Not So Different Part 11

It was dark outside when Nicki made it home, she walked in the house and made her way to the living room where she found Ciara laying down on the carpet with her face in her sociology book while Beyoncé was on the couch flipping through channels. She walked to the couch and plopped on it with a deep sigh. Beyoncé and Ciara got up from their positions and went to seat down on each side of their friend, at their gesture Nicki smiled happy that her father had forced her to ask them to come live with her for the time being. She was glad they were there to support her.

"How did it go?" Ciara asked first.

"Wrong, all the way, worst day ever!" Nicki whined placing her hands over her face.

"Does that mean that ... that your dad isn't actually your father?" Beyoncé asked and Nicki nodded on the verge of tears.

"I went to his office to tell him, you guys, the look on his face, he was so sad and I guess he was disappointed in me too." Nicki explained with a pout.

"I don't think he was disappointed in you." Ciara reassured and Beyoncé nodded in agreement.

"What did he say?" She asked.

"He told me that I was still his daughter no matter what DNA said and you know that kind of stuff." Nicki explained.

"See, it's all good."

"I know, but still, I can't help but feel sad you know, I guess it's just gonna take me some time to get my mind off this." Nicki said with yet another sigh.

"Yea, just give it some time and it will all fall back into place, don't be mad at yourself for making truth surface, that DNA test was necessary for the both of you." Ciara argued, softly rubbing her friend's arm to comfort her.

"You are right." Nicki agreed with her friend giving them a weak smile.

"And how is my brother doing?" Beyoncé asked referring to Drake, Nicki rolled her eyes at the mention.

"Let's not even talk about that big cry baby!" Nicki spoke getting up from the couch.

"What did he do again?" Beyoncé asked raising a brow.

"He just a child, a big cry baby." Nicki answered heading to the kitchen.

"Did y'all eat already?" She asked and both Beyoncé and Ciara burst out laughing.

"In order to eat, you need to cook." Beyoncé spoke shaking her head, she did not know one thing about cooking and neither did Ciara.

"Let's just order some food." Nicki rolled her eyes at her friends.

After they ordered their West Indian food, they all went to mind their own business while waiting for it to be delivered, Nicki got to her room and got undressed she took a very quick shower and redressed in some comfortable clothes, after that she grabbed her phone that she hadn't checked since she left her father's office, she was excepting to have received a phone call or at least a text from Drake but nothing, which made her even more mad at him, she then texted her father to let him know that she had made it home and was about to eat and then go to bed. He answered quickly, telling him that he was still at work and wishing her a good night. After that Nicki plugged her phone and then made her way down the stairs, she got to the bottom stair right when the doorbell rang therefore she went to get the door and grabbed the food before Ciara and Beyoncé came with the money to pay, they all thanked and said their goodbyes to the delivery guy who was somewhat accustomed to them, they barely ever cooked and the West Indies food place was their favorite one to order from.

