Deal Part 9

Nicki's P.O.V

I was sitting in the middle of the closet packing for both Aubrey and I. We're leaving in three days and to be honest I'd rather stay here and celebrate Thanksgiving with Ashley as every year. I'm really not enthusiastic about this whole trip thing, for some reason I'm absolutely not feeling it but I don't want to disappoint Aubrey and I know it means a lot to him.

I was trying to figure out how many swimsuits I should take if I should even take any when I heard the doorbell. I got up and jogged down the stairs to get the door.

"Hi bitch." Ashley spoke as soon as I opened the door.

"Hi trick." I answered stepping aside to let her in.

"Hello baby." Ariana who was hidden behind Ashley exclaimed throwing herself in my arms.

"Hello babe." I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up."  Ariana's my little baby, she might be only a year younger than me but still that's my baby. I love her.

I carried her to the couch and dropped her on it.

"You could be more gentle Nika. That was not nice." Ariana pouted as I was walking away to the kitchen to get drinks and snacks for them.

"You need to stop acting like a baby." I heard Ashley say to Ariana. These two are always like dog and cat.

"Leave my baby alone Ash." I said bringing the tray on the coffee table.

"Nic, I can't deal with her, she's too much of a baby. You're the only one who can deal with her." Ashley said and Ariana stuck her tongue out at her staying true to herself.

"Yeah because she is the only nice one. You and Amber both are mean." Ariana said pouting as she grabbed a glass and helped herself a drink.

"Speaking of, where is Amber ?!" I asked because she was supposed to be here too.

"I don't know probably with Cam." Ash shrugged.

"Alrighty. Let's go upstairs, I was packing." I said getting up and making my way upstairs with Ashley following me

"Wait !" Ariana said and both Ashley and I turned around to see what was happening with her again.

"What ?! I'm just getting the food y'all." Ari said picking up the tray.

"I really can't with you Ariana, you're too much." I spoke as I carried on ascending the stairs.

"What the fuck Nika ? Why you packed so much stuff ? How long are they keeping you for ?" Ashley asked me as she stepped in the closet.

"These are Aubrey's suitcases Ash." I rolled my eyes at Ashley. I had packed for him first as it was easier. I'm undecided and if I listened to myself I'd put my whole closet in my suitcase so it's gonna be harder to pack for me, will probably take up the three days we got left.

"It's gonna be our first Thanksgiving away from each other in five years. Can you believe that ?" Ashley asked as she started going through my clothes and Ariana just sat there enjoying her snacks.
Ever since my parents cut me off, I spent every holiday with Ashley and her family. Amber and Ariana both went back to Brookshire, their parents aren't aware of the fact that they work as escorts just like me so they are good, but knowing them I know it would be a problem if they found out. Ashley's family is very open minded well only her father's side, they are who we spend the holidays with as she has no contact at all with her mother or her mother's side of her family.  I think it's sad how people have so many misconceptions and prejudices. We've all lost people because of our job, I lost my whole family, Ashley's lost half of hers, Ariana's sister is the only one who knows about this and even though she agreed not to say anything she still cut her off, she avoids her like the plague and it's taking a toll on my baby because they were so close, Amber's brothers don't talk to her either, just like Ariana's sister they were 'nice enough' as they say not to say anything to their mother so she wouldn't be hurt but they quote on quote disowned her and they take every chance they got to put Amb down, her older brother is the only father figure she ever had so it was like loosing a father and just because he gets so cruel whenever she's around I know she's going back to Brookshire just to see her mother or else she wouldn't even bother.
We're just mad lucky to have each other we fill the void that was left by our families

"Yeah I know, I can't believe it either. I'm gonna miss everyone. Papa Moore the most." I said while folding my clothes.

"Yeah, he's gonna miss your ass too, when you told him you weren't coming this year he called me and was like, what's the purpose of you coming Home if you're not gonna bring my child with you ?"

"Your father is the best. I need to buy something for him and you can take it to him, I think Imma buy him that Rolex he's been talking about for I don't know how long." I laughed thinking about it. Her dad has been talking about buying a Rolex for as long as I've known him.

"Bitch you never bought me anything and you gonna buy my father a Rolex ?"

"See, that's why I always say Nika is the best. Ash you make a whole lot of money and you never even thought about getting poor Papa Moore one. That's a shame." Ariana intervened.

"Can you just go back to your food Ariana ? If he wants one so bad he can still sell his stupid ass mythic car that's been sitting in the garage for years, it ain't like he could go anywhere with it." Ashley spoke and Ariana and I shook our heads at her. She's just a mess.

We were just chatting like that as they helped me pack when the doorbell rung.

"That must be Amber, I'll be right back." I said before getting up and exiting the closet and then the room. I quickly jogged down the stairs and went to get the door. I unlocked and opened it and sure enough Amber was standing behind it.

"Hey you." I greeted her stepping aside to let her in.

"Hi boo, how are you ?" Amber asked taking off her shades. That girls is such a drama queen. It's so cold outside there ain't even a sun ray.

"Good, you ? How comes you're always wearing shades Amb ?" I asked as we walked towards the steps.

"Cause I want to geez. How comes you're always naked ?" She asked slapping my ass as I was walking up the stairs before her. I was wearing a cropped tank top along with boy shorts and a short kimono robe that really wasn't covering anything, I just didn't feel like getting dressed.

"I'm in my home Amber therefore I do as I please, and quit acting like you mind." I retorted.

"Honey, now you know I don't m..." Amber started when the doorbell went off again and we both stop our hike up the stairs and I turned around looking at her.

"Are you expecting someone ?" She asked me.

"Nope, who can that be ?" I asked out loud wondering who could be behind the door.

"Uugh all of those steps." I whined descending them again to go get the door as Amber stood in her spot waiting to see who it was.

"Hey." I smiled surprised to see who it was.

"Hi." India answered smiling small.

"Erm, come in, don't stand there." I said giving her space to walk in.

