki said making her way towards her father who wrapped his arms around her.

Drake watched as Nicki held her father close to her and and watched as her lips curved into a smile causing her dimples to show. When Robert released Nicki from his embrace her and Drake went back at starring at each other.

At the moment Anya walked in the room Drake felt like his breath was taken away as he got caught up in her beauty but then Onika walked in and she caught his eye making him totally forget about Anya. He could definitely tell they were identical twins and they looked like they were copies of one another but when he saw Nicki he felt like there was something different about her, he couldn't point what it was but there was something. It was like she had something more, that Anya didn't have or maybe it was something extra that Anya had. He didn't know but he was intrigued by Onika for some reason.

"Girls this is Drake. He'll be staying with us from now on." Boris explained and then the girls understood that Drake was one of the foster kids from the association her parent's helped. They would keep kids that were from other countries and were about to be placed in american foster families. They kept them until everything was settled for them to get in their actual foster families. It could be for a week or for three months, it could be a five year old like it could be a seventeen year old and by know Jelani, Anya, Nicki and Miciah were all used to it.

"Hi, I'm Anya, and this is my twin sister Onika." Anya spoke holding her hand out for Drake to shake and he took it.

"Hi Anya." Drake shook her hand before holding his hand out for Nicki to shake.

"Hi Onika."

"Hi." Nicki answered shaking Drake's hand and looking down at her feet.

"Ok, why don't you guys show Drake around and help him settle down." Robert suggested.

"Common, follow me." Anya said grabbing Drake's arm and pulling him with her as she headed for the stairs.
Nicki shook her head at her sister. She knew Drake had caught Anya's eye. She knew it just by the way her sister was acting.

Moments later Drake was settled in , he had managed to with Anya's help, she hadn't left him alone for more than four seconds at once and it didn't seem to bother him that much. Nicki on the other hand was highly annoyed by that. She didn't know why but for some reason it really did so she left the two of them alone and went to her room.  She was busy drawing when her phone beeped letting her now that it needed to be charged. Nicki got up and went to look for her charger but never found it and that's when she remembered she had lent it to Anya the night before.

"Hey Anya, give me my charger back. I already told you to put it back in its place when you were done using it." Nicki spoke as she violently opened the door to her sister's room.

"And I already told you that it was rude to barge in people's room like that." Anya answered getting up from her bed she was sitting next to Drake who looked up at Nicki.

"If you gave me my stuff back when you were supposed to then I wouldn't be here." Nicki spoke crossing her arms over her chest. Drake's eyes never left her and she knew it. She could feel his gaze on her making her uncomfortable but she didn't say anything and avoided his gaze.
"Excuse her Drake, she's a bit rough around the edge." Anya said grabbing the charger that was on her chest of drawers and handing it to Nicki.

"I'm not rough around the edge Anya." Nicki said snatching the charger from her sister's hands.

"Yeah right. Bye!" Anya said as Nicki walked out.

"She's something else isn't she ?"  Anya asked.

"She's funny." Drake answered smiling hard and Anya caught onto the way he was smiling.

"She is. Anyways, what were we saying ?" Anya spoke and her and Drake went back to their conversation getting to know each other. But a few minutes later there conversation was disturbed again.

"ANYAAAAA ! YOUR MINION'S HERE."  They heard Onika shout from down the stairs.

"I'll be right back." Anya spoke to Drake.

"No, I'll come with you." Drake shrugged getting up.

They both got downstairs and when they did they saw Nicki and Kim standing there facing each other with their arms crossed over their chests.

"Nicki leave her alone please. You're scaring her." Anya spoke grabbing Kim's arm and dragging her upstairs. Totally forgetting about Drake leaving him with Nicki.

"Hey." Drake spoke and Nicki looked up at him.

"Hi." Nicki coldly answered. She didn't have anything against him so even herself she didn't know why she was acting like that.

Nicki made her way to the kitchen and Drake didn't know what to do and finally decided to follow her.
Nicki went back to her drawing, she had moved to the kitchen so she could eat while drawing. She was highly annoyed by her drawing that she couldn't manage to get out the way she wanted and also with Anya's behaviour, granted they weren't the bestest friends and had close to nothing in common but still after school they used to have their moment talk to each other about their days and whatnot, sure it often ended into an argument but still it was something and now that boy arrives and her sister forgot all about her and that just annoyed her.

"Can I see ?" Drake asked pointing to Nicki's drawing.

"Sure." Nicki said sliding it across the counter.

"It's nice." Drake commented and Nicki thanked him.

"So, what do you like to do aside from drawing ?" Drake asked.

"Well I sing and I like to act." Nicki answered not taking her eyes off her drawing.

"Oh so you're an artist. " Drake spoke making Nicki smile.

"I like to believe I am yeah."  Nicki answered making Drake smile.

"What about you ?" Nicki asked trying to be more open and outgoing but Drake didn't have the time to answer that Anya peeped in the kitchen.

"Oh here you are. Sorry about that, Kim just needed some piece of advise. " Anya explained causing Onika to roll her eyes.

"Of course and she came to you, because you're soo wise."

"Onika don't start with me." Anya said glancing at her sister.

"Anyways are you coming Drake, we were in the middle of a conversation." Anya reminded.

"Yeah, I'll be right there." Drake answered and Anya nodded before walking away.

"Sorry for that. What were you saying ? " Drake asked Nicki trying to go back to their conversation.

"Nothing, just go back upstairs before princess Anya gets mad. We'll talk later, it's not like you didn't live here." Nicki smiled small.

"Alright, ok.. Erm later then." Drake said leaving the kitchen with Nicki observing him. .

I Want You 12 

"Thank you so much Aubrey, I don't know how I could ever repay you for that." Zineb said giving Drake a weak smile before throwing her arms around his neck as they stood in the hallway of his condo where she was going to stay.

Erm it's alright, it's nothing. Here." Drake said handing Zineb a keyset after pulling out of her embrace.

"Erm do you need help with your stuff  ?" Drake asked and Nebby shook her head no.

"It's fine. I'll handle it. " She said looking up at him with a small smile.

"Ok then , I'll go, I have to get  to the studio." Drake said, he was actually feeling uncomfortable in that moment.

"Oh ok, and again Aubrey, thank you for everything, you're a life saviour, plus I know what mess I'm putting you with my problems and you're still helping me out so yeah thank you." Nebby said and got to get to Drake's level.

"I already told you, it's nothing. I couldn't leave you with nothing like that. And as for Nicki she will come around, everything will be fine." Drake reassured with a smile.

"You are the best Aubrey, you really are." Nebby said and wrapped her arms around Drake's neck, making him feel even more uncomfortable but he still hugged her back.

"It's nothing really, Drake repeated and pulled away from the hug.

"I'll leave now. I'll call you later." Drake said walking towards the door and Nebby followed behind him.

"Alright, bye." Nebby said holding the door open so he could get out. Once he was out she shut the door close, and sighed out of frustration before going to find her phone. She got it and looked through her contact list and when she found the number she was looking for, she dialed the number.

"Hello." She called after the person picked up.

"What do you want ?"

"It didn't work what do I do now ?"

"What do you mean it didn't work ? He left your ass on the streets ?"