After having diner together in the living room, sitting on the floor and catching up on the episode of Empire they had missed, Ciara, Beyoncé and Nicki decided to go to bed, they all had had a long day plus another long day ahead of them. While Beyoncé and Ciara got to their respective rooms and directly got into bed and fell asleep within minutes Nicki had a more difficult time getting asleep, she got in her bed after checking her phone to see if Drake had reached out to her but of course he didn't. She spent most of the night tossing and turning while mulling over her anger and frustration towards Drake. She spent another third of her night sitting on the floor watching the ocean and feeling like crying as she started processing the information she had gotten earlier that day, namely that her father wasn't her biological father. Was it suppose to change anything? She felt like crying because as much as she wanted to feel like she didn't need anyone else since her dad was already doing such a great job being a father she still felt that growing need to know who was her father, she didn't necessarily want him to be part of her life, she didn't want any type of relationship with him whoever he was, she had a dad that was perfect and who was all she could ever ask for but she still wanted to put a face and a name on her biological father. It more about herself and knowing who she was than about her father. Around 3:00 am, is when she started crying. The more she thought about it, the more she left like she was being a disappointment to her father and like she had betrayed him, for 20 years he had raised her like she was his own, though he knew there was a 50% chance she wasn't his, he never ever made her feel like there was a possibility she wasn't his. And what did she do on the first occasion she had? She went behind his back and questioned his paternity, she felt like she had betrayed him, but she just wasn't like him, she would have never been able to live with this question mark over her head, she could have never looked at him or be in his presence without constently asking herself if he was her biological father or not. She needed to know. She just hoped he understood where she was coming from.
At 4:30 am, Nicki got up from the floor, her head was pounding, she went to her ensuite and splashed some water on her face, she got back to her bed after she had dried her face and took an aspirin, she grabbed her phone to check the time and uncounsciously hoping to see a text or missed call from Drake, she couldn't believe she was thinking about him in times like this, she couldn't understand how she was so mad at him yet wanted to talk to him so badly and knew she'd forgive him and forget about it all as soon as she'd see his face or hear his voice over the phone or even read a text from him.
It was 5 am, Nicki was still up, her eyes were open as she stared at the ceiling and that's when she thought about her mother, a wave of anger washed over her. For the first time she was angry at her mother, usually she only felt pain, her mother would hurt her. Everything she ever did was hurt her, cause pain. But right then as she thought about everything she felt it, she felt anger and hatred, she never thought she'd get to the point where she'd hate her own mother she always hoped things would get better but right then in her bed as she thought about everything that ever hapenned because of her mother she felt it she felt the hatred and though it was no match to what Taraji felt towards her, it was there and Nicki knew it was no good but she was feeling it and with it came that need for revenge. It was her last thought before her eyes finally closed and she fell asleep. But it was only for like and hour and a half because at 7:00 am, her alarm clock went off. She opened her eyes and after pondering for ten minutes she decided to get back to sleep, going to school would be a waste of time anyways, she was so tired she wouldn't be able to register anything that would be said and she'd spend the classes sleeping so might as well be comfortable in her bed if that's what she was going to do. As her eyes were closing again, her room's door flew open and in walked Ciara who walked in the room and as she neared the bed and got a better look at her friend's face she understood.

"I guess you had a rough night. I'll take my notes super well today and we can go over them together tonight and I'll ask Future for his on the classes you and I don't have together ok? I'll be here for lunch, try to get some rest until then and text me if you need anything." Ciara spoke looking at her friend with a sympathetic smile which Nicki returned with a weak smile. She held her arms open and Ciara rolled her eyes at her before leaning forward and hugging her friend. 

"Thank you." Nicki spoke glad that she didn't have to explain herself and happy to have someone that didn't even ask and was ready to be so helpful. 

"Hey! I want a hug too!" They heard Beyoncé complain from the door. Neither one of them bothered to answer anything and just shared an eye roll. As she got closer Beyoncé had the same reaction as Ciara's when she noticed Nicki's red puffy eyes and her exhausted appearance. 

"You .... I'm so bummed I have to work today, you're gonna be alright all alone?" Beyoncé asked and Nicki almost burst out laughing at her concerned face.

"I'll be good, I'm good, I just need to rest I have spent the night thinking instead of sleeping, a good lie in and I'll be like new." Nicki tried to reassure her friends. She was the type of person that absolutely needed their quota of sleep hours, if she didn't have that she really did look like a zombi and like she was about to pass out and she knew it that's why she understood her friends' concern.

"You sure?" Beyoncé asked. 

"Yes mommy!" Nicki answered shaking her head at Beyoncé.

"Girl don't. You'd be happy to have me as a mother, I'd do better than that evil mother of yours. Never compare me to her again." Beyoncé spoke with tones of attitude making both Nicki and Ciara laugh.

"I love y'all... But right now Imma need your asses to get out of here. I need to sleep." Nicki shoed her friends out and they obliged and left not after cursing her out of course. 
After Beyoncé and Ciara left her room Nicki immediately fell asleep.  She did set up an alarm on her phone before falling asleep and that gave her the occasion to notice that Drake still hadn't sent her any text nor had he called her. She woke up at eleven, she went on to do her morning routine and then went towards the kitchen, she knew Ciara would be home soon an therefore she started cooking something for them both to eat, as she opened the oven, she saw that the girls had left her breakfast in there, she mixed it up with the food she had made and ate that as a brunch, she was starving and figured Ciara wouldn't hold it against her if she didn't wait. 


"Hey!" Drake greeted Beyoncé as she walked in the hospital room.

"Don't hey me." Beyoncé answered setting her purse down on the chair, she didn't sit, she stood facing him with her arms crossed over her chest.

"What's up with you again?" Drake asked rolling his eyes at her.

"What's up with you?" Beyoncé asked him returning the eye roll.