"Erm if you're looking for Aubrey he's not here, he's at the hospital." I explained. Since that night she slept over India and I haven't seen each other at all, we never spoke or anything so I thought she'd be here to see Aubrey not me.

"It's alright. I wasn't here to see him." She said looking down at her feet.

"Oh." Was the only thing I could say because I really didn't see what else I could say to her, what did she even want.

"Erm, let's take a seat." I offered leading her towards the sitting room, passing by I noticed that Amber wasn't in the stairs anymore but knowing her she wasn't too far either.

"Is there something wrong ?" I asked looking at her. She kept looking down at her feet and playing with her fingers as if she was nervous.

"No, no nothing. Look I'm here to talk to you about last time. I just wanted to clear the air you know ? I think we got off on a wrong foot, I never meant to hurt your feelings or be disrespectful to you, so I apologize if I did any of that. I really think it was nothing but a huge misunderstanding and I wanted to see if it was possible for us to start over, I mean maybe you could give me another chance."She explained still looking down at her hands.

"Oh, well that's very ... Big of you. I totally accept your apology and I apologize as well if I said anything that could have hurt you. This was definitely a big misunderstanding and yeah we could just give us another shot. This is too petty to stay stuck on it anyways." I answered with a shrug, I wasn't a hundred percent convinced by her apology, it sounded like she had learnt it by heart and was just spitting it but I really didn't care at this point I was willing to squash this and just move on firstly because as I said this is way too petty for me to stay on it, and then we were just three days away from the family trip and tension between India and I was the last thing I or Aubrey needed, we were already tensed enough about revealing the truth to everyone. All I could think of was Sandi and Denis's reaction, I had gotten pretty close to them over the two past months and I was fearing their reaction, if they had the same judgement India had on the situation then that would crush me, it would feel like loosing my parents for the second time. So yea, India's mindset was the last thing on my mind but I was willing to make up with her because I felt like a tension with her would only put myself in disadvantage.

"I'm glad you're willing to forgive me and you already know I totally accept your apology, it wasn't that serious. Hopefully we can move on from this." She said with a wide smile.

"Of course we can move one from this." I smiled at her.

"That's great ! Hug it out ?" She asked and again she sounded so happy it seemed fake but I got up and opened my arms mimicking her. Soon we were hugging each other which didn't feel right but I still hugged her. After we pulled away from the hug, we just stood there in silence until she started clearing her throat.

"Erm, I'll leave now." She said shifting her weight from one leg to the other. I might say her sad little girl act is on point.

"You don't have to, you can stay, my friends are here actually." I offered of course hopping she'd say no, that way Aubrey can't say I'm not making efforts.

"Thank you but I really have to go." She said giving me a smile.

"Ok, I'll walk you to the door then." I said in a happy tone, I was ready for her to leave.

I walked her to the front door where we said our goodbyes and hugged before she left. After shutting the door and locking it I turned around and as I though I was met with the girls standing there.

"That's the fakest you've ever been since I've known your ass." Ashley commented first.

"Hey she was being just as fake." I defended myself.

"Yea, I could smell it from here." Ariana added.

"Just let me know whenever I need to cut a bitch." Amber shrugged and I shot her a look.

"Thanks, but I don't need you to be cutting my so called sister in law on top of everything." I spoke following the girls up the stairs.

"Are you scared ?" Ariana asked as we re-entered Drake and I's room.

"Hell yeah I am. They're going to be soo disappointed when they find out we lied to them, and then they'll want me out of his life I mean who wants a prostitute as daughter in law." I sighed plopping on the bed deciding I was done packing for today.

"First of all, I need you to get that word  out of your mouth. You are nothing like a prostitute." Ashley scolded me.

"I know that but they don't and that's how they'll interpret the situation and then they will throw me out."

"And I'm the drama queen ?!" Amber started.

"Look, I know for a fact that his mother is in love with you so as long as you show her that you are the same person and that her son is happy everything will be just fine." Amber shrugged, I knew she was minimizing the whole thing so that I'd feel better but even that didn't work.

"How do you know that she does ? And even if you're right there's still the fact that I am a 25 years old student who is an escort that moved in with a filthy rich man after knowing him for just a little over a month. And I also happen to be using his help to get my internship next year. Now how does that sound ?" I asked and the girls were all quiet. I knew what that meant, even them they knew it sounded like I was a gold digging whore.

"You're not gonna like what Imma say but you know you don't have to tell the whoooole truth." Ashley spoke up.

"What are you even saying ?" Ariana asked snatching the words from my mouth..

"I'm saying,you don't have to tell them everything, they don't have to know every single detail. They don't have to know that you are an escort and they don't have to know about that deal thing either." Ashley shrugged.

"Erm, I don't think lying in an attempt to be truthful is the best thing to do." Ariana spoke and we all looked at her, that just didn't sound like her.

"Look at you, being all wise and stuff." I joked.

"Yea, see what happens when you're not around babying her." Amber retorted.

"Stop. I'm not the subject of the conversation so let's focus girls " Ari intervened.

"Seriously though, I think you're right Ari, I'll feel better only once I tell the truth and the whole truth you know, I'd still feel like an impostor if I don't." I explained and everyone just shrugged or nodded in agreement.

"I think it's the right thing to do yes. If I'm gonna go and tell the truth, I'd rather say all of it, and then I'll just have to own up to it and that's it." I shrugged.

"You're right babe. Just know that we'll always be here, you'll always have us." Amber said throwing herself on the bed so on top of me.

"Sure thing." Ashley let out before throwing herself on us and then it was Ariana's turn to do so. I'm glad I have friends like them because I really don't know what I'd do without them.

Drake's P.O.V.

I was at the hospital, just getting out of the operation room when I bumped into India. I've been seeing a lot of her in here lately, I guess between coming to see me and coming to see Michael she spends a lot of time here.

"Hey big head." She spoke handing me a coffee cup.