"No, no, I'm at his condo right now, he was about to say yes but the hoe had something to say, she threatened to leave him."

"If you had done you job correctly he wouldn't have mind her leaving him, he would have thrown her out himself."

"Don't you think I know that already ? What do I do now ?"

"Neb, I really need you to get in that damn house, and I mean really in the house not the sitting room, you need to find a way to get it Neb."

"Look I will, I don't need to live there to get it, I'll get it one way or another, I promise."

"Ok , great until then, don't call me."

"Alright." Nebby finished the conversation and was about to hang up when the person on the other line called her name.

"Zineb ?"

"What ?"

"Did you deal with that Riley chick the way I asked you ?"

"Erm.... Yeah, I did."

"Cool." It was the last thing she heard before the line went dead.

Meanwhile : Zahir finally let go of Nicki's hand and agreed to go sit on the dental chair, once he was less scared and had engaged in a conversation with the dentist about cars, Nicki told him how proud she was and took advantage of the fact that he was sidetracked by the conversation he was having with the dentist to step out of the room. When she got out and stepped in the waiting room she found Zahirah there colouring with other kids.

"Hey ladybug, it's almost your turn come here." Nicki said to Zahirah who simply put the crayons down and followed behind Nicki.

"Are you scared ?" Nicki asked Zahirah who shrugged in response.

"You want to go see how your brother's doing ?" Nicki asked, she figured if she saw how her brother was doing Zahirah would be less scared.

"Nope." Zahirah answered looking at her feet.

"Ok, what's going on ? Is there anything you want to tell me ?" Nicki asked, since they left the house she noticed Zahirah was acting weird, she noticed how she only gave her short answers and seemed to be closed to any discussion with Nicki which was not like her at all.

"Nothing. Can I have your phone ?" Zahirah asked and Nicki accepted a bit taken aback by Zahirah's ways but still she got her phone from her purse and handed it to her. Zahirah played on a game for a few minutes until the door opened and Zahir walked out followed by the dentist.

The dentist told Nicki how Zahir's appointment went before letting him go color with the other kids in the waiting room and taking Zahirah in the examination room with Nicki following behind.

Once in the room Zahirah quickly made her way onto the dental chair. She was obviously scared which Nicki could tell by her body language so she offered her hand for Zahirah to hold onto just like she did for her brother moments ago but Zahirah coldly rejected the offer and shot her eyes close while opening her mouth so that the dentist could start on his work. Soon she opened her little eyes when she realised that the man in the white gown wasn't doing anything hurtful. 

Nicki observed the scene from her chair at the desk. She couldn't shake that feeling she was having from the six year old ever since they left the house. She felt as if Zahirah was actually rejecting her and doing it on purpose. She couldn't understand why though. She tried to think about anything she could have done that would explain the little girl's resentment towards her but nothing came to her mind so she wanted to just brush it off but something in her couldn't. She felt like it was deeper than the basic tamper tantrums she was used to and she needed to get to the bottom of it.


Drake was at the studio. He had been in there all day and was now taking a break as his jeweler came by. Drake had call him over because he wanted to get Nicki a gift. She passed her exams with flying colors and in the mist of everything they didn't even catch any time to celebrate that so for that he wanted to get her something. Besides he wanted to show her how grateful he was to have her by his side.

"You're getting Nic a ring ?" O.B  exclaimed in shock as he walked in and saw Jerry sitting across from Drake and all the woman jewelery on display, including rings of course.

"I don't know really." Drake answered looking at his friend.

"What you mean you don't know. If you're gonna pop the question you need a ring" OB explained to Drake as if he was stupid

You are a fool, I'm not proposing to her, I'm just looking for a gift."

"Oh, then do not buy a ring. She'd get scared and run away no woman wants to marry a guy like you."

"Shut up dude." Drake said before him and O.B got to chosing Nicki's present. They finally decided on a simple Cartier necklace along with earrings.

"Now what did you do ?" Ryan asked walking in the room, when he noticed the items in Drake's hands as well as the jewelery boxes.

"Nothing. Why'd you say that ?" Drake answered.

"Because you bought Nicki a gift. Two gifts ? You must have really messed up." Ryan laughed.

"I didn't do anything, I just figured I'd get her something since she passed her exams and I wanted to thank her for being here man you know how crazy things have been since the whole Nebby thing and she just pulled another one." Drake explained with a sigh.

"Soo... You did do something ?" Ryan wondered and Drake shot him a look.

"I didn't, Zineb did and I'll have to pay for that, I'm the one Nicki is mad at."

"What happened ?" O.B asked tuning back in the conversation.

"Well she showed up at the house earlier talking about her place caught fire last night so she has nowhere to go. I tried to talk Nicki into letting her stay but she was in her feelings about something Zineb told the kids the nigh before and things just blew out from there." Drake explained the situation.

"You better add a car and a damn house to those if you want her to forget about your stupidity."

"What was I supposed to do ?" Drake asked looking at Ryan.

"You should have never even suggested taking the crazy bitch in bro, I get why Nika would be upset, she doesn't deserve that." Ryan spoke.

"Just explain to me where I messed up because I really don't get it cous, I'm trying to do what's best for everyone, which is mad hard to do in the situation I'm in."  Drake sighed.

"In the situation you are in, doing what's best for everyone is impossible. You know what that would mean ? It would mean you're putting both Nicki and Zineb on the same footing which his just wrong. You need to have priorities man, the kids come first right; then we both know that Nicki comes first, right ?" Ryan asked and Drake frowned.

"Of course ! Of course she does. What kind of question is that ?"

"Well then just show it to her." Ryan said before raising from his seat and leaving the room with O.B leaving Drake to think about what he had just said.


Nicki and Zahir were in the kitchen baking a cake, it was something they did quite often, usually they'd do it with Zahirah but for some reason she had refused to bake with them thus she was upstairs in her room playing with Clarissa.

"uh uh, little bird, you are forgetting something." Nicki  told Zahir as he was about to place his small cake in the oven.

"Oh yeah, oven mitt." Zahir exclaimed and went to get his little oven mitt and placed his cake in the oven underneath Nicki's.

"Ok now all we got to do is wait and clean the kitchen." Nicki said as she helped Zahir wash his hands.

"I help you clean." Zahir said and went to get a cloth .

"Thank you baby. That's nice of you." Nicki answered watching him wipe the counter top he had to get on a stool to reach it which made Nicki laugh, she went and cleaned the rest of the kitchen.
Once they were done cleaning they still had a few more minutes to wait for their cakes to be done so they just went back to the living room and Nicki suggested they just talked, it had been a while since the last time she got to have a talk with the children so she wanted to have a conversation with him and maybe it was a way to find out what was going on with his sister.

"Did you get into an argument with your sister ?" Nicki asked thinking that this could be a good explanation to Zahirah's behaviour, whenever she and her brother would argue she'd be mad at everyone. 

"Yes, just before we left. She's silly. Don't say I need to make peace with her because I really don't want to." Zahir answered and Nicki was reassured for a moment at least she wasn't who Zahirah was upset with. But still she was surprised by Zahir's reaction, the twins fighting was nothing new but usually ten minutes later they were back to being the bestest friends. 