"What did I do?" Drake asked putting his hands up in surrender.

"Don't act like you don't know, why would you treat that poor girl like that, you knew she wasn't ok last night after the news she had to process and all that she has on her plate, and the only thing you find to do was act like a dick! It ain't her fault you're too weak to walk." Beyoncé started scolding Drake who didn't even answer knowing there was no way he could defend himself, she was totally right and he couldn't state the contrary, he had spent the whole night regretting his behavior but was too proud to reach out to her and apologize.

"I know, but what do you want me to do now? It's done, I said what I said, I did what I did, it's over, I got a lot on my damn plate too." Drake answered starting to get worked up.

"Don't take your anger or frustration or whatever that is out on me Aubrey. And I'm staying on my position, you have a lot on your plate and I get that but she tries her best to be understanding and to be there for you and take some stress off your shoulder and instead of doing the same for her you go and act like that doing nothing but adding to her plate." Beyoncé explained and again Drake had nothing to say to that, he knew she was right.

"How is she?"

"Let's say you need to call her."  Beyoncé shrugged and Drake nodded in understanding.

"Now, what exactly is on your plate?" Beyoncé asked Drake who sighed heavily before sitting up.

"Too much." He started. "I been here for way too long, Bey." Drake said and Beyoncé chuckled.

"That's your problem? You're alive you should be grateful for that, instead of complaining because you can't walk properly or get out of the hospital." Beyoncé scolded him.

"You don't get it Bey, while I'm here, I'm not going to school, and neither am I playing ball. I'm affraid I'll loose my scolarship. And also while I'm here I'm not working, and can't help my parents, I'm being a burden to them instead, with all they gotta pay for me to be here, I need to get out! You do know that my mom can't even get to work because I ruined the car in the accident and we have no money to repair it."

"I never thought about it like that, I guess we were all so glad you're alive, we never thought of that extra stuff." Beyoncé said lowly feeling bad for him.

"When do they say yo can get out?"

"No idea, they found something when they last checked me, they still need to run a few more tests, besides, I still got to go through surgery for my shoulder." Drake explained and Beyoncé felt even more bad.

"You need to focus on that for right now, ok? You can find an arrangement for your scolarship, and I'll lend my car to your mom, you know I don't need it, I'll just take one from my mother." Beyoncé resolved.

"I can't ask you to do that." Drake shook his head no.

"You're not asking, I'm offering and you can't say no. And I'm also helping as much as I can for your hospital bills." Beyoncé spoke crossing her arms over her chest showing him that there was no debate to have. 

"That's why I never tell you guys shit! Future already went ahead and robbed a house two days ago." Drake explained.

"That's a good thing that plus what I think I can get from my mom, it should be enough right?" Beyoncé asked.

"Shut up Bey! I ain't using neither what Future got nor your momma's money to pay for my medical bills." Drake spoke with a frown looking at Beyoncé as if she was crazy.

"That's not your decision to make. Look I was cursed/blessed to be born in a wealthy family, if I can at least use that to help you out then that's what I'll do and there is nothing you can say to stop me from doing it. Besides my mom will be making a good action for the first time in her life." Beyoncé shrugged and grabbed her purse ready to leave. This was her way to let him know that she was putting an end to that conversation. Drake didn't bother answering, he knew just how stubborn his friend was but he also could be stubborn and didn't intend on letting his friends pay for his mistakes, he was the one who decided to still drive knowing he was intoxicated, he was the one who would pay for the consequences, he just needed to find a way, he just needed to find the money somehow.

"Oh and you better call her.. Now." Beyoncé said before walking out the door.


Nicki was bringing her plate to the sink when she heard her phone go off, she almost ran to pick up, she was almost sure it was Drake and sure was disappointed when she saw who was calling, the caller ID read : "Trey". She didn't  want to talk to him, especially after she had hoped it was Drake calling, but at the same time, she did feel bad for the way she had talked to him the day before and also the time before that, she had been cold to him for no real reason, therefore she decided she'd pick up and apologize for that and also she'd clear things up.

"Hi Trey!" Nicki called as she picked up trying to sound somewhat enthousiastic.

"Hi, I don't mean to bother you, but erm.. I noticed you weren't at school today so I was just calling to check on you given that you seemed so distraught yesterday." He spoke all in one breath obviously worried and also affraid that he was bothering her.

