I Want You Part 13

It was quite late when Drake pulled in the driveway, he parked the car properly and looked at the twins in the back of the car. Both of them were fast asleep. Drake couldn't help the smile that formed on his lips as he saw them, of course he had to snap a picture before he unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car after he had cut the engine. He went to the back of the car and opened the door to the car, he picked up Zahirah first and luckily enough for him, her brother woke up at the shifting caused.

"Are we home yet ?" Zahir asked rubbing his eyes. 

"Yes, we are buddy, you need help to unbuckle ?" Drake asked holding Zahirah who hadn't woken up still.

"Nope." Zahir answered unbuckling his seat belt and getting out of the car right after. He followed his father towards the front door.

"Can you get the keys from my pocket please ?" Drake asked Zahir once they were standing before the door, and Zahir did as his father had asked him.

"Thanks." Drake thanked Zahir, who was trying to unlock the door. Drake could hear that Zahir was struggling but with Zahirah in his arms, he couldn't see what Zahir was doing.

"Try to turn the other way baby." Both Zahir and Drake were surprised to hear Nicki's voice behind them, they hadn't even heard her park and stop the car behind them, she walked up to them and placed her hand over Zahir's to help him unlock the door. Once the door was open, they all stepped in and took off their outdoor clothes. Once he had taken his shoes and coat off, Zahir immediately ran to Nicki and hugged her legs, until she picked him up in her arms. 

"Aww, how is my baby ?!" Nicki asked holding him tight and rocking him from side to side.

"I missed you." Zahir said, kissing Nicki's cheek.

"And I missed you even more." Nicki said setting him down on his feet.

"You look very pretty." Zahir spoke looking at Nicki who was still all dolled up after the photo shoot.

"Aww, thank you." Nicki answered stroking his wild curls, she was happy to see how fast his hair was growing back, as she looked at him right then he was literally killing her with cuteness.

"Can you put him down to bed while I put Zahirah down ?!" Drake asked as he had finally managed to get her coat and shoes off, she had barely stired the whole time which wasn't even surprising to him she was just as much of a heavy sleeper as he was.

"Of course." Nicki smiled at him as she walked towards him to kiss him.

"Come on baby, let's get you ready for bed." Nicki said grabbing Zahir's hand. They headed upstairs and proceeded to get him ready for bed, he brushed his teeth and put his pajamas on, after that Nicki braided his hair and settled him in his bed, once he was settled in his bed and tucked in, Nicki took a seat next to him, so that they could exchange a few words before he'd fall asleep, they hadn't seen each other all day.

"How was your day baby ?" Nicki asked Zahir who pouted in response.

"Not bad, we watched TV and took a nap and we went to the place where you see big fishes." Zahir explained without enthusiasm.

"Oh, that's cool. How'd you like the aquarium, I was planning on taking you guys before we left." Nicki expressed and Zahir sighed.

"It was boring, Zin... I mean mommy is boring, we just saw lots of fishes and that was it." Zahir explained with a pout.

"Oh..." Was all Nicki could say, she didn't really know what to say after that. 

"I prefer when we stay with you Nicki, I don't want to go stay with her tomorrow." Zahir said looking at Nicki with puppy dog eyes, she was at a loss for words, she felt like running to find Zineb and punch her in the face for making her baby feel that way and also she wanted to promise him that she'd keep him away from that wicked witch, but she couldn't say such things, she had to stay cold headed.

"I hear you baby, but this is not a decision I can make, we'll talk to your father tomorrow and see what him and your mother say ok ?" Nicki explained, figuring it was the best thing to do if she really wanted to stick to her plan and step back of this whole situation, even though it made her feel like she was betraying Zahir and letting him down, she really felt like stepping back and letting his parents make the decisions regarding when and where Zineb could see him and his sister was the best thing to do.

"Ok." Zahir nodded. Obviously not satisfied with the answer Nicki had given him.

"Good, now it's time for you to sleep alright ?" Nicki spoke smiling at Zahir who smiled back and held his arms out. Nicki leaned in to hug him, she held him tight, trying to show him how much she loved him and show him that she was still on his side.

"Oh, I almost forgot, guess what I found ?" Nicki asked releasing Zahir from the hug so that she could see his face.

"What ?" he asked with a smile reflecting the one Nicki was harboring.

"Hold on." Nicki spoke as she rose from the bed and walked towards the toy box, she picked something out of it and hid it behind her back, she walked back towards the bed.

"You're ready ?" Nicki asked and Zahir nodded wondering what surprise she could have for him. 

"Tada!!" Nicki said, getting the stuffed animal from behind her back. 

"Fuzzy !!!!" Zahir almost shouted happy to see his stuffed lion, he had lost it a few days prior and was very sad about it.

"Thank you Nicki, you are the best." Zahir expressed getting the lion from Nicki, who was also smiling from ear to ear.

"You're welcome baby, now time to sleep." Nicki said leaning in to give Zahir a last kiss. After that she made sure she had let the night light on and left the room making sure the door was slightly open. Afterwards she walked to Zahirah's room and could see Drake kissing her goodnight through the cracked open door. She quietly walked in and made her presence known only after Drake had wished Zahirah a good night. Nicki kissed the little girl in her turn and wished her good night, Zahirah was already miles away as she mumbled something that neither Drake nor Nicki understood as an answer. They smiled at that and then walked out of the room hand in hand.

"Why is it everytime you disapear in the middle of day, you come back home all dolled up like that ?" Drake asked wrapping his arms around Nicki once they were out of Zahirah's room.

"I might start thinking there is something going on." Drake joked brushing his hand through her hair.

"Don't be silly, I was just out at a photo shoot with Amber and Chyna and they talked me into taking a few pictures that's it." Nicki shrugged him off walking away towards their bedroom.

"Amber and Chyna ? Since when do you hang out with Amber and Chyna ? And since when do you do photoshoots ? What was it even for ?" Drake asked all the questions that ran through his head as he heard that.

"Well, I met Amber not long ago, at the salon. you know that afternoon I took off ? And I just met Chyna today. I didn't actually plan on  taking pictures I was just there as a spectator and they convinced me to take a few pictures. It was fun." Nicki explained walking into the bathroom followed by Drake.

"Interesting." Was all he said as he leaned back on the wall crossing his arms over his chest.

"Interesting why ?" Nicki asked looking at him.

"Because!" Drake shrugged and Nicki just rolled her eyes at him.

"Anyways how was your day ?" She asked.

"Tiring, with everything I had to do." Drake explained with a sigh. "Did you catch the interview between two pictures?" he asked and Nicki shook her head at him.

"Of course I did, what kind of girlfriend do you think I am? We watched it with the girls, you had me blushing and everything." She answered walking towards him and wrapping her arms around his neck, she had to stand on the tip of her toes to do so and Drake took that occasion to swip her off the floor. She wrapped her legs around him.

"I was blushing myself the whole time." Drake answered laughing at himself.

"You were great. I bet I'm the only one who noticed." Nicki laughed.

"Did you really mean what you said ?" Nicki asked as she brought her hand to the top of his head and started softly stroking his hair.

"Of course I did. I'm crazy about you babygirl, I love everything about you and I promise, I'll do anything in my power to keep you happy and keep you with me for ever." Drake spoke sincerly looking Nicki in the eyes, she tried not to let that single tear roll down her cheek but it was too late already. Drake brought his hand to her cheek and wiped it away, only for it to be replaced by another one and eventually there was a flood of tears rolling down Nicki's cheeks that Drake tried to wipe away to the best if his ability.

"Hey, what's going on?" Drake asked Nicki as she hid her face in the crook of his neck.

"Nothing, I just love you so much." Nicki spoke softly as her hold onto him tightened.

"And I love you even more." Drake spoke rubbing her back as he walked them to the bed where he took a seat leaning on the headboard.

"I don't think you even realise how much I love you and how grateful I am to have you. You and the twins are my greatest blessings." Drake said looking Nicki in the eyes as he was holding her face in his hands.