"Hey. What's up ?" I asked before taking a sip of my hot drink as we walked side by side towards my office.

"Not much, I went out with Mom today and then I went to yours aaaand... I made up with your girlfriend India announced making me smile.

"Really ? You did that ?" I asked.

"Yes I did, you've been repeating that it would mean a lot to you, so I decided to go head and make up with her. Aubrey you mean so much to me, l'll do whatever to make you happy. Plus it was all super petty so yeah, there's no reason for us to argue, you love the both of us we both love you so it's all good. " She said giving me one of her infamous dimple shrugs. She makes me think of Nicki when she does that though Nicki's dimples are way deeper. 

"Aww thank you princess ! You have no idea of how much I appreciate you for doing this. I really didn't want to leave town with you two mad at each other. Thanks for being an adult about this. You're awesome." I said giving her a side hug and kissing the side of her head. It really did reassure me to know that these two had made up, they are with my mother the two women I love the most and who I care the most about so I didn't want them mad at each other especially since we're leaving in three days. A fight at I don't know how many kilometers from Home wasn't needed and this tension wasn't needed either when Nicki and I were about to reveal the truth about us.

"You don't have to thank me for that. You're my brother remember." She laughed.

"Yea,  but still thanks." 

"Welcome. Anyways, I was just dropping by to say hi. I'm watching Sade and Spirit tonight, they're already at the house with Mom." She said shouldering her purse and walking towards the door.

"Oh, wait. I'm on my way out, it was my last operation. I'll walk you to your car."

A few minutes later we were in the parking lot and I helped her in her car before shutting the door.

"Be safe Ind and kiss Sade and Spirit for me, tell them I'll try to come over tomorrow alright ?"

"I will. Love you Bro." She said before rolling the window up and driving off without giving me the time to say anything back.

After she drove off, I walked to the other side of the hospital complex to where my car was and got in before driving off heading Home.

When I pulled in the driveway, I noticed all of the house lights were off, just as I expected. I'm sure Nicki is sleeping. It's pretty late.

I let myself in and turned the hallway lights on to dispose of my coat and my scrubs. I was still wearing my surgical clothes.

After that, I made my way to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of scotch, I took a sip of my drink while pulling my phone out when I heard movement thus I turned my head in that direction and saw Onika standing there, rubbing her eyes, she was obviously sleepy and that's when she looks the most cute.

"Sorry for waking you up baby girl." I said putting my glass down and getting up to walk towards her and wrap my arms around her.

"Again ! Why do you always have to make so much noise ?" She complained and her voice was muffled by my chest.

"Sorry. Let's get you back into bed." I spoke releasing her from the hug but still holding onto her arms.

"No. I don't want to sleep no more." She said looking up at me and biting her bottom lip not allowing me to miss on the change in her demeanor.

"Oh really ?! What are we gonna do then ?" I asked already roughly attacking her lips.

"Well.. As sexy as you look in those clothes, I think you should take them off and we could get in the shower an.." She spoke in a sultry tone and didn't give her the time finish as I let my lips crash onto her soft ones. Soon we were engaged in a blown out make out session and her legs and arms were wrapped around me.

"How about you take these off and we skip the shower." I whispered in her ear tugging on her robe that ended up on the floor. I couldn't detach my lips from her neck as I made my way towards the kitchen's counter and sat her on it. As soon as I detached my lips from her body, Nicki reached for my top and pulled it over my head before I pulled her tank over her head setting her chest free, all She had on now was her thong. Somehow my lips found their way back on her sweet skin, I kept kissing and licking along her jawline, on her neck and collarbone only to end up kissing her breasts while I stood between her legs that were wrapped around me. As her arms wrapped around me I picked her up and walked us up the stairs, We got to our room and I used my foot to shut the door, I laid her down on the bed and got on top of her kissing her, I kissed every part of her body before going back to kissing her lips. At that she flipped us around so that she was on top of me, she kissed down my chest until she reached the waist band of my pants and she took them off along with my briefs. At that she straddled me and took my shaft in her hands stroking it slowly make me go crazy already. She was making direct eye contact with me the whole time making me feel connected to her like I never had to anyone, after a moment she leaned over to kiss me, our lips locked as my hands went around her waist and I flipped us over never breaking the kiss. I kissed all over her body again giving a particular attention to her breasts, loving the reaction I was getting out of, her, the soft, breathy moans sounded like music to my ear, as I kissed, licked and nibbled on the sweet skin, my hand travelled to her center where I could already feel wetness through her underwear. I sat up straight in order to take it off her body, once the piece of clothing was out of the way, I placed myself at her entrance and used the tip of my member to tease her, I couldn't get my eyes off her face, her eyes were screwed shut and she was breathing heavily already biting her lip.

"Stop teasing me Aubrey." She whined out making me chuckle.

"You want it now already baby girl ?" I asked sliding the tip of my shaft into her before taking it out again.

"Hm... Yes ddaddy please." She answered moaning and it was all I was waiting for before I finally slammed into her sending the both of us into pure bliss.

I was holding firmly onto her hips as she kept bouncing on me, holding onto my arms, her nails digging in my biceps, I felt her walls clench around my member and she leaned in causing us to  be chest to chest, she kept bouncing her ass driving me crazy, I felt myself stiffen and soon I was coming and I could feel her juices flow down as well as she fell on my chest panting. I wrapped an arm around her back softly stroking it with one hand as the other got lost in her curls as I softly massaged her hair. After we both came down from our sex induced high, I felt her moving a bit, She got more comfortable on my chest and gave it a peck making me smile.

"Baby girl, I love you." I let out without realising what I was saying but contrary to what I thought, I didn't feel awkward after saying it, it felt right, it really was natural and saying it out loud like that, made me feel good, like I had gotten something off my chest.
Onika was being silent which scared me, not that I regretted saying it but I was just hoping I didn't scared her off.

"What did you... You .." She stuttered.

"I said I love you and you don't have to say it back, I wasn't even planning on saying it but it's just how I feel,Onika I love you and I just want you to know it, it's all god if you don't feel the same way."