"You're not bothering me Trey it's ok, and erm yeah I do apologize about the way I was yesterday, I didn't mean to be cold like that." Nicki started and Trey quickly cut her off.

"No, no, no don't apologize for that, it's ok, I just hope you're doing ok." 'He is so sweet' Nicki thought to herself, she really felt bad for being so cold to him, it might have been sudden to him because he did nothing to her, really. 'Aubrey would've given me the cold shoulder for at least a week if I had done as much as just telling him that I was in a rush and couldn't talk.' Nicki thought before Trey cleared his throat and snatched her from her thoughts.

"Thanks for the concern Trey, it's super sweet of you. Don't worry, I'm fine, I just am super tired and didn't have the courage to get up this morning, but that's it, no big deal." Nicki answered.

"I'm glad to hear that."Trey answered before staying silent, which made Nicki feel awkward, she didn't know what else to say to him.

"Erm, hey would like me to hand you my notes later on, and we can go over them, if you'd like?" Nicki found it cute how he seemed to be emarassed and hesitant. She already had Ciara handing her notes and everything but being the nice person she was, she didn't have the heart to tell him no, therefore she agreed to meet up with him later on that day at the school's library. After they agreed on a time, they hung up and Nicki already felt weird about having to go see him and spend time with him, she knew if she told Drake he wouldn't like it, but at the same time he wasn't even talking to her so why would she even take the time to consider his feelings.

"Hey you, I'm glad to see you are doing better." Ciara spoke as she walked in the house and found Nicki doing her nails.

"I got a phone call that made me happy." Nicki answered.

"Drake called? Y'all back to being whatever it is y'all are." Ciare asked rolling her eyes at her friend thinking about the number of arguments, fights Nicki and Drake could have avoided over the months if they weren't both so childish and stubborn. 

"Not him. He is still sulking in his corner, I bet he is out there thinking I'm gonna call or come see him. But honestly I don't even want to, I decided that this time it's on him, after all he is in the wrong? Right?" Nicki stated not as frimly as she meant to, in the end it sounded more like a question. She did want to be the cold one this time around and let him crawl to her if he wanted her forgiveness as Beyoncé would've advised but at the same time it just wasn't her thing, she was the type to jump on her phone two hours after a fight and beg for forgiveness event though the whole fight was on him. 

"Yea, yea." Ciara answered not because she didn't care but because she knew that one way or another these two would end up reconciling soon enough.  "Anyways who called you then?" Ciara asked.

"Trey. He was worried about me. Offered to hand me his notes, we're meeting up at the library later on." Nicki explained with her head lowered, she knew all too well what Ciara was about to say to her and wasn't trying to hear it.

"I'm not even going to say anything... You know what I think." Ciara answered while making her plate. 

"What's wrong with me accepting his help?" Nicki asked even though she already knew.

"I'm going to tell you after all because it's like you absolutely need to hear someone say it. Everything about this is wrong. It's wrong because you know that guy is no good and it is wrong because you are sending mixed signals again which is totally disrespectful given that you already have a boyfriend who you love and who loves you."

"We have zero reason to think that Trey is bad news, he's never done anything wrong, I was just not feeling the whole dating him situation that's it. And I'm not sending any types of signals Ci, last time Trey and I talked I made it clear that we would never be anything but friends. And right now he is being a friend to me. As for Aubrey, I don't see how this is disrespectful towards him. Besides if he wasn't too busy being a cry baby and pouting in his corner, I'd be at the hospital by his side right now." Nicki spoke and Ciara couldn't repress a chuckle.

"Girl! This is disrespect in the sense that you know Drake can't stand that boy and you know it, why would you go meet with him when I already have the notes and a boyfriend who you need to go see at the hospital." Ciara exposed her point of view which did nothing but irk Nicki.

"You're making it sound as if I was going there with an ulterieur motive or something like that Ciara stop. It's not even like that. And stop making him the victim in something that doesn't even have anything to do with him." Nicki said grabbing her phone from the counter top and leaving the kitchen, 

Nicki went to get ready, once she wass dressed and ready to go, she went back to the kitchen where she found Ciara eating.

 "I promise I'll be super quick ok?" She asked Ciara simply shook her head at her.

"Come on Ci. Stop pouting."

"Why would I stop, I took so much notes and made such a big effort to make them neat just for you and I had Future take precise notes and stuff." Ciara said pouting even more.