"And I thank god everyday for putting you guys on my path. I don't think you realise how much I love you and how grateful I am to have you guys in my life either." Nicki answered before leaning in for a kiss. Drake met her halfway and they shared the most passionate kiss. They pulled away when air became an issue and just stared in each other's eyes. What Nicki wasn't saying and the reason why it all made her that emotional was the fact that ever since Zineb made her apparition or rather her come back in their lives, Nicki always felt like she was the fifth wheel, she felt like she was loosing the people she loved the most, she felt like she was simply getting replaced and like neither the kids or Drake cared about her and whereas she could understand that the twins would put their mother on such a pedestal and put her aside, she couldn't take it from Drake. She tried not to let it show but truly it was crushing her how he had no backbone when it came to Zineb and how he was always kind and gullible before her after all she had done in the past. Nicki was the first person to want the past to stay in the past but she just couldn't understand his behavior and what was the most hurtful had to be the fact that he almost never defended her when she needed it and always would give Zineb the benefit of the doubt instead, making her feel like Zineb was right and that she was nothing more than the nanny. You could say that she didn't feel loved anymore, as nothing was done by anyone to show that love to her. But earlier when she watched that interview and saw how his eyes were sparkling just when talking about her and when she noticed how he was slightly blushing and the alluring smile that graced his lips, she could only be reassured and feel the love, and for him to assert his love for her in front of the whole wide world like that completely reassured her, that is why she couldn't hold back her tears when he told her how much he loved her and in that moment as he looked in her eyes it just felt home peace, it felt like she had regained her place and everything was falling back into place. 
Drake could feel that there was something she wasn't telling him, she was just bad at hiding her emotions from him, she could hide them perfectly from everyone else around her but from him it was just impossible, he just had to take a look at her. He knew she wasn't telling him everything, he knew there was more behind her tears but he also knew they were happy tears and he knew that in that moment she was happy and that's all he wanted. He didn't want to ruin the moment and if there was something she needed to share he would definitely not pressure her into doing so and would wait for her to be ready and share it.   

"Why are you looking at me like that ?" Nicki asked with a chuckle.

"Nothing, you are just so gorgeous." Drake answered smiling from ear to ear.

"Thank you handsome." Nicki answered with an even brighter smile.

"Now why are you staring at me like that ?!" Drake asked Nicki right before he noticed the glimpse in her eyes letting him know what she had inmind.

"What ?!" Drake asked raising a brow though he knew exactly what that glimpse in her eyes meant.

"I want you." Nicki let out just above a whisper leaning in to kiss his lips but Drake pulled away before asking :

"How bad ?"

"Well I think, I can show you better than I can tell you." Nicki spoke in a sultry voice as she got on top of him straddling him and causing him to lay down so that she was laying on top of him.  She brought her head right above his and slowly leaned in for a kiss and at the moment their lips came in contact they both felt that shock, it felt like the first time all over again. Once they pulled away from the kiss, it wasn't long before Nicki's lips were attached to Drake's neck and his fingers were entangled in her hair.

"I think I like where this is going." Drake answered before he flipped them over so that he was on top over making Nicki giggle.


The next morning both Drake and Nicki were so tired that they didn't even get up on time, the twins who had been awake for a while decided on waking them up as they were hungry. Once both adults were up Nicki and Drake went on to cook breakfast while the twins watched some more cartoons, later on when they all had had their breakfast together with Clarissa who had joined them, everyone went on to their morning routine. Nicki and Clarissa were the last ones to do so as they took care of cleaning the kitchen. When Nicki was hoping in the shower Drake was already dressed and was about to go check on the twins. Once she was ready for the day Nicki got back downstairs and in the living where everyone was. She arched a brow as she  noticed that Drake was still sitting there with the kids, he should have been gone by then with his crazy schedule. Lately he tried to start on his day as early as possible so that he wouldn't get home too late. Nicki made her way towards the couch and sat on it right next to Drake who grabbed her legs and laid them on his lap.

"May I ask you what does your schedule look like today ? I thought you' be gone by now." Nicki spoke looking at Drake who smiled at her.

"My schedule looks very clear today." Drake answered with a smile, reflecting Nicki's.

"That sounds amazing. Does it mean we have the honor to actually spend some quality time with the one and only Drizzy Drake ?!" Nicki asked pointing at herself and the twins.

"Well, they are supposed to spend the day with their mother but you, you got all of me baby girl." Drake said causing Nicki to give a wide smile but it soon faded when she saw Zahir's face. The way he was looking at her just said 'Nicki don't do that to me.' Her smile dropped as well as Drake's and when he noticed what direction Nicki was watching in, he turned his head and was met with his son's pouty face. That's when he knew something was up. 

"Mind if I talk to you real quick ?" Nicki asked standing up and outstretching her hand for Drake to grab. He grabbed it and they got up to go to the kitchen.

"What's up ?!" Drake asked crossing his arms over his chest as he stood in the middle of the kitchen. Nicki hated when he did that, especially when she was about to tackle that subject, just by his posture he made it clear that this was not going to end up well. 

"Well Aubrey, the kids were with their mother yesterday already and as much as I want them to have the best relationship possible with her, I think they should spend the day with us today, after all it's you first day off since I don't know how long and probably your last of the summer." Nicki let out in one breath finally deciding against abording the fact that Zahir didn't want to see his mother period. She figured they'd tackle that issue later on, right then everything was going too well and she didn't want to blow it all. 

"Makes sense. I'd love that. I just need to call up Zineb and see if she's ok with that." Drake shrugged. 

"Good." Nicki smiled.

"What is it you are not telling me ?" Drake asked with a chuckle, it was funny to him that she would even imagine he didn't notice how she was acting.

"Nothing." Nicki shrugged.

"Ok, then do you want to tell me about those little glances between Zay and yourself?" Drake asked and Nicki sighed. Even if she could, she didn't want to lie to him.

"Well, first of all, I'm just the messenger ok ?" Nicki asked looking at Drake who was still standing in the same spot with his arms crossed. He nodded waitting for her to speak. 

"Zahir doesn't want to see his mother at all. Last night he told me he'd rather stay with me." Nicki spoke looking down at her feet.

"What did you answer ?" Drake asked finally uncrossing his arms as his face softened a little. 

"I told him it wasn't a decision for me to make and that I'd talk to you and see." Nicki answered taking a quick glance at Drake only to go back to looking down at her feet.

 Drake took notice of her pouting, he walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her body bringing her close to him. He could tell she was feeling somewhat bad but there was no reason for her to feel bad, she had done nothing but be there and do what she was supposed to do the whole time it wasn't her fault Zahir took such a liking to her, and if he was being honest, Drake would say he was expecting such a thing to happen, Zineb could have went to get the moon and brought it back to the kids it would have changed nothing. Nicki was the first and only mother figure they had before Zineb suddenly popped up out of no where, they loved Nicki so much and she occupies such an important place in their lives its to the point where they once thought she was their mother so he knew for sure that this type of things would happen and also he might have been absent a lot due to work and that might have given everybody from the kids and Nicki to Zineb the impression that he was completely oblivious to what was happening in his own family but he wasn't, at least not completely. He was observing, he might have never noticed that Zineb was playing him and was ready to stab him not in his back but right in his chest as soon as she'd have the occasion to do so, but he had taken notice of his son's behaviour, he had taken notice of how Nicki was feeling down in spite of all she tried to do to hide  how down she was, and he had even taken notice of what nobody saw, his princess was more confused than ever, she had such a strong character, and was so sensitive yet so bad at showing and expressing her emotions, she was partly like him so he knew that the way she was starting to reject Nicki and cling onto her mother was just her way to say 'I am not ok.' It was her way to send Nicki a signal, tell her that she loved her and that she thought of her to be her mother, he knew in a way what Zahirah was trying to do was make Nicki jealous, maybe the little girl herself wasn't even aware of what she was doing, but he knew. And he also knew that it would never work, Nicki was so selfless in all this and loved the twins so much, she would never be that jealous and stoop that low, all that was going to cause was for her to feel even more bad and beat herself up even more. Drake saw all that, he could read them all like open books, he knew them so well, he could feel all that pain and confusion from the three persons he loved the most yet he was unable to do anything. What was he to do ? Prevent the kids from seeing their own mother all of a sudden like that, and proclaim that she was out fo their life for good after he had let her in himself ? and then go on to proclaim Nicki their mother and move on ?! That was just not possible, sometimes he wished it was all that simple. But stopping the cycle he had started himself by letting Zineb get back in their lives just wouldn't be that simple and he knew it. He just wished this was just time for them to adjust and that once they get back to New York and everyone gets back to his normal life then things would fall into place more easily after all it had only been roughly two months, they needed more time to adapt to the situation or so he tried to reassure. But now hearing from Nicki's mouth that Zahir said what he said just made him wonder about completely stopping the gears and sending Zineb back to where she came from and go back to what they had.