"Why ? What happened ?" Nicki asked softly knowing that just like his father Zahir could go from zero to a hundred in the blink of an eye, she knew that the moment she'd ask the wrong question he'd get mad and wouldn't tell her anything. 

"I can't tell you. If I tell you I'll be on time out and daddy is going to be mad too." Zahir answered worrying Nicki even more. 

"I promise not to put you on time out and you know I won't tell your father. You can trust me." Nicki spoke looking at Zahir in his eyes.

"Ok well, it's because I was listening to you and dad when you were in Zahirah's room earlier." Zahir admitted and Nicki sighed.

"And what did you hear ?" Nicki asked hoping he didn't hear the worst.

"You said you wanted to leave and you do not like Zineb, I mean mommy and daddy was screaming." Zahir reported with a pout which made Nicki want to cry. 

"I told Zahirah and she said she knew you were going to leave because Zin.. I mean mommy had said it already. But I don't believe her because we don't know her and you don't like her so we shouldn't like her but Zahirah is on her side and she says you're going to leave us because you don't love daddy anymore." Zahir related the events that happened earlier.

"Oh my god." Nicki gasped. She was shocked, she was just realising how hard the twins were affected by this whole situation when she thought they weren't even fazed by it. She couldn't even believe their little brains could have looked that deep into things and it broke her heart to see that for one they were being used by their mother be it on purpose or not but also that they were having these little arguments between them the twins not talking to each other was surreal. They were each other's only friend given that with their father's status they couldn't really have friends they could see outside of school so for that they've always been tight and to see them fighting each other over this situation was heart breaking, it was them ringing the alarm bell.

"Baby look." Nicki spoke lifting Zahir's chin to mak sure he was listening to her and understood every word that would come out of her mouth.

"What you heard me say wasn't things I really meant, I was angry and I said things I shouldn't have said and so did your father. You know when people are angry they tend to just say things they don't really mean, do you understand that ?" Nicki answered and Zahir nodded.

"Ok, so I said I was going to leave but I did not mean it. I'm not leaving you guys ever. And I still love you and your father very much. I've told you this already and it won't change. I love you." Nicki explained.

"I love you too Nicki." Zahir spoke lowly and Nicki hugged him before pulling away from the hug.

"Now as for your sister, she is upset and she has a right to be, that doesn't mean she is dumb or anything alright. You guys cannot be fighting over this ok ? It's adult stuff, we're going to fix it alright ?" Again Zahir nodded.

"Ok and one last thing baby, you do not have to pick sides ok ? Your mother is your mother and always will be, she loves you guys just like I love you and it's all that matters alright ?!" Nicki asked and Zahir nodded again.

"Now is there anything else you want to tell or ask me ?" Nicki asked wanting to shut down any little seed of worry that was planted in the little boy's head be it by his mother or by her own words.

"No." Was all Zahir answered before laying his head on Nicki's lap and just staring at the ceiling. Nicki didn't bother adding anything she knew what that meant he was just letting what she had told him sink in. He was just like his father very poised and calm, they were the type who never reacted on the moment, they always thought things through before talking it out.

"Well you know you can always come to me if you have something to ask or something to say." Nicki explained knowing that whenever he was done thinking Zahir would probably have tons of questions. 

"Ok." He answered before Nicki placed his head on a cushion and got up.

"I'll go take the cakes out of the oven." Nicki informed before going to do so.

After taking both her and Zahir's cake out of the oven, Nicki set them down to cool off and decided to go upstairs and find Zahirah, she needed to have a conversation with her as well before things get out of control. She found her in the playroom with Clarissa and when Clarissa saw Nicki walk in, she excused herself from the room, after what Zahirah had told her she knew her and Nicki needed to talk.

"Hey princess, what are you up to ?" Nicki asked taking a seat on the floor next to Zahirah.

"I'm playing with my dolls." Zahirah answered, it wasn't the warmest answer Nicki ever had from her but at least it wasn't as cold as what she had earlier.

"Oh, can I play too ?" Nicki asked just trying to see where Zahirah's mind was.

"Yes, here you can have Paisley." Zahirah offered handing Nicki the doll.

"Ow, thank you." Nicki said taking the doll.

"But first I'd like to talk to you ladybug." Nicki started, feeling like Zahirah was open enough.

"You are really leaving ?" Zahirah asked dropping her dolls.

"No. Not at all princess. I'm not leaving. What your bother heard was not what I meant ok ? You don't have to worry about me leaving you. I love you too much for that." Nicki reassured the little girl.

"Do you love me or do you love daddy?" Zahirah asked crossing her arms. 'Ok this one will be tougher, where she got all that attitude from ?' Nicki thought , really Zahirah's behaviour was just a mix of her natural ways, with Nicki's. But lately she had been taking on her mother's attitude a lot.

"I love you but I also love your father and I love your brother. My heart is big enough to have love for all of you guys. Just like yours is big enough for you to love your father, your brother and your mother." Nicki explained using the comparison to get Zahirah to understand that she was not lying to her.

"And you. There's space for Nicki too, right here." Zahirah said pointing to her heart making Nicki's heart melt.

"But if you and mommy are both in my heart and you don't like her how can it work ?" Zahirah asked casually brushing her doll's hair not realising that she had just brought up the biggest issue.

"Well, I can work on it. But you have to do something too." Nicki said and Zahirah looked up.

"I want you to trust me and not to believe it when you hear anyone say that I don't love you. Because I do love you with all my heart and whenever something is wrong you come to me first, you don't have to be mad at me, you can just come talk to me ok ? Like we always did."

"Ok." Zahirah agreed. 

"Great, now you go make up with your brother." Nicki said picking Zahirah up.

Moments later, Zahir and Zahirah had made up and were now playing together in the play room, given that Clarissa was playing with them Nicki took that opportunity to go to her bedroom and lay down a bit, she wasn't tired physically, but she was emotionally drained. She felt like she was at the end of the roll, like she was about to go crazy. She didn't even know what she was feeling exactly. She was angry, hurt and frustrated. She just wanted to let it all out one way or another and she just laid there and cried. She let the tears roll down her cheeks not knowing if she was crying out of anger, pain or frustration.

After a moment, she got up and went to get her phone. She wanted to call her girls and just vent about the whole situation but then she remembered, they didn't know about the twins and she wasn't allowed to say anything to anyone. She knew she could trust them with it and doubted Drake would mind her telling them but she wasn't gonna take any risks either. Out of frustration she threw her phone on e bed. In that moment she really felt alone and that just hurt her further more. 

After thinking for a moment Nicki came to the conclusion that she needed a break from the house and from everything that had been going on. For the first time she felt the need to get away. She knew she couldn't just go anywhere after she had just promised to the twins that she wasn't going anywhere, they wouldn't understand, but still she could just take that day to just take care of herself so that's exactly what she did. After changing her clothes, she grabbed her stuff and descended the stairs, once downstairs she grabbed a piece of paper and a crayon that was on the table where the twins had been colouring, she wrote a note for Clarissa, telling her that she would be out all day, and after that she just hoped in her car and drove to the mall. Once she got there she went from store to store and for the first time ever she really treated herself. For the first time since he gave it to her Nicki used the black card Drake had gave to her to treat herself, she knew he wouldn't mind, that was why he had gave it to her in the first place but she had always refused to use it unless it was to buy something for the twins.