"Shut up fool, I love you too." Onika spoke and I looked down at her and kissed her forehead.

"You know you don't have to say tha.." I started but I was cut off by Nicki who grabbed my face and kissed me.

"I love you Aubrey."

"I love you two Onika."I answered stroking her cheek and she got closer to me and our bare legs entangled as she brought her face closer to mine.

"Now make love to me daddy." She said and it was enough to get me gone for a few more rounds which is exactly what we did.

Nicki's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of a ringing phone. I quickly got up and checked my phone that was on the bedside table and it wasn't ringing so I figured it was Aubrey's phone that was ringing. I carefully straddled him making sure not to wake him up and got his ringing phone, I checked the I.D, it was India calling.

"Aubrey ! Aubrey wake up, it's India calling." I spoke softly shaking him.

"Hmm, get it." He said rolling over almost making me fall of the bed. I swear that boy loves to sleep so much it's crazy.

I quickly picked up before it went to voicemail.

"Hello ?! I called through the phone.

"Oh, hi Onika how are you ?!" India asked.

"I'm great, how are you ?!" I asked.

"I'm amazing, is Aubrey around ?" She asked. 

"He's asleep right now and I guess you know that there ain't no waking him up." I answered and I heard her giggling.

"Yea, trust me I know. Well can you tell him not to forget about his nieces, he told me to tell them he'd come by today and I don't think they can wait anymore." She said with a chuckle and at that I grabbed my phone to check the time, it was almost 2 in the afternoon. It's the first time we ever slept that late but thinking about last night,or should I say this morning, it's understandable 

"Yea, I'll tell him. I'll try to get him out of bed right now." I spoke with a smile.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. They are driving me crazy over here calling for Uncle Drake." She laughed.

"I can only imagine, don't worry, I'll do my best to get Uncle Drake over there ASAP." I promised.

"Thanks again. I have to go now, bye."

"Bye." I said before we hung up.

I got back on the bed sitting on my knees and observing Aubrey as he slept, I grabbed my phone and snapped a quick picture before setting my phone back down and getting out of the bed and making my way to the bathroom where I re leaved my self and went to brush my teeth after which I went back to straddle him and then I started to kiss all over his face to wake him up and it worked, soon I felt his hand on the back of my head and he softly pulled on my hair so that he could kiss my lips. I kissed back for a little until it started getting hotter.

"Mmh.. Aubrey.. St..stoop." I half spoke half moaned in the kiss.

"Never." He spoke trying to pull me back into the kiss but I pulled away.

"Noo, seriously stop. We can't be doing all that when you have places to be." I said aimlessly drawing patterns on his chest as I was still straddling him. At that he cocked a brow.

"Where do I have to be ?" He asked grabbing my hand and kissing it making me smile.

"Your mother's. You promised your nieces you'd go see them, you can't miss it just because you want to put your little thingy in me especially when that's where it's been all night." I spoke getting off of him.

"Oh yea, you made me forget about that." He said with a groan. "And for your information I could keep it in you all day everyday." He said getting up and following me in the bathroom.

"I'm not even gonna answer that. Just get ready while I cook something for you to eat." 

"Alright wifey." He answered slapping my ass once again as I made my way out of the room.

"You're gonna need to stop doing that Aubrey." I spoke walking out.

"Don't act like you don't like it please." He called after me and I just shook my head at him as I made my way towards the kitchen. I got in the kitchen and started on cooking brunch for the both of us right away. 

Moments later almost everything was ready and Drake was walking in the kitchen, he walked towards me and placed his hands on my hips.

"God ! How did I get so lucky ?!" I heard him whisper.

"How did I get this lucky." I said back turning around and wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Right. I mean I'm pure perfection." He said trying to kiss me but I curved it getting out of his embrace.

"Boy really ? Go seat your ass down over there." I spoke motioning to the dining table where the food was set.

"You're giving me orders now ?" He asked already starting on eating as I brought the rest of it.

"Yes I am. I run shit up in here and we both know it playboy." I spoke taking a seat across from him at the table.

"If you like to think so baby girl."  He shrugged.

"You know what, just finish up so you can leave. I've seen too much of you already " I said even though I didn't mean it. It was nice to have him at home. We never get to spend anytime together anymore he spends so much time at the hospital and I have to go to school and study and I work too so we're together only to sleep and whenever I can catch him in the morning or for a quick lunch. I was hoping we'd spend the day together but he has to go over to his parent's and that makes me sad.

"What ? You're not coming ?" He asked looking up at me.

"Well, I wasn't invited." I shrugged stuffing half of my Nutella covered waffle in my mouth.

"Quit being stupid Nika, wherever I'm invited you are invited. And what did I tell you about that junk food Nika ?" He said showing me the fruit salad he was eating.

"Not being stupid you just never mentioned that to me. Sorry doctor but this is soo good." I said spreading even more Nutella on the other half of my waffle.

"And it's not healthy." Drake shook his head at me.

"I know, but it's not like I couldn't allow it to myself, Look at that body. I'll just hit the gym later on." 

"Whatever, like I believe you." 

"What ? I swear I will. Matter of fact, next time you go, I'll come with you." I stood my ground.

"Wanna bet ?" 

"Pff , of course and don't take that condescending tone with me. If I win you get me that purse I've had my eye on... Wait no, you're gonna get me that just because you love me." I spoke giving him an eye blink causing him to chuckle and shake his head. 

"If I do go with you and win the bet you have to ... " I said trying to think of something he wasn't already giving me which was super hard to find.

"Waouh. Boy you are pure perfection." I let out biting down on my lip.

"Erm, yeah I already knew that, anyways if I win you have to erm...." He spoke before starting to think.

"Wait it's hard , everything I can think of you already do." 

"I know that's cause I am a five star chick, boy you're lucky to have me. How about whoever loses gives the other a hundred bucks.