"What are you thinking about ?" Nicki spoke snatching Drake out of his thoughts, she had been watching him think for a while she knew he was lost in his thoughts when his arms tightened around her and he didn't speak at all. 

"Nothing. I'll call Neb and tell her I want to spend the day with the kids today and she can keep them tomorrow and the day after, that way she spends our two last days here with them and you can enjoy your last days of summer. I'll talk to Zahir." Drake spoke and Nicki nodded in agreement. She could feel that something was off, he could tell something was off, but neither one of them wanted to point it out. It was a consensus, they were going to spend at least that day in peace, as if nothing was wrong and they'd deal with what was to come later on. They just needed that one moment for all of them to be happy and carefree even though there was that odd gut feeling they both had and that wouldn't leave their minds.

"I got a surprise for you." Drake said as he released Nicki from the hug randomly jumping onto another subject, to ease the tension and try to erase that feeling of    something bad looming ahead of them.

"What is it? Where is it?" Nicki asked as her eyes opened widely and she started clapping like a child. In those moments when he looked at her Drake always felt like there was no way his happiness could be tarnished.

"I'm afraid you have to be a bit more patient." Drake spoke as he grabbed Nicki's hand and they started walking back to the living room where the twins were.

"Hey monsters!" Drake called to the twins who stopped playing and started paying him attention.

"Change of plans, you guys are staying with Nicki and I today, and we are all going to the beach." Drake exclaimed and the twins cheered up. Zahir was way more enthusiastic than Zahirah was of course and he ran towards Nicki who picked him up.

"I'm glad to see y'all happy, but how about we all go get ready ?" Drake spoke clapping in his hands and got Zahir from Nicki's arms. 

"You can get Rarah ready while I take care of little man right here." Drake spoke to Nicki and kissed her cheek before walking away with Zahir in his arms.

Drake and Zahir got upstairs to the little boy's bedroom and Drake put him down on his own two feet. Zahir was smart enough to get that this was the time his father would choose to talk about what he knew Nicki had told him, thus, he didn't even go towards his closet, he went to sit on his bed and waitted for his father to speak. As he expected Drake sat on the bed next to him and resituated his son so that they were facing one another.

"How are you doing little man ?" Drake asked not really knowing how to start this conversation.

"Good." Zahir answered looking up at his father.

"How was it at your mother's yesterday ?" Drake asked.

"It was ok, I guess but I like it better here, with you and with Nicki and Clarissa also." Zahir explained looking down this time.

"That's what I understood yeah." Drake sighed.

"Do you think you can tell me why? I thought you enjoyed spending time with your mother." Drake tried to understand.

"She's cool, but she's not as nice as Nicki is daddy. I think Nicki loves me more and I love Nicki more dad. Zineb, I mean my mom, she gets mean sometimes plus she prefers Zahirah." Zahir finally let out what he had on his mind and Drake looked at him, he was shocked to hear that but then again he had seen it coming.

"It's ok to call her Zineb, if you're not comfortable saying mommy." Drake explained first before going on. "And what do you mean she gets mean?" Drake asjed worried, it was already disturbing enough that an outgoing kid like Zahir wouldn't want to see someone and now for him to say that Zineb would get mean to him just worried Drake who was ready to go find her and show her what he was made of but he knew he needed to stay calm so that this conversation would go as smoothly as possible.

"Well, she screams and I don't like how she speaks to us, she says mean stuff about Nicki too." Zahir said and Drake was a bit reassured, Zineb screaming and being a bit harsh was probably due to her not being used to deal with children at all and her badmouthing Nicki was nothing new so it was all less than the crazy stuff he had just imagined but still he knew he needed to set her straight and he was planning on doing it as soon as possible. What surprised Drake the most was that amount of affection and care Zahir seemed to have for Nicki.

"You don't like what she says about Nicki ?" Drake asked with a chuckle.

"No." Zahir vigourusly shook his head no.

"Would you feel better if I talked to her and asked her to scream less and not to speak about Nicki at all ?" Drake asked Zahir who seemed to be thinking about the offer.

"That would be cool, but I have an idea." Zahir hesitated and Drake chuckled at him.

"And what would that be ?" Drake asked chuckling at his son's sudden enthusiasm.

"I'll tell you later." Zahir backed up after some reflxion and was about to raiseater." Zahir backed up after some reflxion and was about to raise from the bed when Drake stopped him.

"There's one more thing I have to say. I want you to listen carefully alright?" Drake asked and Zahir nodded.

"No matter what happens while you are with your mother I want you to come and tell me alright, never be scared to tell me anything, you come to me or Nicki and tell us whenever you feel like something is wrong and we will deal with it. And last thing, you know I love you right ?" Drake asked and Zahir nodded with a smile before throwing himself at his father's neck and trying his best to wrap his arms around his frame. Drake warpped his arms around his son as well and picked him up from the bed.

"Now let's go pack your bag. We don't want the girls to be ready before us." Drake said running towards the closet as he placed Zahir on his back making the little boy laugh. 

Meanwhile Nicki and Zahirah were still going through the little girl's many swimsuits trying to find the perfect one for her to wear. Basically they were all the same style, but Zahirah was just being very picky that day for some reason. 

"How about we choose your sandals and the rest of your outfit first and then we can come back to the swimsuits later." Nicki spoke up as she was sitting indian style on the floor.

"Yes, we can do that." Zahirah nodded and went further into her closet to go get a few dresses so they could pick one from the selection that's how they always  proceeded. Nicki sat there on her phone while waitting for Zahirah to get back, to be quite honest she was ill at ease in that moment, it was crazy the level of tension she could feel in the room, she never thought she could get such a feeling from a kid and feel this rejected and especially from Zahirah, it was crazy. She felt sad, it was very hurtful to feel rejected by the little girl considering the strong bond they had come to form but if anything Nicki was angry not at Zahirah of course but at who she knew was pulling the strings namely Zineb, she was the only person to blame in all this. As Nicki was thinking, Zahirah came back with a pile of dresses and dropped them all on the floor before sitting indian style facing Nicki and picking up one of the many dresses.

"They are all pretty but I think I want to wear that one." Zahirah said showing the dress to Nicki, a dress Nicki had never seen and thought to be a little too much to wear to the beach but she knew better than to say it that way.

"Good choice, but what do you think of that one?" Nicki asked picking a dress in her turn, trying to sound as cheerful as possible. But all she got was a pouty face and Zahirah shook her head no. Nicki pointed at other sundresses to try and get Zahirah's mind off the one she had in her hands but it was no use.

"Nicki, I want to wear this one. It's pretty! And my mommy bought it for me." Zahirah spoke putting an end to the discussion and Nicki sighed, she would have told Zahirah to stop being that stubborn and explained to her that the dress wasn't adequate for a day at the beach under 85 degrees but she decided against it trying to avoid any altercation. 

"Fine." Nicki spoke picking up the rest of the dresses and going to put them back in their place, tidying the mess Zahirah had made also, she then got two pairs of sandals for Zahirah to pick from so that it'd be faster and did the same for the swimsuits and then she got a small bag and put the necessary stuff for the day before going back to the room where she found Zahirah sitting on the same spot waitting, 'who spoilt her that much?' Nicki asked herself but then shook her head knowing she was just as much to blame as Drake was. She set the bag down and presented Zahirah with the shoes and swimswuits to choose from, that time it was way easier as she didn't have much choice. Once Zahirah had chosen Nicki helped her get undressed and redressed and then she helped the little girl to her chair at the small dressing table so that she could start on her hair.

"What would like me to do with your hair today?" Nicki asked almost chanting which made Zahirah laugh, it was the first time in days that she laughed with Nicki. 

"Erm..." Zahirah pouted as she thought getting serious again.

"Just like you." Zahirh spoke with enthusiasm as she pointed at Nicki's bun which warmed Nicki's heart as it took her back to those times in the beginning where Zahirah would want them to wear matching outfits and look the same, lately she had started to take her mother as example more instead of Nicki. 