She bought pretty much everything that caught her eye, from clothes to make up passing by shoes, purses and accessories.

When she got tired of walking around the mall, she looked for the fanciest place where she could go eat on her phone and drove there. 

After her early diner Nicki checked the time, she wanted to go get her nails done or something relaxing like this. It was a bit late for it but still she searched on her phone and found this place where she could get a mani pedi, a massage and a hair cut all at the same place and it was open until late so she paid her restaurant bill and then left the restaurant to go back to her car and she then drove to that place.

Once she got there Nicki got out of her car, feeling better than earlier, she walked the salon/spa place.
She went to the reception counter.

"Good evening Madam, what can I do for you ?" The receptionist asked her smiling.

"Good evening, I  would like to get my nails done." Nicki answered returning the smile.

"Would you like a pedicure as well ? We currently do both for the same price as one, it would be silly to miss out on a pedicure right ?"

"It would be yeah, I'll go for it.'" Nicki shrugged, at that point she was just willing to go for whatever would keep her out the house.

"Oh and I read you guys do hair too ?"

"We do." The receptionist smiled checking her computer.

"Oh, I see none of the hairdressers will be available for a while, but you know what you could get a massage between your mani-pedi and your hair." The receptionist suggested with a smile and a shrug.

"Why not." Nicki laughed at the receptionist's behaviour. 

"That's awesome then, follow me." The woman said after taking Nicki's purse and jacket to put it away. Nicki followed her to one of the station where there was another woman tidying up her supplies. 

"So this is Kayla, she'll be taking care of you." The receptionist's spoke and Nicki shook hands with the beautician and the receptionist left saying that she was there in case anything was needed. 

Nicki took place at the station just like Kayla had asked her to. 

A few minutes later, Kayla had started on Nicki's nails , 

Nicki had decided to go for gel nails with a cute nail art. She didn't want it to be too extra either and decided to keep her nails rather short as she knew that being with the twins all day made it impossible not to break her nails pretty often. She was relaxing for the first time in god knows how long as her feet soaked in the foot tub when the receptionist brought a tray with champagne and a few snacks, Nicki thanked her and took the glass of champagne. She closed her eyes back as she took a sip from her glass, she didn't know what she could possibly drink to but it didn't matter, she drank her glass of champagne and went back to relaxing. It felt nice not to feel like the weight of the whole world was on her shoulders. 

Moments later, Nicki heard movement besides her thus she opened her eyes and looked towards the side the noise was coming from and that's when she saw a cute blasian woman sitting at a station close to hers, there was only one station separating them. Nicki thought she knew her because her face seemed familiar but after searching her mind, she still wasn't able to put a name on the face so she gave up thinking that she was mistaken.

Moments later Nicki was watching Kayla, the beautician work when she heard the blasian girl greet someone, out of curiosity she turned her head in their direction and saw a gorgeous, light skinned woman who was bald and was wearing sun glasses, she immediately recognized her as Amber Rose and from there she finally remembered the other girl. It was Karrueche Tran, she had read about her basically everywhere. She unconsciously started listening to their conversation. Amber was about to leave, apparently she had just dropped by to say hi to her friend but Karrueche convinced her to stay just a little bit. After agreeing Amber sat halfway at the station that separated Karrueche and Nicki, she quickly looked in Nicki's way and that's when she not iced Kayla.

"Oh hi Kayla. How are you ?" Amber asked from her spot.

"Hi, I'm great how are you ?" The beautician answered not taking her eyes off Nicki's 'nails.

"I'm good. Can you please set an appointment for next week ? You can just text me and let me know when, you know I can't trust nobody else with my nails." Amber said making Kayla smile.

"I'm busy Amb, but I'll do that as soon as I'm done." Kayla answered still not looking at Amber.

"Oh, yeah. I'm sorry." Amber spoke before turning her attention on Nicki.

"I'm sorry for interrupting but that is the best beautician in L.A" Amber complimented and Nicki was about to speak but Karrueche was quicker.

"Do we know each other ?" She asked Nicki. 

"I don't think we do." Nicki said hopping they wouldn't recognize her the same way she did recognize them.

"Wait, I feel like I've seen you somewhere too." Amber added.

"She's Drake's girl. I've noticed since you walked in sorry." Kayla intervened.

"It's ok." Nicki half lied. She didn't mind being recognized as Drake's girl, plus these women were used to seeing famous people and were famous themselves so they wouldn't bother her by asking about him. Only thing was she wished she could have her own time without it being somehow brought back to him. 

"Right, saw you on T.V the other day, couldn't forget such a pretty face." Amber joked and Nicki laughed along.

"Thank you." She answered feeling just a bit uncomfortable. She didn't know what these girls had seen about her on T.V but she could already tell it was a lie, these days all magazines, blogs, T.V shows had to say about Drake and her was lies. It went from pregnancy rumors, to wedding rumors, passing by break up rumors, the twins being Nicki's kids that Drake was nice enough to accept, and plenty of other stuff.

Amber obviously felt that Nicki was feeling some type of way.

"Oh don't be shy, we're all celebrities girl or ex so we know how it is." She said reassuring Nicki.

"Not me, don't get me involved." Kayla interjected.

"I was not thinking about you." Amber answered joking.

"Anyways what's your name ?" Karrueche asked Nicki ignoring her friends.

"I'm Onika, but I go by Nicki."

"You know Kayla and I'm sure you already know but this is Amber and I am Karrueche but call me Kae, that'll be easier for the both of us."

"How old are you ?" Amber asked not even giving Nicki the time to respond to what Karrueche had said.

"I'm 20." Nicki said timidly.

"You are so young." Amber said.

"I know, but I guess, I am and I've always been ahead of my age." Nicki explained.

"Are you from L.A ?" Karrueche continued with another question.

"No, I'm from New York. It's my first time here. We're on vacation here kinda." Nicki explained.

"Really ? So you don't know anyone here ?" Amber asked. 

"Nope." Nicki answered and Amber gave her a look.

"Girl, that's sad ?! What do you do while your man be working ? I know you're not following him around. These men can't really be on vacation trust me I know." Amber said making Nicki laugh.

"Well I don't do much.." Nicki started, she couldn't tell them that her days were more then fully occupied with the twins.

"And yeah, he does work .. A lot." Nicki spoke feeling like she could speak to Amber, she was really easy to talk to.

"Well, babygirl you can't sit all day, all alone. You know what, Imma give you my number and you can call me whenever you want alright ? We could hang out.I'm not forcing you either, if you don't feel like it you don't have to." Amber spoke while reaching in her purse and getting her card, she got up from the station she was sitting at and went over to Nicki's. She gave it to her.

"Oh, thank you. That's sweet. I'll call you for sure." Nicki answered taking the card. Both her hands were free now. As Kayla was done with her hands and was now working on her feet.

"It's nothing, this is a tough world you've step in and you need at least someone who understands."

"That's true, I can confirm." Karrueche who had a beautician doing her nails spoke up.

"Well thank you again." Nicki smiled.

"You're welcome. Ok girls I really have to get going now." Amber said hugging Nicki before she went to hug Karrueche and she told her she'd call her later on.