"Alright. Now go get ready baby girl, with the time you take if we don't get going we'll never leave." 

"You just went from prince charming to ugly ass frog." I said getting up and picking up the dishes.

"Good, that way we're both ugly then and leave that, I'll clean everything. Thanks for the food by the way, it was delicious."

"Aww, thanks." I said walking to him and pecking his lips before heading out of the kitchen.

I made my way up the stairs and went to take a shower. After a good shower, I oiled up and lotioned up before sliding a robe on. Then I started on my make up which I kept toned down. After that I let my damped hair out of my bun and dried it , then I tried to put it up in a bun but it wasn't working with me so I just let it down. After I was satisfied with how my head looked I went into the closet and started going through my clothes to find something to wear. I was pacing the closet when Aubrey walked in and I knew just what he was about to say.

"Nika, you're not dressed yet ? Hurry up." He said clapping in his hands as if I was his child.

"Seriously Aubrey, do not press me like that. I'm almost ready, I just need to figure out what I'm gonna wear"

"Ok well then hurry up ." He pressed me again.

"Fine !" I answered irritated and at that I saw him smirking and staring at me stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"What ?!"

"Nothing. It's just, you turn me on when you get mad. Makes me want to..."

"Ok. Get out." I cut him off, by the look on his face and the way he spoke I could tell we wouldn't be leaving anytime soon if I let him go on.

"No, I'm staying just to make sure you're getting dressed." He said plopping in the armchair, I just rolled my eyes at him and went back towards my clothes, I was still trying to figure out what I should wear when Drake got up and walked up to my clothes.

"Here. Take this shirt, oh and see pants a jacket, shoes, oh and you even got socks." He enumerated almost throwing each item at me. 

"Now put these clothes on so we can go." He said going back to his seat.

"Don't press me like that, I already told you. And I can't just throw on whatever I reach Aubrey I'm not you." I said shaking my head at him.

"Ok you might wanna take that back, I dress better than you and we're going to see my nieces it's not important what you wear besides you look good in anything. So now just put those damn clothes on so we can go , you be ready in ten or Imma leave without you. " He said in a firm tone before slapping my ass and turning on his heels to leave. I wanted to curse him out for trying to boss me around like that but I couldn't help but bite my lip, something about him being so firm with me turned me on and obviously he noticed as he winked before leaving.

I checked the outfit He had put together and it wasn't so bad so I decided to wear that and just added some jewelery before choosing a purse and putting my shoes on, of course that nigga would choose Timberlands for me to wear. 
When I was ready I grabbed my phone and checked my appearance one last time before making my way out of the room and jogging down the stairs, obviously he was already waiting in the car since the house was empty. I got the remote and hit the button to roll down all the blinds and lock all the doors of the house and set the alarm before making my way through the door that lead to the garage. I locked it and made my way to the black Mercedes class G and got in. He was playing a game on his phone while I fastened my seat belt.

"The queen has arrived, shall we get going now ?" He spoke throwing his phone in the glove compartment.

"You're not even funny, let's just go." I spoke getting his phone back from the glove compartment.

"Nice shoes by the way." He said while putting the car in drive. I looked at my feet reflexively and that's when I noticed we were both wearing khaki Timberlands.

"You're super corny for that." I said even though I thought it was super cute.

"I love you too Nika." He said and I felt that wave of warmth hit my body again, I have to get used to hearing him say that. I can't believe how happy those words make me.

"Aww, I love you." I spoke leaning over to kiss his cheek, causing him to smile from ear to ear.

I unlocked his phone and started playing the game he had been playing before while we drove in a comfortable silence. 
A little less than an hour had passed and we were driving through the Graham's estate's gate. Aubrey parked his car in its usual spot that was always left empty just in case he decided to come visit. He cut the engine and we both undid our seat belt before he got out and jogged over to my side of the car while I opened the door and he helped me out of the car.
After we walked up to front door, Aubrey rung the door bell and wrapped an arm around me pulling me closer to him as we waited for someone to get the door.
Soon the door opened and India stood behind with a little girl in her arms, her head was hidden in the crook of India's neck so that all we could see was her puffy hair.

"Hey guys. Come on in don't stand there." India spoke with a warm smile making room for us to walk in.

"Hi. Is that my princess ?!" Aubrey asked softly patting the little girl's back and at the sound of his voice her head popped up and she smiled bright trying to get out of India's arms.

"Uncle Drake !!" She screamed as he reached out to get her from India.

"Hey baby girl ! How's my favorite niece doing ?" He asked holding her tight.

"Good." The little girl answered smiling.

"Your favorite ? Just wait until Spirit hears that." India said slapping Drake's arm.

"Shut up. You're just jealous." Drake said putting the little girl down." 

"How do you put up with him ?" India asked me laughing as we walked further in the house following the little girl who I assumed was Sade from India said, it was my first time meeting Drake's nieces and I was glad because I heard a whole lot about them, he sure does love them.

"Honestly, I don't even know." I shrugged with a smile knowing Aubrey heard me.

"Look at you two ganging up on me, y'all couldn't stand each other two days ago." He shook his head at us.

"There's nothing better than a common enemy to create links." India said sticking her tongue out at him.

"So childish." Drake simply answered walking away and we followed after him. We walked through the house until we reached the Home theater were they were apparently watching a movie.

"Where is Spirit ? And Mom ?" Aubrey asked turning towards India. 

"They went out to get I don't even remember what, they should here soon though."

"Oh ok. Hey Sade baby girl, come here." Aubrey called after Sade who had went to pick up her stuffed animal from her seat. She ran up to him and he picked her up.

"I want you to meet someone." He started brushing her hair from her face and obviously she understood he was talking about me because she turned her head in my direction and looked at me.

"This is Nicki, say hi." Drake coached and I smiled trying to hide how nervous I was. I know that with kids it's all or nothing so I was super nervous, it might sound ridiculous but I was scared she wouldn't like me.