"Well then a bun it is." Nicki spoke and applied herself to making a nice bun that sat nicely on the top of the little girl's head being careful so that it'd be loose enough not to hurt nor look weird or too polished. Once she was done she let Zahirah look at herself some more so thar she could decide if she liked it or not.

"Come closer please." Zahirah asked and Nicki did so, bringing her face closer to the little girl's. Zahirah observed both buns before deciding that she was stisfied with hers.

"Great!" She clapped before kissing Nicki's cheek and getting off her chair, she put her shoes on and grabbed her sunglasses before granbing Nicki's hand.

"Now your turn!" She cheered leading Nicki to her and Drake's room.

Though she wasn't complaining about it Nicki didn't quite understand this change on her behaviour but then she understood that it was just all linked to attention, Zahirah craved Nicki's attention and that's why she'd act the way she did, the moment she knew all the attention was on her she softened up. Once they got to the master bedroom, Nicki plaid along and let Zahirah chose her outfit and got dressed. She tanked god Zahirah already had a sense of fashion for her age and paid a lot of mind to her looks, she knew if she had let Zahir choose her outfit for example it would have been a whole other stroy.

"You look very pretty." Zahirah said as she looked at Nicki who smiled back at her."

"Thank you my little ladybug." Nicki answered before hugging Zahirah and picking her up so that they could go join the boys, they could hear them downstairs playing.

"We are ready." Nicki exclaimed as they reached the bottom of the stairs. 

"Look at the two most beautiful girls on Earth." Drake spoke getting his phone to snap the undredth picture of he day.

"You are worse than a paparazzi Aubrey, you need to stop." Nicki said setting Zahirah down on the ground and rolling her eyes at him. 

"You think so?" He asked leaning for a kiss which Nicki didn't refuse as much as she wanted to and out of nowhere there was a flash. 

"Well, you're right cause I am." Drake answered chuckling and alreading fixing to post both pictures on his Instagram.

"You are so freaking annoying I swear." Nicki said pushing Drake's face away.

"Quit complaining Nic, people like me live for those Instagram posts." Clarissa spoke securing her purse on her shoulder.

"Whatever, where are you going?" Nicki asked raising a brow.

"I'm meeting up with an old friend.. To.. Catch up." Clarissa affirmed but it sounded more like a question, she quickly made her way out the house before having to answer any further question. 

"I bet that old friend name's Noah." Nicki shook her head.

"We both know." Drake snickered at that.

"Ok now let's get going, you guys can start getting in the car, while I make this phone call real quick." Drake spoke and Nicki knew he was about to call Zineb.

"Alright." She answered and side v v v v hugged him for support before she and the twins headed towards the car.

Drake took a deep breath as he dialed the number on his phone, he put the phone to his ear and waited for Zineb to pick up.

"Hi Aubrey." She spoke in the most cheerful tone.

"Hi, Neb." Drake answered not as cheerful as Zineb was.

"Am I late to get the kids ?" Nebby asked checking the time on her watch, she though she still had some time ahead of her.

"No, no, not at all, actually I was calling about that." Drake spoke.

"About the kids? What's wrong?" Zineb asked.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong, I was just wondering, would you mind if I kept them with me today? Came to find out, that  I had a day off today and I was thinking of spending it with them." Drake answered of course not mentioning Nicki on purpose.

"Oh, I see, well I guess it' ok, it is a good think actually, I'm glad y'all get to spend some time together." Zineb spoke perfectly hiding her annoyance, Drake might hadn't mention it, but she knew Nicki would spend the day with them as well, with her children and the man she wanted, she knew Nicki would get to spend the day with her family and that pissed her off.

"Great, I can bring them over tomorrow, to compensate if you want to." Drake offered.

"Yeah, that'd be great, I was eager to see them." Zineb answered.

"Cool, so that's a plan, I'll drop them off tomorrow and we can take some time to talk also, there is something we need to discuss." Drake told Zineb who frowned.

"Is there any problem I need to know of?" Zineb asked and Drake told her no, explained that it was nothing major and that they'll talk about it later on. After that they said their goodbyes and hung up the phone.

After hanging up, Zineb  threw her phone on the bed and got the other one she got to her contact list which was very short, indeed there was only one number saved in there. She pressed call and brought the phone to her ear.

"What do you want again?" The man asked obviously annoyed.

"We have to start making moves right now, she is taking them from me. I can't let her." She frantically spoke in the phone her voice shaking a bit.

"What's wrong with you? You need to chill, we said we'd start moving in a month, that's what we'll do, I don't want to loose all my chances just because of your crazy ass!" The man spoke firmly but Zineb wasn't having it.

'Listen to me carefully you bastard, if you have any chances, or ever had any its thanks to me, I won't let you run me over again, you hear me, I could play on my own and you'd loose every single chance you have, so you shut the fuck up and do what I tell you to do alright ?! You and your dumb ass talking about loosing your chances." Zineb started to rant.

"OK! OK! Shut the fuck up would you?! I'll do what I got to do alright? And you, you better chill a bit before he starts noticing that you are a crazy psycho." The man said before hanging up at her face.

Zineb threw that phone away also and picked the other one back up, she turned off all the lights in the apartment and with the blinds being down, she was almost in the dark, she opened her laptop and went to her routine, perfecting her plot as usual and of course she had her phone close by, so that she could stalk Drake, she had many accounts on all the social networks possible passing for a fan, so that she could stalk him and know of his every move. She checked his Instagram, which she hadn't checked before that day, and what she saw made her even more angry, she saw the pictures Drake had posted earlier, the one where Nicki had Zahirah in her arms captioned 'My girls' and then there was that picture where Drake and Nicki kissed and which only had a heart with arrow emoji alongside a crown emoji for caption. As she waas staring at that picture, she got a notification that Drake had posted a new video on Instagram. She didn't wait two seconds to go and watch it, for her dismay, she saw Zahir sitting in the car next to his sister in the backseat, laughing about God knows what and then the camera turned towards Drake who was behind the wheel, the car apparently stopped at a red light or whatnot. Drake was acting dumb making the twins laugh some more and you could hear Nicki's infamous cackle. Her face never appeared on the video as she was obviously the one holding the camera. There was no caption on that video except for some emojis again. That was the more Zineb thought she could take. She was literally going crazy as she was about to throw her phone into the wall, it started ringing and when she saw that it was her sister she picked up and her whole demeanor shifted.

"Hi Kenza, how are you ?! It's been a while. I've been trying to reach you." She spoke trying to sound both cheerful yet ill at ease as she should.

"I know, I'm sorry for setting you aside like that but I was pissed off at you and I think you can understand that." Kenza spoke and Zineb rolled her eyes and repressed a chuckle.

"I definitely do understand, the way I left New York was just crazy, and then never admitting to it, I get why you don't want to talk to me lately, I shouldn't have fled like that, sorry, I was just so hurt and I felt like running away. But there won't be no more of that, as you know I've rekindled with my children and I think I owe them that, don't you agree?"

"I do, and I really hope it all works out this time Neb, anyways, I have to go Kayan needs me, I was just calling to say sorry for leaving you hanging like that and don't worry you know my door will always be open for you. I'll do anything to  help you built a relationship with your children." Kenza spoke softly and after faking tears and thanking her almost too much Zineb hang up the phone and had to laugh at her sister's credulity. Anyways she was happy, she now had what she wanted, she could stay at her sister's house when they would all be back in N.Y which was a good thing for her plan, Drake had a lot of trust in Kenza and logically enough if she managed to show that Kenza trusted her, it would all just make her more credible in Drake's eyes. Her plan was taking shape little by little. But she needed to go further and make ot perfect  very soon.


"Had you told me two months ago, while sitting right here in this spot that, this would be how our summer would go, I would have flown all of us back home." Drake joked messing with the sand as he and Nicki sat down on a towel chatting as they watched the twins play in the water.

"Common don't be so dramatic, it wasn't that bad." Nicki rolled her eyes at him.

"I really don't wan't to go there today and right now but I have to say I almost though she was gonna manage to break us at some point." Drake spoke as his gaze was set on the horizon. 

Nicki snuggled close to him.

"To be quite honest, I thought she would too, and that is like my worth nightmare, but I promised myself not to let her take my family away from me and therefore I won't let her, as long as we make sure we don't let her break us, she won't." Nicki smiled at him, and kissed his cheek.

"You're right, we're not letting nothing get in between us." Drake spoke wrapping an arm around Nicki.