After Amber left, Nicki enjoyed her pedicure as she occasionally chatted with Karrueche, they didn't talk that much either. After Kayla was done with Nicki's feet, she went on to get her massage which was a pure blessing and then she went to get her hair cut, she was surprised to see how many women were there given that it was late, when she read that it was night salon on the website she almost laughed and thought it'd be empty but she was wrong obviously. 

Once everything was done Nicki paid, with the black card again and after that she said bye to Kayla and to the hairdresser who did her hair and she got out of the salon and went to retrieve her car. Before starting the car she got her phone from her purse, it was pretty late so she knew that Clarissa had started worrying given that she didn't say where she was going. But mostly she knew Drake should be back home and was probably tripping, since she got out of the house she hadn't even checked her phone once. 

She finally got her phone from her bag and that's when she saw the numerous missing calls from Clarissa, Drake and even Ryan and Chubbs had tried calling her. She shrugged it off and drove off. At some point she started feeling a bit guilty and she decided to call Ryan and Chubbs to let them know that she was ok. She'd see Clarissa and Drake when she'd get home.

"Hello ?!" Nicki heard Ryan's voice through the car speaker phone.

"Hola big head !" Nicki called back.

"At least someone is in a good mood." Nicki heard another voice in the back.

"Is that Chubby I hear ?" Nicki asked and she heard both Ryan and Chubbs laugh.

"Yeah, that's me. Where you at Nic ?" Chubbs asked.

"In the car, I'm headed home right now." Nicki answered.

"Do you hear her saying that as if she hadn't went M.I.A all afternoon ?" Ryan asked talking to Chubbs more than Nicki who just chuckled at that.

"Yea laugh while you can, we'll see if you're gonna laugh when you get there." Chubbs spoke and Nicki got serious again.

"Is he mad ?" Nicki asked softly.

"You can use the baby voice yea, you gonna need that. He's not really mad, he just upset, he's scared, you had a nigga worried sick, he thought you left him." Chubbs answered.

"Really ?" Nicki asked.

"Yes, really he might be crying right now." Ryan joked.

"Stop making fun of my baby big head." Nicki defended Drake.

"Where were you anyways." Chubbs asked.

"I was just out spending his money you know , treating myself." Nicki answered with a shrug.

Chubbs and Ryan both just laughed.

"Well that's good, you deserved it." Ryan spoke still laughing.

"Of course I deserved it." Nicki shrugged.

"Ok sis, thanks for letting us know you're good, now we're gonna let you drive. We wouldn't anything to happen to you before you get to your man." Chubbs said.

"Alright. Bye big head number one and big head number two." Nicki said in a cheerful tone.

"Bye Nika." Ryan answered and they hung up.

Now Nicki felt even more bad, not for leaving and doing her for just one afternoon, she knew she needed it, she was feeling bad for not letting him know, she didn't want him to worry about her, but at the same time it was reassuring because she thought he wouldn't care wether she was there when he got home or not.

She decided to just send him a text so he'd stop worrying.

"On my way home, don't worry I'm good."

"Where the hell have you been ?" 

"Somewhere, I'll be home in 10." 

"I'll be waiting."

After his first answer, Nicki was scared, she felt like he was really upset but after the last one she knew he wasn't that upset.

About ten minutes later Nicki parked in the driveway, she got out of the car and went to get her bags from the trunk, well part of them, she got to the front door and used her key to let herself in. She dropped the bags in the hallway before going to get the rest from her car , she dropped the bags next to the other ones and started taking her shoes off. As she was taking her second shoe off, Nicki heard someone clearing their throat. She looked up and saw Drake standing before her with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Hi." Nicki looked up at him trying to hide her amusement, of course she didn't do that to get him mad on purpose but she found the situation funny.

"Hi ?" Drake looked at her as if she had thirty six heads.

"That's what I said." Nicki shrugged. At that Drake shook his head and turned around and made his way towards the leaving room. Nicki sighed before following him.

"Look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you. I just needed to get out."

"I called you dozens of times, why you never picked up ?" Drake asked sitting back down on the armchair he obviously was occupying and then he grabbed the glass that was on the coffee table and took a sip making Nicki almost laugh at how dramatic he was acting right then. It's not like she had disappeared for three months without giving news, it was just one afternoon granted it was late and maybe she should have at least said something but she hadn't done anything wrong. She was willing to apologize though, she had had a great drama free time and was feeling great , she didn't want to start any fight.

"I just wanted to be alone with myself Aubrey, and wasn't feeling like explaining myself, I just left my phone in my bag all afternoon and that was it. I didn't tell Clarissa where I was going because when I left I didn't even know where I was going." Nicki explained calmly.

"I get it but you could have told me, just a text was enough, I'm not a tyrant. I can understand that you needed time away from the drama. A text was enough, you had me worried sick. Nicki I thought you had finally got enough of everything and just left." Drake explained, he was calm as well, Nicki could tell he wasn't mad nor hurt he had just been so worried that he was upset .

"I know, I'm sorry but you know I would never leave you like that." Nicki said getting closer to him.

"I know but still I was scared. I know I have been acting stupid a lot lately so you would have had many reasons to leave besides I know our relationship is full of drama, you could have decided it was too much and left." Drake spoke looking at his hands.

"You're right everything is super complicated lately but I wouldn't just up and leave like that and I think you know that." 

"Yeah, yeah you're right I know. Anyways I hope you had a good time at least."Drake said wrapping an arm around Nicki who snuggled closer to him.

"I did. You didn't notice anything ?" 

"Of course I did, you're blond." Drake spoke touching Nicki's hair.

"You like it ?" Nicki asked with a smile raising from Drake's chest to be face to face with him.

"Not at all, you look ugly like that." Drake spoke and Nicki's eyes widened.

"Really ? I think I look mad cute. You idiot " Nicki shrugged him off and was about to walk away when Drake grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him.

"I was just joking, you look gorgeous. It's weird though." Drake said.

"I know but it's just temporary anyways." Nicki answered before pecking Drake's lips and getting up for real this time.

"Let's go to bed now, I'm exhausted." Nicki said holding her hand out for Drake  who took it and got up himself.

"Oh and can you grab my bags for me ?" Nicki asked and Drake sighed before going to get her bags.

"Why did you had to go and empty the hole damn mall ?" Drake asked picking up all the bags.

"You're pushing it, it's not that much." Nicki retorted as Drake followed her up the stairs. They hadn't deeply discussed anything and none of the things that were left hanging that morning were sorted out but both felt like they had had enough drama for the time being and felt like making the most of what they had right then.

*-*-*-*Two weeks later*-*-*-*

Drake woke up alone. He checked the time and figured Nicki was up already. It was 9. He got up himself and did his morning routine before getting downstairs. He went to the kitchen and found Nicki, the twins and Clarissa there having breakfast.

"Good morning." Drake beamed not speaking to anyone in particular it was a general greeting. He then went to kiss the twins hello, after that he hugged Clarissa good morning and went to kiss Nicki's forehead and then her nose only to finally kiss her lips. 

"Daddy why can't I have blond hair like Nicki's ? " Zahirah asked.

"Because I don't even know why she did that she looks ugly doesn't she ?" Drake answered causing Nicki to roll her eyes and hit his chest. 