"Hi Nicki. My name is Sade." She said proudly pointing her chest.

"Hi Sade.That's a very beautiful name you have." I spoke and she smiled at me.

"Thank you Nicki." She answered holding her arms out towards me. I looked at Drake for a split second and he nodded so I reached out to get her from her uncle's arms.

"Are you uncle Drake's lover ?" She asked me just above a whisper hiding her head from her uncle as if it would stop him from hearing her.

"Hmm yes, how did you know ?" 

"He tell me on the phone, but it's a secret." She whispered again causing me to giggle.

"Oh ok. I won't say anything." I whispered back.

"You are very pretty." She said playing with my hair as I went to take a seat not too far from Drake as India put the movie back on and resumed watching it with Drake.

"Thank you ladybug. But I'm not as pretty as you are.

"Thank you." She smiled and snuggled into me as we all started watching the movie.

"Why are you sitting all the way up there ?" I heard Aubrey whisper reaching for my hand as there were like two seats between us.

"Because, I am tired of you Aubrey." I whispered back joking and he got up and came to seat right next to me and started tickling me a little which disturbed Sade who was peacefully watching the movie.

"You are very annoying uncle Drake. Leave us alone meanie." She said pushing his hand from my side. 

"Oh ok, now you got a New friend, you're turning on me princess ? That hurts." Aubrey said clutching his chest acting hurt. 

"Sorry uncle Drake. Don't be sad." Sade spoke rubbing her hand over his shoulder.

"You still love me right ?"He asked Sade still pouting.

"Yes, I love you."

"Ok then you're forgiven." Drake said kissing her nose making her giggle.

"Brey, you are ruining the whole movie for everyone." India complained from her seat that was away from us.

"You're just jealous India, don't talk to me." Aubrey answered still acting like child, I swear sometimes I really wonder how old he actually is.

"Whatever Aubrey." India said throwing pop corn at him which she should have never done, Aubrey grabbed a pop corn bucket and went to pour it all on her making both Sade and I laugh which we regretted when India threw popcorn at us. And from there it turned into a popcorn fight which turned into a pillow fight once we had ran out of pop corn.
What a great example of maturity we are setting for that little girl.

Drake's P.O.V

I grabbed Sade's small hand as we made our way to the broom closet to go get to what we needed to clean the Home theater which was a mess after our passage. Onika and India were there and had started cleaning, I'm pretty amazed to see how those two get along now. I wouldn't say they're the bestest of friends but I can definitely see progress and I don't think it would be delusional to imagine them becoming friends.

I opened the closet and grabbed a broom which I handed to Sade. I was getting some trash bags when I heard a high pitched voice call behind me.

"Uncle Drake !!!" I turned around and was met by Spirit's smiley face as she was running towards me. I crouched down to her level and waited for her to make it in my arms before holding her tight. It had been a while since the last time I saw these two and I had really missed them.

"Hey princess ! I missed you." 

"I missed you two." Spirit said doing her best to warp her small arms around me.

"Oh. My Aubrey finally came by. It's been ages." My mother said walking towards us with her arms open. I got up and hugged her .

"It hasn't even been this long Mom." I retorted and she shook her head at me.

"Yes it has, and it weren't for these two you wouldn't be here. You need to come see me more often." She complained. she acts like we're not about to have a whole week of vacation together.

"What are you guys whispering about ?" She asked Sade and Spirit as Sade was whispering something in her sister's ear. Sade motioned for my mother to scoot closer so that she could tell her. I guess it's me they're keeping secrets from.

"Uncle Drake came with his lover." Sade tried to whisper thinking she had been super discreet.

"Nicki's here ?" My mother asked looking up at me. I swear it looked like her face lit up.

"In the theater with India." I sighed knowing that from now on no one and nothing else could catch her attention anymore. 

"Aubrey you could have told me you were bringing her here, I would've been here to welcome you guys." She started scolding me.

"Oh so, I don't deserve to be welcomed but Nicki does ?" She didn't even bother adding anything else as she made her way towards the home theater to go greet Nicki as she was holding Sade and Spirit's hands.

I shook my head at her and grabbed a groom and a dustpan before following behind them.

"Nicole sweetheart." My mother called walking in the room. Here goes that name again. I feel so bad when I hear her calling Onika that.

"Oh hi." Nicki turned around and went to hug her.

"How are you my dear ?" My mother asked looking at Onika as they now stood facing each other.

"I'm great ! How are you ?"Nicki returned the question.

"I'm good, it's been so long since the last time I saw you." My mother said still holding on Onika's hand.

"I know."

I just stood there observing my mother and Onika interacting as they deciding on going to have some tea , Nicki was carrying Sade on her hip and in that moment I wished I had told the truth from the get go, I was regretting how I went about this whole thing, I can't imagine I'm about to see my life fall apart right in front of me, I have finally found the perfect woman for me, Onika is all I ever wanted in a woman, she's all I could ever ask for and she makes me happy. I am in love with that woman, and that's who I want to built a future with and that could be compromised because of the poor choices I made. The worst thing that could happen honestly would be for Onika's feelings to be hurt in all of this she doesn't deserve to be hurt as I am responsible for all of this, I definitely don't want to loose her but for her to be hurt would be even worse.

"Are you just gonna stand there ?" India asked me with a chuckle snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Huh, erm no but you can go with them, I'll stay here and clean up." I said referring to the pop corns that were still on the floor.

"Spirit and I will help you." India stated with a smile as she set Spirit on the floor and sat down on one of the red seats.

"You're gonna help yet you're sitting down ?" I asked.

"Yep, ever heard of moral support ?" She joked and I shook my head at her as I started sweeping the floor.

"So. you're ready for the Bahamas?" India asked me.

"Nope, not really, I know what can transpire out there and I am not ready for it. But at the same time I know it's the right time to do it, like if I don't do it right now, I'll never do it." I explained.