"Hey, where's taht surprise you told me about earlier ?" Nicki  asked suddenly scooting further to look at him as she remembered what he had told her before they leftthe house.

"I'm afraid you haven't been patient enough yet." Drake answered with a slight smirk amused at the pout she was wearing."

"Why would you tell me that early then, you know I hate having to wait." She pouted even more before snuggling back close to him and hiding her face in his chest.

"I promise it is worth the wait though." Drake spoke wrapping an arm around her. In the distance he could see the twins playing in the water and could see their happy faces and see them laughing, in this moment he was content andcouldn't ask for more.

Later, that day, the twins, Nicki and Drake were just getting out of the car, the kids were a bit tired and would probably need to rest a little bit before carrying on for the day but they hadn't fall asleep during the car ride back home, which Nicki and Drake were grateful for, that way they woudn't have to carry them, along with the bags and everything else.

"You guys need to get in the shower right away." Nicki commented as she noticed the sand on the backseats when she helped the twins unbuckle their seatbelts. But it was too late, they had already ran towards the front door and got in the house as Clarissa had heard them arriving and opened the door to let them in. 

"Them kids." Both Drake and her said at the same time shaking their heads at the twins. 

They made their way inside the house as well, following after the kids, as they stepped in the house Drake's phone rang and he excused himself before picking up and walking away to talk. 

"What's with that nigga ? Why does he need to be alone to talk over the phone?" Nicki wondered, making Clarissa laugh at her jaleaous behaviour.

"You know damn well you ain't got nothing to worry about." Clarissa spoke as they both plopped down on the couch.

"How was your day?" Clarissa asked Nicki who went on and told her about their day.

"What about you, how is Noah, I haven't seen him in a while." Nicki inquired and Clarissa started smiling sheepishly.

"He's good, he's such a sweetheart, guess where he took me today?" Clarissa started before realizing what she had just said, she gasped and stopped talking.

"Sooo, I was right! How comes you never told me?" Ncki inquired.

"Because there is nothing to talk about actually, I don't really know what there is between us, we've been hanging out, a lot, but there is absolutely nothing to tell, we're just friends." Clarissa shrugged, she seemed to be somewhat disappointed and Nicki noticed that.

"And you want to be more than just friends right?!"  Nicki pointed out.

"I guess yeah." Clarissa said smiling unassumingly. 

"Well then what are you waiting for, make yo..." Nicki started when she was interrupted when Drake walked in the room

"What are we whispering about?" He asked sitting on the couch next to Nicki and Clarissa, knowing damn well, the three of them couldn't fit on it.

"Nothing your big ass head needs to be concerned with." Clarissa spoke up.

"Why so hostile ? I guess we're whispering about Noah then." Drake spoke and Clarissa's cheeks immediately turned red causing Nicki to laugh.

"I can't stand y'all!" Clarissa spoke getting up and leaving the room all together.

"Who was that on the phone?" Nicki asked turning to Drake.

"No one your big ass head needs to be concerned with." Drake answered.

Nicki kissed her teeth in annoyance and playfully hit his chest.

"Your big ass head needs to be concerned with giving the twins their bath right now;" She said getting up from the couch.Drake followed suit and caught up to her as she was making her way towards the stairs, he grabbed her hand and they climbed up the stairs hand in hand before going their separate ways when they reached the top, Drake went towards the kids' rooms in order to give them their bath and Nicki made her way towards their room so that she could go take a shower herself and get rid of all that sand. After her shower Nicki quickly got dressed, she just threw on whatever she came across, she threw her hair up in ponytail and after that she went to look for everyone else, she founded the kids playing outside in the yard enjoying the L.A sunny weather, they happily greeted her and invited her to play with them. Moments later, Drake who had went to take a shower as well, appeared in the backyard and told everyone he had a news for them.

"Y'all need to go get ready. We are going to see the game."

"The game ? What game ?" Nicki asked slightly confused.

"The basketball game, clippers / nets." Drake answered as if it was obvious, Zahir jumped up in the air and in his father's arms whereas Zahirah staid unbothered as she plaid with Nicki's hair.

"I hate basketball Aubrey." Nicki whined and Zahirah who was playing with her hair rose her head to speak.

"Me too, I don't want to go."

"You're both coming with us, end of conversation." Drake answered flashing them a smile.

"Ok, daddy." Zahirah sighed going back to faking doing Nicki's hair.

"Alright daddy." Nicki shrugged. "Can I talk to you real quick though ?" Nicki asked before getting up and Drake followed her.

"What is it ?"  Drake asked wrapping his arms around Nicki who leaned against the kitchen counter.

"A basketball game really ? Us the kids, and the medias and everyone else ? What are you thinking ?" Nicki looked at him as if he was crazy.

"I'm thinking my son has been begging me to take him to a basketball game for months and I have the occasion to take him now so I'm taking him." Drake stated.

"Alrigh, that's sweet of you and I know for sure he appreciates that but..."

"But nothing I got it under control, look the whole world knows about us, everyone has accepted it and now that this is out of the way it's time to bring the children in the picture. Right now we just take them out in public so people see more ans more of them then more questions are being asked and then big announcement." Drake exposed his plan.

"Big announcement, huh ? Are you sure about all that ?" Nicki asked him unsure.

"Yes I am, I told you, I got it under control." Drake reassured her.

"If you say so, then I trust you." Nicki spoke. "How much time do we got to get ready ,"

"About an hour, Drake answered after a quick glance at his watch. And Nicki pushed him off her immediately.

"An hour ? How am I supposed to get them plus me ready in an hour ?" Nicki said walking towards the patio with Drake following her.

"You just go get ready, I'll deal with them."

"Good, let's do that." Nicki said turning around to go upstairs. "And you better make sure my babies aren't dressed like bums alright, they gotta look good before the cameras." She carried on as she made her way up the stairs, Drake couldn't help laughing at her antics. He made his way back to the backyard and asked the twins to follow him upstairs so that they could all go get ready, they had already taken their bath so all there was to do was pick out an outfit for each one of them, and get them dressed, he didn't even bother trying to deal with their hair, he figured waiting for Nicki to do that was the best thing to do. Once he was done with getting them dressed he lead them to his and Nicki's room where they found Nicki finishing up on her hair.

"You take so much taking ready." Drake interjected, causing Nicki to roll her eyes at him.

"What do you want?" She asked showing her annoyance with him, she wasn't too happy about going to a basketball game in the first place and then he had the nerve to press her.

"I don't want anything, but the kids would greatly appreciate it if you'd do their hair, they don't want to look like bums before the cameras." Drake spoke causing Nicki to roll her eyes once more.

"We all know we would look like bums if it was daddy who did our hair." Zahirah spoke under her breath shaking her head as she sat on the bed.

At that both Nicki and Zahir burst out laughing.

"What was that now little girl? Would you like me to try and do your hair so we can see?" He asked raising a brow at his daughter who shook her head no, hiding her head behind her hands.

"Leave my girl alone Aubrey." Nicki came to Zahirah's rescue and rose from her seat as she was done with her own hair, she picked Zahirah up and brushed her hair away from her face, and started kissing all over her face.

"She's right, they would definitly look like bums if you were to even try doing their hair." Nicki spoke as she started on braiding Zahirah's hair, she figured she'd just go for pigtail cornrows. She knew Zahirah loved them and that way she'd be ready for bed right when they'd get home. Once she was done, she did the same for Zahir and they were all ready to go.


"That bitch!" Zineb cursed before moving on o the next page of the pile of papers she had in front of her. She was yet again plotting, she was determined to get rid of who she thought was the only obstacle standing in her way, she'd do anything to overcome that obstacle, and that person was no one other than Nicki.

She grabbed the bottle of liquor that was sitting on the table and after taking a good gulp from it, she sat it back down and closed the folder before her, she had just finished going through every aspect of Nicki's life, she could now say that she knew her better than anyone did, that folder contained everything concerning her, everything. She was hoping to get something out of this that she could use against her, something that she could just bring up to Drake and that would help him realize the big mistake he was making by just being with her but unfortunately she didn't come up with anything worth giving it a try, had she brought any of this to him, he would have noticed she had been going far out of her way to gather information on his girlfriend and all it would do would make her look crazy, she wouldn't say that it was all a waste of time either,  she had gathered pieces of information that could definitely be useful in due time.