"Well, I'll still use you guys' notes to double check the info I get from Trey's notes." Nicki said kissing her friend's cheek before dashing for the door.


"Ok, well thanks Trey, you've been of a great help. I'm not sure I would have understood any of this by just reading the notes. macroeconomics has always felt like watching a chinese movie translated in javanese for me." Nicki said putting her belongings in her bag. Trey burst out laughing at her comment.

"Well, I'll be glad to help you with that. You can call me whenever you need help." Trey answered chocking on his words as he was still laughing.

"Stop laughing what did I say that was that funny?" Nicki asked getting up and shouldering her purse.

"Really? You said a chinese movie translated in javanese and you're asking me what's funny?"

"Might sound funny, but hey, that's really how I feel about this subject." Nicki answered as both Trey and her were getting up and wlking away from the table they were occupying in the café they had settled for instead of the school library.

"Alright, well, as I just told you, I'd be glad to help you out."

"Thanks again, that's very sweet of you." Nicki said as she walked out of the café, followed closely by Trey. Once they were outside the building , standing on the curb, they both ooked at each other, not uttering a word, neither one knowing what to say.

"Erm; well; I better get going." Nicki spoke up ill at ease.

"Yea, me too, I have a few errands to run before practice at 5." Trey answered checking the time on his watch. The mere me tion of basketball made Nicki think about Drake and how disappointed he must be to miss basketball and mostly to miss the upcoming game. One of the most importants of the season, the thing he had been talking about for weeks, she felt for him and wished he'd be well enough to play the game, even though it was impossible. At the same time she was scolding herself for thinking about hil and feeling for him when he did what he did the day before and still hadn't called her or reached out to apologize.

"Yeah ypu don't wanna miss it, I know you have a big game comming up." Nicki answered knowing that with coach Smith there was no being late, if you were late, you were absent.

"Yeah, it's a lot of pressure on my shoulders, you know with Graham being ... absent." Trey spoke scratching the back of his head.

"I can imagine. But hey don't overthink it, you're one of the best players on the team, you'll do just fine." She tried to reassure him,

"I guess you're right thank you."  Trey answered giving her a Colgate smile.

"You're very welcome sir, just stating the truth." Nicki answered giving him a smile back.

"Thanks for allowing us to be friends Nicki, you know I really like you and I was kinda hurt when you told me that you know, you ddin't like me, but I guess, you were right, we aren't meant to be. I'm glad we still can be friends because I really appreciate you as a friend." Trey spoke seeming very sincere which touched Nicki's heart. She smiled small and gave him a nod.

"You don't have to thank me for that, I should be the one thanking for being such a good friend." She didn't even have the time to finish her sentence that she was wrapped up in Trey's arms, once she surprise passed she hugged back.

"Alright Trey, thenks again for your time and I guess I'll see  you tomorrow." Nicki spoke as soon as he released her, really wanting to get going now. She didn't even wait until he was finished saying bye to almost run to her car and get in. She started it and started driving home.

Nicki was at a red light when she decided to check her phone, to her surprise, she saw that Drak had called her multiple times and left messages, an uncontrollable smile crept onto her face, it was all she wanted from him, she wanted him to make the first step for once and now that he did she had zeron reason to be mad, well she still had a reason to be, but she really didn't wan tto be mad, she missed him way too much and after what Trey had told her and the way he hugged her,she was now getting Ciara's point and was feeling somewhat bad for seeing him without Drake knowing.
Instead of calling back she just decided to drive to the hospital.

When she got to the hospital, Nicki happily made her way to Drake's room, she was starting to know this place too well, she didn't even hate being there anymore, it started feeling normal, it was routine.
She got to his room and opened the door, she walked in all happy ready to run to hug her boyfriend, but to her disappointement, she found him sharing a laugh with a nurse, who was also busy changing his bandages. When she walked in they both turned their heads towards her.

"Hi." She let out walking towards Drake's bed.

"Hi." Both Drake and the nurse answered simultaneously as Nicki took a seat on the chair nearby. Drake's bed, the nurse quickly finished what she was doing and left the room, not without telling Drake that he should call her if he needed anything. She was being way too flirtacious for  Nicki's taste.

"Why does she act like you just got here? Like you don't kow how to call for help." Nicki scoffed getting up from her chair and going to take a seat on Drake's bed.