"Don't worry it,ll be just fine, the only thing that matter is that you guys love each other and you're happy, it's all mom cares about and same thing goes for dad, they'll be a bit disappointed but that's it. You'll be good. " India shrugged. I wish I could be this chill about this whole situation.

"Yeah, I hope so, anyways enough about me, what's going on with you ? How is Michael ? I noticed you see him more than I do."

"Michael ? What about him ? I see him here and there nothing crazy, I only see him more than you do because you're always working that's it,"

"You think I'm stupid ? I know exactly what's going on there."

"Well, you're right we see each other a lot lately, but just as friends that's it, I promise." She said looking away from me and I knew it was a lie.

"You are lying to me right now but it's fine, I'll act like I believed you." I shrugged and she just laughed.

When I was done sweeping I threw the dust and pop corns in the trash bag and picked it up to take it to the kitchen.

"I'm done let's go." I said and India struggled to get up as Spirit had fallen asleep in her arms, I set the bag on the floor and picked Spirit up and India got the bag from the floor.

We then made our way to the kitchen and after the bag away we went to the sitting room where we found my mother and Onika chatting, while Sade was asleep in Onika's arms.

"I guess they're both knocked out." I said sitting down next to Onika.

"They are, Aubrey would you mind taking them upstairs ?" My mother asked and I nodded getting up. I set Spirit on one of my hips and Onika got up too with Sade in her arms so I reached out to get her.

"I'll go with you it's fine."  Onika said brushing me off and we were about to walk away when my mother spoke.

"You two should start making babies already ." She said causing India to smile wide.

"Whenever we get married we'll talk about that alright ?!" I spoke before walking away faster and Onika followed behind me. W went up the stairs and to a random guest room, we set the girls on the bed and Nicki pulled the cover over their body.

"They are soo cute." Onika smiled looking at them sleeping.

"They are." I answered grabbing her hand and as we were about to leave the room I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

"The hospital." I said getting it from my pocket and Onika sighed and I followed her down the stairs as I picked up.

By the time I finished my conversation we were already downstairs and in the living room.

"They need me down at the hospital." I spoke to Onika and India as my mother had disappeared again.

"Oh, so you are leaving already ?" I heard my mother's voice behind me.

"I am leaving yes." I confirmed.

"I guess I'm leaving as well then." Onika spoke getting up.

"No you're not." My mother spoke and I knew right then that I wasn't leaving with Obika.

"Erm, we came together in the same car so.." Nicki tried to explain.

"I insist Nicole, you're staying, I'll personally call up a car to get you home." She insisted.

"No, I'll come get her." I spoke going to kiss them goodbye.

Afterwards I quickly made my way out of the house and hoped in my car to head to the hospital.


Three hours after getting in the operating room I was getting out, I went to my office and filled the patient chart, made my report and went to check on the patient one last time before leaving the hospital to go get Nicki from my parent's.

After a 45 minutes drive I was pulling in my parent's driveway, I got out and locked the car before making my way to the front door and I rung the doorbell and soon Marisa a maid who has been working for my parents for years opened the door. We greeted each other and she let me go join everyone in the living, Onika, India, Spirit, Sade and my mother were still there and my father and Ryan had joined them.

When I walked in they were so into their conversation that they didn't even notice me except for Sade and Spirit who were both sitting next to Onika, I guess they really took a liking to her.

"Uncle Drake !" They cheered running towards me and everyone turned their faces towards me. I looked around at everyone and through all the smiley faces, Nicki's caught my attention, she wasn't smiling, she was giving me that look and I could tell she was not happy to see me. Maybe I'm just imagining stuff, she has no reason to be mad at me right now.

"Well hello everyone." I said greeting each one of them personally.

"Hi son, take a seat, your cousin and I were about to get drinks." My father said getting up.

"I'd love to dad but I just came to get Nicki, I got to be at the hospital tomorrow morning." I said.

"Oh, so you just came to snatch her away from us ? She was fine with us." My father joked.

We all chatted for a little while and after that Onika and I left not after promising to come back soon and promising to Spirit and Sade that we would get them someday for a day out as they didn't want to let Nicki go.

We walked to the car in complete silence, now I knew for sure, she was mad. I opened her door for her and held my hand out to help her in but she ignored me and used the door's handle to hope in. I didn't know if I should laugh or be worried in that moment, she looked super cute when she was mad like that.

I made my way to the passenger side and got in the car myself. I buckled my seat belt and put the key in the ignition, after that I leaned over to kiss Nicki but she turned her head giving me her cheek.

"Ok, what's going on ?!" I asked getting the key out the ignition.

"Aubrey just get us home already so that I can go to sleep, I'm tired." She said after rolling her eyes at me.

"Tell me what's wrong, why you seem to be mad at me so we can talk it out and then I'll get us home." I spoke staying calm.

"What's wrong is the fact that  you lied to me, you've been lying to me for awhile now but it's whatever, it's nothing new, you are a liar I already knew that." She said shocking me,right now I couldn't help but think it was a joke.

"What did I lie to you about huh ? Onika I hope this is a joke." I said putting my hands over my face, I wasn't up for the drama.

"She's nothing you got to worry about Nika, I swear she's my sister blablabla. That is when you lied to me Aubrey. You told me that nothing ever happened between you guys and now I come to find out that you've dated the girl for years." She spoke looking right in front of her, she didn't even pick up her voice or anything she was emotionless and that is when I knew she was really pissed off.

"Nika look, I know  I should have told you but, I didn't keep it from you with malicious intentions I just wanted to avoid any unnecessary drama, India and I getting together was nothing but a youthful mistake. I don't where you got that from but it wasn't even years, it was just a fling, it meant nothing we just got lost trying to understand the feelings we had for each other but it was nothing but fraternal love and we called it quits once we understood that and we never even talked about it after it was over."