She decided on taking a break from all that plotting she had been doing and grabbed her phone to order some food. As she was about to unlock her phone, she came across Instagram notifications, of course they were Drake related posts, from fan accounts, nothing interesting she thought as she went through the several posts, and then she came across posts from his own account, she immediately got interested and opened them, she saw once again pictures he had posted, of Nicki and the twins, as Nicki was busy doing their hair, she was getting annoyed of course but was getting used to seeing this type of pictures, what got her out of her mind was the comments people were making, at first, it was mostly mean comments on how Drake could possibly be with a girl like Nicki who was a nobody and seemed to be nothing but a hoe after his money, but recently it had shifted and people kept rambling on how pretty she was and how they were a perfect fit, right then she was reading comments from people wondering who the twins were of course and complementing on how precious they were, how pretty Nicki was and how she seemed to be such a good mother, if that's who she was to them. That word, the word mother associated with Nicki and regarding the twins felt just like a stab in her chest.

"She won't take my family away from me that easily." Zineb asserted getting in the contact section of her phone to find that number again, the only one she had called in weeks aside from her sister.

"What do you want again, I told you I was doing what I had to do." The man at the other end greeted her.

"Do it now."

"What? Right now? What if he notices befo..."

"I SAID DO IT NOW." Zineb screamed, but all she got from the person on the other end of the line as a dry chuckle.

"Listen carefully bitch, I think you started forgetting all them lessons I thought you hanging out with that yella ass over there. You don't get to tell me what I do and when I do it, you ..." He started only to be cut off by Zineb once again.

"Shut the fuck up Amir, I'm telling you now and I won't tell you agian, I ain't scared of you anymore, you can't do shit to me and you know it damn well, you want to get your money? You depend on  me for that and you know it. Now bitch I tell you what you do and when you do it and right now I am asking you to do this fucking transaction. You don't want to do it? Fine I'll look for someone else to do it, and you can go f..." Zineb ranted and Amir cut her off, annoyed by that new found confidence, but he knew she was right, all he had over her was the fear of him he knew she cultivated over the years, now she was so crazy and had absolutely nothing to lose, he couldn't even hold that against her and she was and had always been his most important source of income, he wanted that money and the only way to get it was to do what she wanted him to do.

"Fine, I'll do it, but you better do your part." He said hanging up.


Drake and Nicki were sitting court side, next to one another and Zahir was happily sitting next to his father, Zahirah was sitting on Nicki's lap obviously unhappy to be there, Drake seemed to be very occupied with his phone and so did Nicki she was finally super excited to be there, the number of celebrities surrounding them might have played a big part in this.

**Girl, I'm a seat away from Beyoncé ! Do you freaking realise. It's Queen B sitting a seat away from me and guess who's sitting between us ? My boyfriend who happens to be Drake like its Drake. I'm just going crazy over here !!!**

Nicki was spazzing through the text messages she was sending Candi. She was absolutely not the type to do that, even in the beginning of her and Drake's relationship she never had, for the simple fact that she never really realized it was such a big deal. To her he was just Aubrey, the guy she loved, Zahir and Zahirah's father he was no freaking superstar but a few minutes ago when she saw him walk to Beyoncé and Jay-Z and talk to them like it was nothing. That's when she understood how crazy it was. She had just been introduced to the Carters and was sitting next to them. All of these thoughts were swimming in her head yet on the outside she seemed very poised and calm.

"Put that phone away." She heard Drake speak snapping her out of her text message conversation.

"As soon as you put yours away." Nicki answered and Drake shrugged putting his phone back in his pocket.

Nicki sighed and put her phone back in her pocket and started to play with Zahirah to keep the little girl awake. They were waiting for the game to start and Zahirah was more than bored already as opposed to Zahir who was super excited.

Drake got up and picked Zahir up before walking over to Nicki.

"We'll be right back." He said and kissed both her and Zahirah.

"Are they leaving ?" Zahirah asked Nicki.

"No, they're just going to say hi to the players." Drake knew Zahir looked up to them so he had arranged for him to spend a few minutes with them before the game.

"Oh. When is it going to start, Nicki I'm bored." Zahirah whined.

"I know ladybug. It's going to start soon ok? You want my phone ? Nicki asked and Zahirah nodded before taking Nicki's phone and starting on playing a game.

"She is adorable." Nicki heard a female voice speak. She turned her head and was met with the one only Beyoncé who was looking at Zahirah.

"Thank you." Zahirah said snatching Nicki out of her daze.

"Erm. Yeah thanks." Nicki stuttred. 'You are so pitiful Onika' Nicki thought to herself.

"How old is she ?" Beyoncé asked. 'Wait, is Beyoncé really making conversation with me right now ?'

"They're six. That's her twin brother over there" Nicki said pointing at Zahir who was playing with a ball on the court

"Six huh ? You are a big girl aren't you ? " Beyoncé asked Zahirah who smiled at her before confirming that she was.

"I too was dragged here, I guess it's your first time."

"It is yeah, it hasn't even started and I'm already bored, I don't know how you do."  Nicki joked.

"It actually isn't that bad, I personally focus on their antics instead of the game and it gets quite funny." Beyoncé joked making Nicki laugh.

"I'll try to keep that in mind." Nicki answered right before Drake walked up to them carrying Zahir on his shoulders, he sat down in his spot between them and Jay who was with him sat on his seat next to Beyoncé, they joined the conversation. They were all in the middle of a conversation when Drake's phone went off, and he got it from his pocket and picked up with a huge smile.

*"Yea, yea, you here?"*, *cool, I'm coming to get you right now.*, *Yeah, yeah she right here.*, *Ok, I'll be right there.*. Drake hung up the phone before getting up, with Nicki's eyes following him, she was wondering who he was actually talking to, who he was going to get, and why he had been stuck to his phone all day long.

"Be right back." He let out and didn't give Nicki any time to answer as he grabbed Zahir's hand and they ran off somewhere. Nicki wondered where he was going and who he was going to meet up with but at the same time she wasn't worried at all given that he had taken Zahir with him, she was just curious.

Moments later, the game was about to begin when Drake walked back over to them, with someone following behind him, that person was carrying Zahir in their arms but she couldn't tell who he was as he walked behind Drake, all she could see was Zahir's hair.

"Ciah?!!" Nicki exclaimed as she finally was able to distinguish who was that person behind Drake.

She set Zahirah down and nearly ran towards her little brother to hug him,

"Nika, let go!" Miciah spoke up unwrapping his arms from around his sister's waist.

"Let go?! Boy I haven't seen you in months." Nicki said as she soflty slapped him in the back of his head.

"I missed you Nika." He said making a cute face so as to be forgiven which obviously worked as Nicki smiled at him and wrapped her arms around him once again.

"But hey, what are you doing here? You did this?" Nicki asked turning around to Drake who was sitting back with a wide grin gracing his face.

"I guess I did yes." He shrugged with pride, Nicki walked towards him, and took her seat back with Miciah sitting next to her this time as the game was about to begin, she leaned over closer to Drake and kissed the side of his head before whispering a thank you to him, which he answered to with a smile, a content smile. Zahirah had taken back her seat on Nicki's lap. As much as she wanted to speak to her brother and catch up, Nicki could tell by the look on his face just how much into the game he was and decided against it, not wanting to ruin his moment.

After the game, they all chatted a little more the boys were still somewhat hyped up and arguing about the game and how it plaid out obviously they didn't support the same team. While they were commenting on each and every action of the game, Zahirah had fallen asleep in Nicki's arms as she and Beyoncé were having a conversation. Zahir was in his father's arm taking part in the boy's conversation, firmly stating his point of view making everyone else laugh.
After saying goodbye, they all said their goodbyes and went their separate ways, Drake and Nicki buckled the twins in their booster seats, after that the adults all took seats in the car. As the driver started driving. Zahir spoke up:

"Nicki, Ciah says he is your brother, like me and Zahirah, it's a lie right?"

"Well, unlike you guys we aren't twins but, he is my brother yes." Nicki answered after letting out a light chuckle amused at Zahir's skeptical behavior. '

"Told you." Miciah answered.

"That's cool." Zahir answered with a yawn, he was clearly about to fall asleep following on his sister's track.

"I'm so happy you're here Ciah." Nicki reasserted before thanking Drake again.