"She does not look ugly daddy, you are mean." Zahirah answered acting shocked at her father's remark.

"Yea, she looks way better than you." Zahir added his two cents in.

"She sure does." Clarissa spoke up.

"Who even asked your opinion ?" Drake asked Zahir and Clarissa.

"Don't be mad babe, you started it. I mean who you thought you were coming for me and stuff." Nicki spoke shaking her head at him before giving a hair flip.

"Who do you think you are ?" Drake returned the question wrapping an arm around Nicki's waist, at that moment Clarissa's phone went off so she grabbed it and left. Soon the twins followed suit as they heard their favourite cartoon's beginning theme.

After stealing a kiss Drake went to take a seat on one of the stools, Nicki fixed a plate for him and placed it before him and Drake thanked her.

"You're welcome. What does your schedule look like today ?" Nicki asked just out of curiosity.

"I have a meeting for the clothing line, then I got the interviews one's on Live T.V, the others are for those magazines I talked to you about, they'll be over the phone though, I'll do that from the studio because I'm trying to get in the booth today and make it home at a decent time." Drake explained.

"Sounds like someone's having a busy day." Nicki answered giving him a sympathetic smile.

"Yep, you know I'm kinda nervous, it'll be my first time doing interviews since we're official." Drake said.

"Aww, don't be. You know what you're doing. I meant that's your thing, you're used to it. You'll be fine." Nicki encouraged.

"Yea, I don't know I just don't want to say the wrong thing and send the wrong message. I feel like you had it with the media lately."

"Aww, that's sweet but I don't think there's a way you can mess up really, you'll do great. "

"We'll see. What are you gonna do all day ? Zineb is coming to get the kids and I heard Clarissa was spending the day with someone." Drake asked.

"I don't really know. I'll see what there is to do. When is she supposed to get here ? The kids are like far from being ready." 

Nicki's mood kinda just degraded when she heard Zineb's name. After taking time for herself two weeks ago, she felt better and had came to the conclusion that she just needed to move on from the whole Nebby drama and totally step out of everything if she wanted to maintain her relationship with the twins and her relationship with Drake as well, she was too tired to fight and had decided not to do it anymore, at some point Nebby would get tired of fighting alone or at least that was what Nicki hoped would happen. She knew letting go was the best thing to do that's why she wasn't even planning on letting Drake know about what had occurred with the twins a few days prior but at the same time she was scared, maybe that's what Nebby wanted and doing so was just working her way. 

"I don't really know she said before noon but she didn't say when exactly." Drake answered snatching Nicki out of her thoughts.

"I better go get them ready then. Oh and who is that someone Clarissa's spending the day with ? What do you know that I don't ?" Nicki asked filling the dishwasher.

"Noah who else ?" Drake shrugged.

"Right. These two are something else they've been dancing around each other for so long it's ridiculous." Nicki shook her head.

"Exactly and watch them, I'm sure you can wait another five years before they make it official." Drake said making Nicki laugh and at that same moment Clarissa walked in the kitchen.

"What are we laughing about ?" She asked and Nicki and Drake just looked at each other.

"Nothing." Nicki said before going to peck Drake's lips and making her way out of the kitchen to go find the twins and get them ready before their mother would come pick them up.

"Your girlfriend is just weird." Clarissa stated.

"If she's weird then what are you ?" Drake asked Clarissa.

"Look at you defending her. No but seriously she is weird like did they brainwash her at the same time they've changed her hair color ?" Clarissa asked.

"You've noticed too ? She's so calm and she's in a good mood like even when I said Nebby was gonna come get the kids she didn't say a thing. I just hope it's not the calm before the storm." Drake expressed and Clarissa laughed.

"Don't worry I don't think it is. She just realised it wasn't worth the headache. You better just appreciate that. Plus I don't think she's the one you should be worrying about, it's your baby momma you need to check, she's who brings drama in here." Clarissa said before leaving the kitchen and Drake alone to think about what she had just said. 

Two hours later everyone was ready for their day, Drake had already left to get to his  meeting and Nicki was just playing with the twins as they waited for their mother, Clarissa was still getting ready. 

Ding Dong!! The sound of the doorbell rang through the house. Nicki told the twins that she was gonna go get the door and asked them to keep playing. She knew that as soon as she'd be at eye sight Nebby would start being slick at the mouth and even though she was not planing on retaliating she still didn't want the twins to witness another episode of crazyness.

"Oh hi slut." Was the first thing Nebby said when she saw Nicki.

"Blond hair ? What you trynna do.." Nebby started before being cut off.

"Ok look, I really don't have the time nor energy to put up with your bullshit today so it's either you're willing to shut your mouth quit disrespecting and silently get your children and leave or you can just stand here keep talking shit and get the door slammed in your face and get dragged away by security guards that's up to you." Nicki spoke with her arms crossed over her chest. Nebby just stood there looking at her in shock, she was expecting to get to her and get her angry, she was expecting a fight that would allow her to run to Drake and play victim and was pretty pissed to get none of that.

"Girl stop acting like you run shit and let me go get my kids." Nebby answered. Nicki just rolled her eyes at her and without a word she turned around and went to the living where the twins were  as Nebby followed behind her.

As usual Zahirah was very enthusiastic at the sight of her mother and ran to her, Zahir on the other hand was more reluctant which of course Nicki noticed. The twins got their bags and put their shoes on before leaving with their mother, of course not before hugging Nicki goodbye which was more than enough to get Nebby's blood boiling.

A little bit after the twins left it was Clarissa's turn to leave.  And after she left Nicki found herself all alone, she sighed before deciding she'd just get some cleaning done. She started with the kitchen, then she cleared the living room picking up the twins toys and after that she did the bedrooms and 'gotsome laundry done. When she was done with everything she went to take a shower and after her shower she got dressed, she just threw some comfy clothes on. She got downstairs and went in he living room where she turned the T.V on, she started watching whatever movie was on until she got really bored. She thought about what she could do but didn't come up with anything, she grabbed her phone and scrolled through her contacts planning on calling her girlfriends in New York but as she scrolled through the names she stopped at one particular number. Amber's, she wanted to call her and see what she was up to, she was bored and if there was a possibility for her to get out and do something fun she wouldn't pass the occasion, Amber seemed like a chill person and she could see herself getting along with her so she wanted to call her but she was scared she'd catch her at bad time or simply bother her.

She did say whenever you want. Nicki thought. Oh well I don't have anything to lose anyways. Nicki shrugged before hitting the call button. After a few rings Nicki head Amber's voice call through the phone.


"Hi, it's Nicki, we met the other day." Nicki started and Amber immediately knew who it was and cut her off.

"Oh hi girl. How are you ? I was just talking about you."

"I'm great, how are you ? Really ? Good things I hope."

"I'm good. Of course, I was just telling Chyna about you. What are you up to right now ?"

"Not much, I'm alone at the house, actually I was calling to see what you were up to." Nicki asked with hesitation.

"Couldn't think of a better timing, you think we can meet up right now ? I want you to meet my friend." Amber asked in a cheerful tone making Nicki smile.

"Yea sure, that would be nice."

"Perfect, I'll send you the address." Amber said.

"Ok, see you then." Nicki answered.