"She was just being nice, don't be jealous." Drake said holding his laughter in;

" Me, jealous ? Please." Nicki aswered crossing her arms over her chest.

"Right, why would you be, she ain't got nothing on you." Drake said observing Nicki's reaction, he couldn't hold his laughter in anymore as she smiled showcasing her perly whites.

"That is true, flattery won't get you nowhere though, I'm still mad at you." Nicki answered crossing her arms over her chest."

"No you're not." Drake spoke kissing her exposed shoulder making her smile.

"I'm not. but I still need you to promise that you won't be that mean to me, ever." Nicki asked holding her pinky out.

"I won't, I promise. I'm sorry about yesterday, I really am, I was just furstrated, I'm tired of being here, of doing nothing all day, not being able to walk, to play ball, to just do tihngs like getting dressed by myself, it's starting to take a tol on me, but I shouldn't have taken it out on you. " Drake spoke soflty stroking Nicki's hair.

"You're forgiven Aubrey, I totally understand what went trhough your head. Just know that I'm on your side ok?" Nicki asked looking him in the eyes, Drake nodded and leaned in to kiss her after they shared a soft kiss, they looked each other in the eyes, for a while, until Nicki broke her stare.

"Are you ok , Aubey?" She could tell that on top of everything he had told her, there was more bothering him and that he was hiding from her.

"I'm fine, don't worry about me, I'm just tired, I had rehabilitation this morning, and the exercises are getting tougher, we're putting more pressure on my legs, it wore me out. I jusr need a nap." Drake lied, well half lied, he really didn't want to tell her about what was really bothering him, Beyoncé's reaction after he told her that morning was enough, he didn't want Nicki to pity him and take him a charity case too.

"Ok, well, I'll let oyu get your rest then." Nicki softly spoke, really feeling for him.

"No, stay a little longer. Cuddle with me?" Drake asked, pleading her with his eyes and giving her the puppy dog face.

"You are such a baby." Nicki answered kissing the side of his face before getting comfortzble in the bed with him.

Nicki and Drake stayed in bed, cuddled up for a while, she kept drawing aimless patterns on his chest which soothed him and he soon fell asleep, when she knew he was really passed out, Nicki cautiously got out of the bad and grabbed her belongings before kissing him and leaving the room, she decided not to walke him up as she could tell hat he was really tired. She sent him a text on her way out of the hospital to let him know that she had left and telling him to call her when he'd wake up. Before driving home, she decided that she'd drop by Cassie's, lately Cassie had gotten on her nerves, a lot, but she couldn't just toss her to the side and cut all ties with her just like that because she had made new friends, Cassie has been her friend since diapers and for a long time she was her only friend, Ciara who she met in 9th grade was her first friend outside of Cassie, and Cassie had never really made firends other than her, so she felt it would be selfish to just abandon her like that,

When she got to Cassie's Nicki was glad to see that her parents weren't there, they were both so annoying and sounde like her own mother so she really didn't feel like dealing with them. Nicki rung the bell and Sofia, the maid opened up, she greeted Nicki and they talked for a while, Sofia was one of Maria's friends, when Nicki and Cassie were younger, their maids would take care of them a lot and so Nicki was as close with Sofia as she was with Maria ( the Kodjoe's maid). After conversing with Sofia for a bit, Nicki made her way upstairs and to Cassie's room, she found her on her bed, laying on her stomach doing some homework apparently.

"Hey you!" Nicki called as she walked in the room and plopped on the bed next to Cassie. Cassie just looked at her and didn't say anything, she just got up and went to put her books and copybooks onto her desk. She then returned to the bad and sat next to Nicki. She took a deep breath before speaking.

"So, what happened now?" Cassie asked looking at Nicki who frowned.

"What? Nothing happened, what are yout alking about?" Nicki asked sitting up straight.

"Well I don't know  you haven't acknowledge my existence for I don't even know how long, not even a text while I been calling and texting and running after you all around, and now all of  a sudden you are here, I have the honnour of having the one and only Onika Kodjoe in my room. Now something must have happened for you not to be with your new friends and here with me instead."

Nicki sighed and scooted closer to her friend. Truth was she was annoyed with Cassie's remarks and her dramatic ways, but at the same time she couldn't be mad at her, she knew Cassie was right.

"Look, you are one hundred percent right, I know I have been distant lately and I'm sorry about that, I promise to make myself more available and this won't ever happen again I promise."