"That's the best surprise ever." She expressed giving him a sweet kiss. 

"Ok, y'all stop." Miciah intervened and both Nicki and Drake looked at him laughing.

"Ciah you sound like one of the twins." Nicki shook her head at him, before turning back to Drake.

"How did you do though?" She asked Drake and his lips curved into a wide grin.

"I got my ways." He said with a shrug.

"Whatever you say. Thank you again anyways." Nicki spoke, she couldn't stop thanking him just because it meant so much to her to have her brother right next to her, it was her first time away from him for so long and she had missed him like crazy.

"Like he did it for you." Miciah mumbled causing Nicki to raise a brow.

"What was that?" Nicki asked Drake more than Miciah, she had heard what he  said, she just wanted an explanation, if it wasn't for her why else would he have went and found her family, convinced her mother to let her son fly to the other side of the country alone and flew Miciah all the way?

"He wanted to see the game." Drake spoke lowly.

"You mean to tell me you flew him out here for a game?" Nicki asked looking at both her brother and her boyfriend.

"Yeah, I mean why wouldn't I, when I can?" Drake shrugged.

"I don't believe that, Ciah momma would've never let you fly out of town for a basketball game we both know that." Nicki reminded.

"He told her you were depressive and missed me way too much and needed to see me, promised to look after me and that was it, she was with it." Miciah shrugged.

"Oh my god, you two pulled this off so... Like I mean here I thought y'all cared bout me." Nicki shook her head at them.

"How did you even get in contact with one another?" She asked surprised at the complicity the two already seemed to share and at the fact that they had already set out a plan even before Drake reached out to her mother. 

"You told me he was my biggest fan, I had to contact him, I mean what's the point in being your brother if he can't even benefit from you and I dating?"

"Right." Nicki let out sarcastically.

"So I had my people find his info and I called him and that's it." Drake spoke and Miciah confirmed the whole thing, apparently they had been in contact for over a month when Miciah told him that he was going to watch the game, the same one that Zahir was so excited about, Drake had the idea to take everyone there and have Miciah there as well, and what a better way to convince Carol that he was a good person, he now had charmed her two children, it wasn't him being manipulative at all though.

"But hey I did do it for you, I figured if he is happy and I am happy then you are happy too." Drake looked at Nicki who seemed unconvinced.

"Whatever boy, I'm just happy you guys all get along." Nicki expressed as the car came to a stop. They all got out of the car and as usual Drake went to get Zahir from his seat and Nicki took care of Zahirah, they brought them into the house and got them ready for bed, both kids were exhausted so once changed in their pyjamas and laid down in their bed there was nothing else to do, a kiss on the forehead and they had already gone back to dreamland.

After putting Zahirah to bed, Nicki went to find her brother and led him to a guest room, everybody was exhausted, him because of his flight, her and Drake just like the twins had had a  pretty full day.

"That room is huge! Just like the whole house it's crazy." Miciah spoke as he went and slumped on the bed.

"I know right?!" Nicki spoke sitting down next to him on the bed.

"How mad is momma right now?" Nicki asked and Miciah had to laugh at the face she was making.

"She's not mad Nika, she says she's happy that at least he's that caring. She just feels like he's a show off for flying both her kids out like that." Miciah explained making Nicki laugh. It was typical from her mom to think everyone that had money and wanted to use it and do good around them was a show off.

"Typical." Nicki spoke before going on. "You like him?"

"Come on Nika it's Drake." Miciah answered causing Nicki to slap him at the back of his head.

"Aside from that stupid. Quit being a groupie for thirty seconds please."

"Don't call me a groupie, and yes he's super cool. We talked a lot over FaceTime and stuff, he would check on mom also, she thinks he's sweet, don't worry." Miciah rolled her eyes at his sister not really getting why she was getting so serious and so worried right then.

"How comes she never told me nothing, I call her like every other day." Nicki asked surprised.

"You obviously don't get what a surprise is and at first it was just me he'd talk to, if it wasn't because we needed momma's authorization for me to fly alone he wouldn't have even mentionned her, he was scared." Miciah confessed and Nicki couldn't stop her laughter.

"Go to bed now, we'll talk more tomorrow." Nicki shook her head at her brother before showering him with kisses which he tried his best to avoid. She wished him a good night and left his room to head to her own. When she got there she found Drake in the shower. She  went took all she needed for a shower and went to take a shower in another bathroom then she proceeded to wipe off her make up and undo her hair, she brushed it and threw it up in a messy bun and finally got in the shower. When she was done she just put on a thong and one of Drake's old OVO T-shirts and she then made her way back to the master bedroom where she found Drake laying on the bed, scrolling through his phone.

"What are you doing?" she inquired as she climbed on the bed and settled on his chest.

"Nothing, just checking out stuff. The whole world is going crazy about us." He spoke handing her the phone so that she could see for herself. 

"Are you sure you want to do that?" Nicki asked as she handed him his phone back, the reactions to the pictures of them and the twins where pretty good and from what they could read, if people got confirmation that they were his children it would only improve his approval rating. People seemed to love this side of him, but it was all speculations, there was no way to know for sure that this wouldn't affect his career in a bad way which would be a hardship for him knowing how many sacrifies he had made for it.

"I'm sure yes, even if I don't do it, it's going to come out one way or another, I'd rather have control over it. 

"Fine, can I ask you a favor then."

"Anything you want." Drake answered setting his phone down, letting Nicki know she had his undivided attention.

"I need to tell my family and friends myself so I'd appreciate it if you held off on it for until we get back home."

"Sure, I totally get it. There's a few people I need to inform on the move I'm going to make as well anyways

"Good, you know you are not slick for that little stunt you pulled with Ciah right?"

"I know, slick ain't the word, I'd say, genius, or something of the kind, give me time to figure that out." He answered in a playful tone, the only answer Nicki gave him was a slap on his chest.

"You are a fool. How can one be so cocky?!" She wondered out loud before turning her back to him.

"Not so fast , you need to call your mother." Drake spoke shaking Nicki.

"What for?!" She inquired sitting up.

"Because she needs you to tell her that your brother is t you are happy to see him and you don't call her enough, bad girl!" Drake said and turned his back to Nicki just like she had done moments ago.

"Ok, that's just weird, I do need to call her." Nicki spoke getting out of the bed and picking up her phone on her way out of the room. After talking to her mother for a few minutes Nicki made her way back to the room and climbed back into bed, she thought Drake had fallen asleep since he was laying in the same position she had left him in and had his eyes closed. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. But he wasn't asleep as he turned around and wrapped an arm around her bringing her closer to him.

"I love you." Nicki spoke before closing her eyes.

"I love you more." Drake answered kissing her shoulder before settling for good and moments later they both drifted of to sleep tired by their filled day.

*-*-*-*- Two Days Later *-*-*-*-*

"Girl, hurry up, we are going to miss that damn plane."

"I'm right here Clarissa, quit screaming at me." Nicki yelled back though she was in the same room as Clarissa.

"Just making sure the kids didn't forget anything." Nicki said pouting, she felt like she was forgetting something but didn't know what it was, but she wasn't worried it either, it's the feeling she had every time she left somewhere.

"I'm sure they didn't, you had them check their check lists I don't know how many times." Clarissa rolled her eyes at her friend.

"You're right, let's go." Nicki said finally deciding that sh was ready to go. Clarissa and Nicki both grabbed their suitcases and rolled them down the hall, they got out of the house and locked the door, they let the chauffeur take care of their luggage as they went to get in the car.

"Do you think I should call now?" Nicki asked Clarissa who chuckled at her behavior.