After hanging up, Nicki got the text from Amber and put it in her phone GPS, to know how long it'd take for her to get there. it said it was a 20 minutes drive from the house so Nicki texted Amber to let her know that she'd be there in about 30 minutes. After that Nicki went to change clothes, and grabbed her purse, her phone and her car keys, after making sure the alarm was set she got in her car and drove off.

When she got to her destination Nicki got out of her car and was surprised to see that it was a photography studio, she made her way in the building and when she got n the studio she could here flashes and voices shouting. She looked around and noticed Amber standing next to the photographer alongside another woman who she recognized as Blacc Chyna. Nicki walked up to them and made her presence known by softly tapping Amber's shoulder.

"Oh hi gorgeous  Amber smiled pulling Nicki into a hug. Nicki was happy to see how welcoming and warm she was.

"Hi." Nicki answered hugging Amber back.

"Chyna this is Nicki and Nicki this is my best friend and business partner Chyna." Amber introduced the to woman who shared a quick hug.

"We just started a model placement agency and this is one of our models, we're renewing her book." Amber explained and that's when Nicki noticed the girl who was posing.

"That's awesome. And she is gorgeous." Nicki commented.

"You could be one of our model, I'd sign you up without any hesitation." Chyna said sincerely.

"Thank you, but that's not my thing at all. I'd be too short anyways." Nicki answered.

"For runways maybe but not for modeling , that face can make anyone forget about your size." Amber joked.

"Aww, that's sweet, means a lot coming from beautiful women like you guys." Nicki answered with a smile.

Nicki, Amber and Chyna, walked away from the shooting area and went on to chose the model's next and last outfit. After that they went to sit in the sitting area and just chatted while waiting for the shooting to be over, really Amber and Chyna's job there was to supervise everything so they weren't missing any work time. 

Meanwhile at Nebby's apartment :

"I told you I was gonna get it. Stop harassing me." Nebby almost shouted through the phone as she was standing in the doorway observing the kids from a far as they were watching TV. 

"You better get that before coming back to New York Zineb. Or else you're on your own." He said firmly before hanging up the phone.

Nebby brushed her fingers through her hair out frustration. She started pacing the room thinking of a way to get what she needed when it hit her. She quickly made her way to the office and started going through all the papers that were there. This being one if the condos he often stayed in whenever he was alone in L.A, Nebby was hoping he'd be stupid enough to leave that paper there. She went through files after files until she got what she wanted.

"Damn this is 7 months old. Anyways it'll do." She said getting the paper. She was replacing everything in order when another paper caught her attention and that's when an idea popped up in her hand so she grabbed those papers as well and went to scan them and email them to the man who was asking for them before replacing them in their proper place and replacing everything in order. After that she went back to the twins.

"Hey munchkins, it's time for your nap." She called behind them. Truth was she was just tired of watching them so she figured she'd put them to bed.

The twins got up without a word, Nicki had stopped making them nap for a while now, they knew they were too old for naps and the only time Nicki would make them nap was when they had gotten up early or when they had done something really tiring. All they did all day was watch TV so a nap was uncalled for. 

"Are you going to come tuck us in ?" Zahirah asked and Zineb rolled her eyes.

"You are a big girl you don't need me. Come here, give mommy a kiss and then go to bed." Nebby said and Zahirah did as she was told. The twins had to share one bed given that Nebby had just moved in Drake's condo and that the guest room had only one bed in it so Zahirah went to join her brother in the bed even though neither one of them wanted to sleep.

Nebby happily sat on the couch feeling relieved, by finding that paper she knew she had just put the wheels in motion and her plan was going to work perfectly from there and she had found a little extra she could use at any moment.

She flipped through the channels until she saw Drake's face on the screen.

"... Career wise ?"

"Yes, where do you see your career in five years ?" The host asked Drake.

"Well, hopefully there'll be like two more albums out." Drake started and the host cut him off.

"Oh so you're planning on two more platinum. Ok I see." She laughed and Drake laughed as well.

"I don't have that pretension but yea maybe, why not." Drake answered.

"And what about your personal life, sorry but I have to cut right to chase." The host joked and the audience laughed at the silly face Drake was making.

"I mean we've been hearing and seeing a lot of things lately." The host spoke and at that same time, pictures of Drake and Nicki together started appearing on the screen.

"The medias are going crazy, the blogs, the fans and you're even adding fuel to the fire yourself with Instagram posts." The host said and the many pictures of Nicki Drake posted on his Instagram account popped on the screen.

"We got this adorable caption for example. The host quoted causing Drake's grin to widen.

"So. Now that I have you here can you in exclusivity tell the world who Onika Maraj, because that's her name is and if there is a chance she's still around in five years after the two platinum records ?" The host asked making Drake laugh.

 "Well what can I say, seems like you've done your researches." Drake joked. 

"But erm yea, that's my heart right there. " Drake carried on sincerely as he grinned at the pictures of Nicki that were still on the screen behind the host, mostly they were pictures taken by the paparazzi and if not they were pics from his Instagram but either way she was never directly posing for the picture, she hated it when he took pictures of her and was never aware of it.  But she looked perfect on each and every one of them.

"Aww look at you, how cute is that." The host cheesed before carrying on.

"So that is your girlfriend ? You two are serious ?"

"Yes, Nika's my girlfriend and we're very serious about each other, and to answer your question I'll definitely do my best so that she's still around in five years after the two platinum records." Drake joked but you could read how serious he was on his face, you could read the love and passion all over his face, and it didn't go unnoticed to Nebby. It enraged her , she was disgusted by him right then. Hearing him display his love for Nicki that way was the final punch that woke up the green eyed monster in her for good.

"She is one lucky girl. Do you know how many girls would die to be with you." The host said.

"I am the lucky one, I mean look at her. Do you know how many men would die to be with her ?" Drake answered.

"I don't think we could count them, she's drop dead gorgeous." The host answered before quickly checking her cards.

"That might be why you kept her a secret for a while. I mean we know absolutely nothing about her.I'm sorry but you're in for it."

"It's ok, I don't really mind. I knew I had it coming. I didn't mean to keep her a secret though, things were just the way they were. And erm, she's different from I guess the type of girl I usually go for. She's not much of a spotlight person, she actually hates spotlights, and that has to be one of the things that attracts me to her." 

"You're saying she doesn't like, camera, flashes all of that ? So she's not a model as I heard."

"She's not, she's not a stripper or a video vixen either. Drake rectified the rumors that were circulating at the time.

"Is she a singer then ?!" 

"No, no nothing like that, even tough she has a nice voice. She studies law. She's a future lawyer." 

"So she's definitely not used to that life you live. How does she deal with it ?"

"Ok, now I feel like you might want to interview her instead of me." Drake joked.

"Why not is she around ?" The host responded.

"No unfortunately but I doubt she'd want to do an interview anyways. Like I said she doesn't like flashes and cameras.

"At least that way you're sure she's not with you for fame."

"Definitely never that. She's here for me and nothing else. Fun thing is she was never a fan, she barely knew anything about me. Usually when I meet people they "know" all about me, they don't let me even tell them about me because they feel like they know so much about me. She wasn't like that. She took me as a normal guy you know. She's really down to Earth you know and she holds me down, she never misses a chance to remind me that I'm just a human being and you need someone like that when you're like a public figure. "

"He loves her, he loves her , he loves her more than he's ever loved me." Nebby let out just above a whisper as she was hysterically crying. 