"Aubrey just shut up, I don't believe a word that is coming out of your mouth right now, matter of fact I'm not even trying to hear anything you have to say right now." She shook her head at me. I figured adding anything wouldn't be of any use so I just put the car in drive and drove us home, during the whole drive it was awfully silent and the tension between us was super thick. She seemed mad which I could understand and I was regretting not telling her about this, whatever happened between India and I truly was a mistake and never was serious, we were kids and we were stupid we thought us being so close meant something so we tried a relationship but really there was no romantic feelings and we quickly noticed it, that is why we thought it would be better not to say anything, when India came back from France, we talked about it and it was her idea not to say anything to Nicki she said that she already had a feeling Nicki wasn't too keen of her so it was for the best, us being the only two person knowing about it, I figured Nicki would never find out but obviously India changed her mind because I can't think of anyone else who could have told Nicki since absolutely nobody knows.

When we got home Onika barely waited for me to stop the car before getting out of it and running her way to the front door, she used her key to get in and shut the door behind her leaving me standing behind it. I sighed before getting my own key and getting in. I went straight to the kitchen and got a drink, I knew I was gonna need it. I got another one and sat there trying to prepare myself for the conversation I was planning on having with Onika. From where I was, I could hear her slamming doors and whatnot so I picked my glass up and I decided to go and see what she was up to. When I got up stairs I heard noise coming from our room so I went there and found her clothes on the floor, she was in the shower, I laid in bed waiting for her to get out of the shower, I guess all the noise she had made woke Ice up, he started barking and got in the bed next to me, a few minutes later she got out and went to the closet to put clothes on. Once she was dressed in a tank and some boy shorts - I guess she was too mad to just throw on one of my shirts as usual - she picked Ice up from next to me and started talking to him as she usually did totally ignoring me. She went downstairs, I guess to go get food for the dog, I got up and went to take a shower thinking it could give her some more time to calm down. When I got out of the shower I made my way to the closet where Onika was standing on a stepladder trying to get I don't even know what, I just ignored her and went on to my side of the closet to go get dressed, once I was done, I noticed she wasn't there anymore so I got out of the closet and went to look for her, it was time for that talk. I got out of our room and went to look for her downstairs but she wasn't there so I got back upstairs and I happened to come face to face with her in the corridor.

"Would you mind getting out of my way ?" She asked me holding the blanket she had in hands close to her chest.

"We need to talk Nika, please hear me out."

"Nope. I heard enough bullshit from you, I'm headed to bed now." She said trying to walk past me but I blocked her way.

"The room is the other way and Onika I am begging you, let me explain."

"I am not sleeping in the same bed as you and as I said, I do not want to hear you anymore."She answered still trying to walk past me.

"Onika please ?" I asked again.

"What ?!" She asked in a dry tone finally agreeing to look up, I opened my mouth to speak but to be honest I didn't even what to say anymore, all I could do was repeat what I had said back in the car.

"As I already told you Nika, I apologize for not telling you about whatever happened between India and I back then, I am sorry for not letting you know the truth and I want you to please forgive me, I didn't have any malicious intention, I never wanted to hurt you or anything on the contrary, the goal was to avoid this type of drama..." I was in the middle of my speech when Onika cut me off.

"I told you Aubrey, I don't want to hear none of that. You think I'm stupid ? I didn't need the bitch to tell me that something happened between y'all, this is pretty fucking obvious and believe me I tried not to be paranoid and all but now I find out that it's way more than what I thought and even now you're still lying talking about youthful mistake Aubrey when even do you stop lying ?" She said and still she wasn't showing any type of emotion be it anger or pain, she just seemed to be over it, like she seemed so disappointed. What really threw me off is the fact that she was saying that I was lying and that there was more to the story which isn't true, nothing more happened between India and I, and I am trying to come clean right now without any lies but I guess I lost her trust so she won't believe anything that comes out of my mouth, I just wonder what India told her because as I hard as I am trying I don't get what Nicki would be talking about right now.

"I'm not going to act like I'm right in all this but Onika come on, stop being stupid, you know I wouldn't do you wrong, ever. I'm not lying right now, I told you all there is to know to that story. What are you talking about ?"

"Oh, you know damn well what I am talking about, now leave me the fuck alone talking about you wouldn't do me wrong, of course you would, you are a manipulator, we are currently manipulating your own parents for God's sake. I don't even know why the fuck I would believe you, I mean that is the type of person you are." She said shaking her head at me and I think that is when I lost it, I know I was still in the wrong and I was the one to blame in all of this but her casting doubt on my whole character got me worked up.

"Really ? I am a manipulator ? Now you're just going to call my whole persona into question over this petty shit like you don't even know me ?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"Not just over that Aubrey I could make a list showing that you are a manipulator and a compulsive liar." She shrugged and then I was completely at a loss for words.

"Hell that is how we met, so you could manipulate your own parents, then you called me and lied to me so that you could manipulate me and you had me, I fell in love with your ass and then that bitch comes along and again manipulation, you tried your hardest to make us become friend, you wanted us to become friends when you knew what was going on between you two. That is how sick you are and I'm so stupid for figuring this out just now." Onika said leaving me dumb founded. I can't believe that is how she sees me right now, I hope it's just anger speaking because nothing has ever hurt me more than that.

She looked at me in the eyes with her jaw clenched and rolled her eyes before finally walking past me and making her way to the next guest room. She opened the door and got in before slamming the door shut. I decided to just let her be and make my way towards our room, When I got in there I noticed that the closet's light was on, so I went there to turn it off but that is when I noticed the opened luggage on the floor, I took a closer look and noticed some Onika's clothes in it. Knowing how impulsive she is I'm not even shocked that she would think about leaving. I took the clothes out and placed them back in their spot before putting the luggage away and then I went to bed even though I knew I wasn't gonna have any sleep that night.

Hey everyone ! It's been a while I know, this part was a hassle to write between my broken computer that I just got back, my broken finger and me starting college, it was just hard to write. But I made it people and here it is, I just hope you guys enjoy reading and please please comment to let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading me and for the comments on the last update, it goes straight to my heart.

Mucho, mucho Love, X


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