"Call them before you go crazy." Clarissa answered, she knew it had been hard for Nicki to spend the past two days without even speaking to the twins at all, they had spend the two last days if the summer with their mother just like Drake and Zineb had agreed on, and during those two days Nicki barely got to talk to them, all she knew was what Drke would tell her, she couldn't bring herself to call Zineb's phone, she did once but was sent to voicemail, she had to wait for Drake to get back home and call before passing her the phone but with him coming home late she only got a few minutes. The twins just spent one night over to their mother's but Nicki had never been that worried about them. It seemed like they had been gone for weeks. Drake had had a hard time convincing Zahir and had finally decided that the little boy would stay home with Nicki but Zahirah convinced her brother to go with her, they had never been seperated for more than just a few hours so when he realised that he'd be away from his sister for two days straight he decided to go. Zahir's reluctance got Drake wondering about the soundness of his decision but he figured that if Zahir had changed his mind in the end and Zahirah never complained it meant that it wasn't that big of a deal but that didn't stop him from setting things straight with Zineb, as he dropped the kids over, he reminded her of the rules that were settled, reminded her what she had the right to do or not and demanded fir her to respect the woman he loved, especially in front of his kids, letting her know that if she were to disregard these rules and boundaries he was setting then there was no way he'd let her see the twins anymore. To him a call to order was all that was needed and that's what he did. Little did he know that all it did was put Zineb in her place for the moment being but fueling her inner fire nonetheless. She made sure to be irreprochable for the two remaining days in LA, being particularly nice to her son and making sure she respected each and every rule set down. The twins, of course, enjoyed this time spent with their mother.
Nicki on her side, couldn't stop worrying, and nonody could make her stop, she spent her last two days in LA, shopping for gifts for family and friends and saw Amber and Chyna, whom she introduced to Clarissa, they hung out quite a lot, which helped her get her mind off the twins a little, she would have loved to spend time with Miciah but him and Drake seemed to be joined at the hip, Drake took him almost everywhere and Miciah never complained, he hapily followed, they went to the studio mostly since Drake had to wrap up a few things with other rappers and singers while he was still in LA, but Drake also took Miciah to funnier places and showed him a good time.

It was now time for everyone to get back home to New York. Nicki and Clarissa were responsible for everyone else's luggage, Nicki had already packed for the twins, with their help the night before they left to go to their mother's and she made sure Miciah had packed before leaving the house with Drake that morning, all she had to do was pack for herself and for Drake, she would have told him to do it for himself, but he was just so lazy he clearly told her he'd rather buy a whole new wardrobe once back in NY than pack, which Nicki knew wasn't a joke, therefore as much as she wanted not to sh packed for him.
The car was loaded with everyone's luggage and Nicki and Clarissa were headed to the airport where they'd meet Drake and Miciah, they were at the studio, Drake had one last studio session to wrap up. And also they would meet Zineb and the twins at the airport as well. Since she had gotten up Nicki wanted to call to make sure Zineb was going to go through the good ritual for a day like this, the twins were scared of planes, and a few things needed to be done in order for them to be good, like packing their backpacks that they would have in the plane with their favorite stuffed animals, have their books in there two, reading to them in the plane was very helpful and made them a lot calmer, that and a few other things Nicki knew about but wasn't sure Zineb knew. 

Nicki dialed Zineb's number and while it rang she was somewhat apprehensive, she was already stressing out about having to get on a plane therefore let's say she wasn't in the mood to deal with Zineb and her mouth.

"Hello?" Zineb called through the phone and Nicki cleared her throat.

"Hey, it's Nicki, I was just callong to see if I could talk to the kids." Nicki asked the most politely she could, at least that way if something popped off she couldn't say she didn't started it.

"Erm, I guess yeah, but real quick though because we're leaving for the airport right now." Zineb answered before handing the phone to Zahirah who was standing right before her. After her conversation with Drake which actually wasn't much of a conversation, it was more him scolding her, she was definitely not going to start anything with Nicki especially before the kids, she'd treat her as respectfully as possible, at least until she entered the excution phase of her plan.

"Hello?" Zahirah called in the phone not actually knowing who she was talking to.

"Hi my little ladybug. How are you?" Nicki asked obviously being way too enthusiast judging by Calrissa's eye roll.

"Hi Nicki. I'm good how are you?" Zahirah asked and Nicki told her she was good, she asked her if she had properly packed her backpack, took her book, her  favorite stuffed animal, her favorite blanket and favorite snacks, of coures Nicki had taken some of the twins favorite snacks in her one carry over and she also had taken the spare copies of their favorite books and few other things. She was just as scared of planes as they were and knew thet they needed these few marks. She then spoke to Zahir and the same questions were asked plus she made sure his stay at his mother's had went better than the previois time he had been over there. He reassured her on that before hanging up as they had to grab their stuff and leave out of the appartment.

Minutes later Nicki and Clarissa had arrived on the "tarmac"and they were now about to head in the jet but heard a car parking behind their backs and therefore turned around to see who it was, it was a plain black Maybach just like the one that drove them there so Nicki figured it was the one Drake had sent to get Zineb and the twins and she was right. She waited for them to get out of the car and all and as soon as they were helped out of the car by their mother, the twins immediately ran towards Nicki who squatted down to hug them, Clarissa couldn't hold in her little 'aww' when she saw that, it was just so heart warming.

"Hey monsters!!!" Nicki spoke as she was holding both the twins in her arms. After a long hug, she let them go and they went tohug Clarissa as well.

"God I missed you soomuch." Nicki whined as she had picked Zahir up from the ground, he had snuggled into her and seemed to be at peace. Zahirah reached up for Nicki to pick her up and Nicki obliged her, she settled her on her other hip and started kissing their faces causing them to laugh she didn't stop until she remembered Zineb's presence, she stopped and looked a her expecting to be met with the angry face but it wasn't what she was met with, Zineb was smiling at them.

"Hey."Nicki let out slowly as she put the twins down. She could tell that Zineb's smile was a bitter sweet smile. 

"Hi." Zineb answered. The moment was awkward, Nicki didn't really know what to think of it, but just decided to brush it off, she just wanted to get on the plane and get this flight over with, she still couldn't believe that Drake would have her sit through 5hours in the same space as Zineb but at least she wasn't acting up and was actually being cordial.

They all stood there ill at ease when Nicki's phone went off, she got it from her purse and a smil crept on her face when she saw Drake's name on the screen. She picked up and took a few steps.

"Hey babe! Where are you? We're all waitting for you two." Nicki spoke when she picked up.

"Hey, erm... We still in the studio right now." Drake spoke and Nicki frowned.

"Are you serio.." She startee but Drake cut her off.

"I'm serious yea... I'm sorry Nika but y'all are going to have to take off without us, we're no where near done here." He said and Nicki rolled her eyes at that, that morning before they left, she had tried to talk some sense into him and told him that he would never be done in time, in insisted that it would be quick and all but she knew him, she knew how it was whenever he'd start crafting his art, he never stopped until he was satisfied for the time being.

"Don't say that you told me so." He added with a sigh.

"Told ya." Nicki said with a smirk, just as a reminder that she was always right and that he should listen to her more often.

"No but more seriously Aubrey, you can't do that to me, I can't get on that plane without you right now, do you want me to kill her? Or the other way around? With the kids watching?" Nicki asked him trying to knock some sense into him, he was crazy if he even though for a minute that she would get in that plane with Zineb without him there to at least make sure she wouldn't act too crazy. 

"Yes you can, and nobody will kill anyone Nika." Drake reasoned and by his tone Nicki could tell he was rolling his eyes at her for being so dramatic.

"You know what? She can leave by herself and we are just going to wait for you guys to be done." Nicki shrugged.

"Nika, come on! You guys have to get on that plane while it's there, she won't act up before her own kids, and I know you know better. It'll be fine, go head and soon as we're done here, Ciah and I will hop on a plane alright?"

"Aubreeeyy...." Nicki whined before letting out a heavy sigh and right then Drake knew she was about to cave in.

"Thanks for understanding Nika you are the best." Drake spoke as fast as he could and hung up right away so not giving her any time to answer.

"Really?" Nicki asked in disbelief looking at her phone.

"What's up?" Clarissa asked as she noticed the face Nicki was making.

"They won't make it, it's gon be you, the kids, Zineb and I for the 5 next hours."  Nicki sighed heavily and Clarissa started pouting.

"Damn!" She said shaking her head.

"This is going to be the best flight ever." Nicki sighed before making her way back towards the plane.


  1. I can't stand zineb like let them be happy can she just disappear

  2. Omg one of the best updates. I am clueless to who Amir is but if he is helping Zineb then obviously I feel he is someone from Nicki's past he sounds like he wants Nicki. I can't wait till this is updated I actually wanna see how the plane ride goes, hope it goes okay.

  3. Omg one of the best updates. I am clueless to who Amir is but if he is helping Zineb then obviously I feel he is someone from Nicki's past he sounds like he wants Nicki. I can't wait till this is updated I actually wanna see how the plane ride goes, hope it goes okay.

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