"It should be me." Nebby kept repeating as she rocked her own self back and forth crying. 

"Zineb ?!" She heard a small voice call and turned around to see Zahir standing in the doorway. 

She quickly wiped her tears and got up to walk towards him.

"Didn't I tell you that you had to call me mommy little boy ? I'm not your babysitter, I am your mother." Zineb said squatting down to Zahir's level. 

"Sorry mommy." Zahir answered.

"It's ok, what did you want ?" 

"I don't want to sleep anymore and I want a snack." Zahir answered and Nebby rolled her eyes at him. 

"Go get your sister while I fix something ok? Nebby answered and Zahir nodded before walking away to go get Zahirah.

After Zahir left the room, Nebby turned the TV off and took a few deep breaths to calm herself down and went in the kitchen to fix a snack for the twins and a few minutes later Zahirah joined her in the kitchen. 

"Where is your brother doll ?" 

"I' the bathroom." Zahirah answered before walking to the island where Nebby was standing. Nebby picked her up and helped her on a stool.

"Mommy has a question for you baby." Nebby spoke stroking Zahirah's hair as she was eating a cookie.

"Yes ?!" 

"How much do you love mommy ?"

"A lot, I love you very much." Zahirah answered.

"And mommy loves you very much too. Now I want to know,would you like to e with mommy forever ?! Just you and I" Nebby asked and Zahirah stopped eating to look at her.

"Could I still see Zahir and daddy, and Nicki ?" Zahirah asked unconsciously upsetting her mother.

"Of course, but you'll be with mommy most of the time." 

"Then yes, I want to be with mommy forever." Zahirah agreed. 

"Awesome baby, soon as we get back to New York which is in a few days then I'll make sure we can be together forever.  But we have to keep it a secret alright ?" Nebby spoke and Zahirah simply nodded.

"Great come here." Nebby spoke reaching out to hug Zahirah.

After they had their snack the twins went to wash their hands and then went back to their mother and they all decided to go out, they decided to the marine aquarium.


"I told y'all already, it's not my thing.I wasn't made for this." Nicki whined.

"Girl stop. It's just a few pictures." Amber spoke.

"Nicki please ! I'm begging you. The pictures would be soo pretty." Chyna begged.

"That's a lie, I've never done that, I would Look ridiculous." Nicki complained.

"Girl, the camera already in love with you." Just saying. The photographer said as he passed by.

"Nicki pleeeeaase ?!" Both Amber and Chyna pleaded.

"Fine I'll do it." Nicki said totally un convinced.

"Awesome. Let's get you through hair and make up then. Amber squealed in excitement.

"You are crazy." Nicki rolled her eyes at her.


"Hi babe, I was just calling to let you know that we'll be pretty late, I just got out of the studio and I'm on my way to go get the kids right now. We'll be Home in a about an hour. I love you." Drake left a message on Nicki's voicemail.

He was on hos way to go get the twins from Nebby's usually Nicki would go get them but ever since she decided to cut herself from all the drama she and Drake decided together that he would go gt them himself and that as working better for everyone.

After a thirty minutes drive Drake parked in the underground parking lot and exiting his car. He got in the elevator and checked his phone to see if Nicki had called him back, they hadn't spoken to each other all day and he found it weird that she wasn't picking her phone but then again maybe she was just sleeping or just busy.

Drake got out of the elevator and headed for the apartments door and after knocking on it he stepped back and waited.

"Oh, hi . " Nebby smiled opening the door.

"Hi." Drake answered walking in as Nebby stepped aside to let him in.

"Erm we were having diner, they just went off to wash their hands and get their stuff. I know you said they'd eat at yours but you were late and they where hungry." Nebby justified as she made her way to the kitchen and Drake trailed behind her.

"It's all good, that way they can go to bed right when we get home. I just hope I'm not making you late, I know you gotta get to the club." Drake spoke unknowingly making Nebby's heart flutter for no real reason but her delusion.

He is so caring she thought to herself before answering.

"Oh no , I'm off today, don't worry." Nebby answered as she scrapped the plates before placing them in the dishwasher.

"Oh ok." Drake answered and after that silence took over making the moment awkward for the both of them.

"So, what did you guys do today ?" Drake asked trying to spark up a conversation as the silence was become to heavy for him.

"We didn't do much, we watched cartoons and played until lunch when t they took a short nap and after that I took them to the marine aquarium." Nebby shrugged.

"Sounds great." Was Drake's only answer.

"How was your day ?" Nebby asked Drake surprising him.

"Good, hectic but good, I mean you know work."

"Yes I know, you know I saw that interview." Nebby spoke with a small smile as she finished wiping down the dining table.

"You did ? " Drake asked as Nebby walked passed him walking out of the kitchen and making her way towards the living.

"Yes I did. It was super cute. "

"Well thank you, I guess." Drake answered.

"You don't have to thank me. So.. You really love her huh ?" Nebby asked taking a seat on the couch.

"Erm. Yeah I do, I love her." Drake answered feeling uncomfortable because he never thought he would ever be discussing his relationship with Nebby, not without it being an argument.

"Aubrey you know you don't have to be uncomfortable right now, we've moved past that stage right ? We can be friends, i mean if we're gonna do a good job co-parenting then we should try and be friends. But that's only if you want to, I mean I know I'm the last person you want as a friend but  but I thought we could move past this. But maybe it's too soon and I can understand that." Nebby sighed wiping a tear.

"Hey, don't say that, it's not too soon and I definitely do want us to be friends. You're the mother of my children of course we can be friends. Don't cry Neb. It's not that big of a deal ok ?!" Drake reassured a crying Nebby taking her in his arms to soothe her , he didn't if it was the right thing to do but he knew he couldn't just watch her cry even though he wanted to have as less contact with her as possible he couldn't help it.

"I know it's not, and I shouldn't even be crying about it but it's just. Uhggh drop it it's nothing. Let me go get the kids, I don't know what's taking them so long." Nebby spoke wiping the remaining tears on her cheeks and getting up from the couch to go get the twins in their room.

Drake sat there a bit thrown aback by what had just happened, he e didn't go after her because again he didn't want to make things more weird than they already were, but he still felt bad for making her feel like crying , no matter what happened between them he would always have that tiny feeling in his heart every time he had to face her distressed expression and her sadness, it was not a romantic nor friendly feeling of course but still it made him feel bad.

Moments later Nebby made her entrance in the living with the twins who ran to their father and hugged him, telling him how they missed him. Drake picked Zahirah up in his arms and held Zahir's hand after making sure they both had their backpacks on their back.. They were ready to leave when Drake went to walk towards Zineb and dropped his son's hand for a little moment, just long enough to wrap his free arm around Zineb's small frame.

"I'll call you so we can talk about this alright ?" Drake spoke  . Nebby's ear and she nodded as he released her . After that Nebby kissed her children goodbye and watch them leave with Drake before shutting the door behind them.

After ghat she went to bed happy to see that that part of her plan was working perfectly as well. She was about to get a perfect revenge.


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