"Whatever you say." Cassie answered with a shrug.

"Come on Cassie, it"s not even like that ok? You don't have any idea of what I have been going through." Nicki spoke trying to get Cassie to calm down.

"I know that your boyfriend being in the hospital can be complicated and also I heard you left your house. So yeah I know but it's no reason to abandon me, besides you know I would've been there for you, I'd help out or do whatever I could as I've always done, but instead you went and asked your brand new friends to move in with you. You didn't even called me."

"Yea well, I'm sorry. Cassie I really need you to forgive me right now, I got too much on my plate, look I wouldn't be here if I didn't care about you."

"What's a lot? What is going on?" Cassie asked grabbing Nicki's hand.

"Enough about me." Nicki said shaking her head no. She didn't feel like telling Cassie about her father anymore and besides, she wanted to focus on someone else's problems for once.

"What's going on with you?" Nicki asked getting comfortable on Cassie's bed.

"Nothing half as crazy as what's going on in yours. Just getting ready for my violin recital and for the mayor's wife charity event." Cassie answered with a shrug.

"You're still playing violin Cassandra? I thought you hated it."

"Well, I guess I don't hate it that much, anyways are you going to the bal ?" Cassie asked Nicki who chuckled.

"Hell no, I was going only to make my mom happy, now I have zero reason to go there." Nicki shrugged.

"Well, your father's still going, everybody is talking about how is going to be alone and how he did your mother dirty and all, I think you should stick with him." Cassie advised and Nicki's eyes opened wide.

"What ? What are they saying about my dad?" Nicki asked

"I don't know exactly, but not even two days ago my mom was on the phone with Mrs. Benson about how they needed to go visit your mother, and how she must feel after you father left her for a maid or whatnot. No judgement, but that's just wrong." Cassie explained shocking Nicki.

How could people even make up stories like that? How did Taraji end up passing of as the victim after all she did to Boris, all she did to Nicki, How could people even believe such a thing, all these women hated Taraji and would do anything to strike her down two days ago and now they feel for her? Was Boris even aware of what was being said about him, In their world this type of rumors could break someone.

"That's not even how it all happened Cassie, you know you shouldn't listen to all this stuff." Nicki spoke getting irritated.

"Sorry but that's exactly how your mother told it to my mother, I never thought she'd lie about that." Cassie shrugged.

"Well she did. Let's not even talk about all that." Nicki spoke getting defensive. Cassie agreed to change subject and so they did, they talked about trivial stuff for a little until Nicki decided to get going, she knew her parents were coming home soon and didnt feel like even seeing them, she didn't want to face Cassie's mom and her judgements.


"No, no, no, no alimony, no nothing. She can't get nothing from me, just like I don't want nothing from her, she can even keep the house if she wants it, but I'm not giving her a penny from my pocket." Boris spoke to his attorney over the phone.

"How you don't think that can happen?" Boris asked, starting to get angry, this day was just getting worse and worse, first all these rumors runnning around about him, Taraji's petty plans to one of his biggest clients to fire him and now his attorney who was telling him that he would have to pay her an alimony which he refused to do.

A knock at his office's door made Boris look up from the papers he was reading from.

"Look, I just need you to make it happen."  Boris spoke harshly before hanging up.

"Come in." Boris shouted and the door opened, he was expecting to see his asistant walk in ut instead Taraji did.

"Get the hell out of here you evil bitch." He shouted not even able to control himself. Right then he was ready to hurt her.

"Shut up Boris." Taraji said walking in, she knew him, he was too "soft" as she thought, he would never even touch her, Boris was ready to say something but when he saw who was right behind her his mouth just dropped.

"Robert?!" He called as he saw his brother walk in.

"Hey, long time no see." Robert spoke looking down at his feet.

"Long time? It's been twenty years, you left twenty years ago." Boris spoke not knowing if he should be happy to see his brother after twenty years or if he should be angry at him for not giving any news for so long.

"I know."

"Wait, what are you doing here, and with her?" Boris asked his brother.

"Boris, Robert and I have something we need to tell you." Taraji said with a smirk on her face. She lazily sat on one of the chair at Boris' desk and after an eye roll Robert followed suit and so did Boris, he hadn't seen his brother for twenty years and now these two were randomly walking in his office with some news to drop so he knew it might have been something he'd rather be seated to hear.


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